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PMG Chapter 2253: Fighting Phantom Protectors

PMG Chapter 2253: Fighting Phantom Protectors

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Bai Yu and the others were back together in the great roc’s palace. At that moment, they were together.

“He’s the only one who hasn’t come back. How was it in town?” asked Bai Yu calmly.

“I experienced a life. What about you?” asked Dinuo calmly. The others understood and nodded.

“A life, the life of a very strong sword cultivator,” said Bai Yu, staring at them.

“Mine wasn’t like that, it was the life of a peerless demon cultivator,” said Qing Hai’s Roc.

Everybody was startled. The Dark Golden Pupiled King said, “The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives were terrifying.”

“He’s been living for such a long time. I could study one of his lives for years and years.”

“But why did my father die?” Bai Yu pulled a long face. She was furious. Her father had come to this place. After coming out, he wanted to break through, what had happened? What difficulty had he faced?

“Old poisonous monster, what are you doing?” Qing Hai’s Roc asked Heze’s Mahoraga. His eyes were closed.

“I’m going to break through to the next cultivation layer. I can feel it!” said the old poisonous monster, smiling evilly and hissing.

The others were surprised. He was actually a middle-aged man, much older than them. He had been famous for a long time, but he hadn’t managed to break through. After experiencing a life, he was going to break through!

“We were nine people initially,” said the old poisonous monster suddenly. He looked evil. Qing Yi and Bai Yu’s maid had come back, but Lin Feng hadn’t. The memories of an entire life were precious…

The old poisonous monster looked at Bai Yu’s maid and Qing Yi slyly. Everybody knew what he wanted.

“Share the memories you obtained,” said the old poisonous monster. The memories of those lives were priceless.

Qing Yi was stupefied. He said. “If everybody wants to share, I don’t mind sharing.”

“Yes, just share yours first with everyone,” said the old poisonous monster. Qing Yi pulled a long face. That bastard wanted to force him, but it didn’t look good. Those people all had the same thoughts. Everybody was staring at him.

“Alright…” said Qing Yi, his face stiff. All those people could easily kill him, he felt humiliated, but he had no choice.

Qing Yi shared the memories of the life he had experienced with everybody else. However, it wasn’t the same as when the king had absorbed their souls to make them experience the lives, it was a different sensation. It felt less real, but it was still very beneficial.

At that moment, the ox arrived. Even though he tried to walk lightly, he made the ground shake.

“Uncle Ox!” Qing Hai’s Roc greeted him.

“Alright,” the ox nodded and looked at everybody. “You managed to come here, you have incredible fighting abilities. Now, you’ve had the experience to experience new lives. You will all become stronger. Do you want to go to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda to test your strength, and see if you’re eligible to become Fighting Phantom Protectors?”

“What is the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, and what are Fighting Phantom Protectors?” asked Heze’s Mahoraga.

“The Bestial Memorial Pagoda is a place you can enter and exit freely. You use a fake body to enter that place, and you can compete with all the other strong cultivators. That way, no risk of dying. You can even disguise yourselves within, nobody will know it’s you. Regarding Fighting Phantom Protectors, you know what Fighting Phantoms are, Fighting Phantom Protectors protect Fighting Phantoms. All the Ministers have to acknowledge you for you to become one.”

“Where’s the Bestial Memorial Pagoda?” asked Qing Hai’s Roc.

“Every territory has an entrance to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda. Your father is in charge of this place. The entrance to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda is here, in the great roc castle,” Uncle Ox replied.

“Good. I wanted to see how strong the others here are,” said Zixu’s Flood Dragon, standing up.

They followed the ox and headed to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda.


At that moment, Lin Feng was coming back to that place. After asking around, he realized that this world was even stricter than the world of humans. Everything was strictly organized. Everything was logged in journals, too. If Lin Feng was here, it meant he was strong enough to live here.

Lin Feng was assigned a residence. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was really a terrifying cultivator, but he was also an excellent manager. It also meant that he had a vision for the future.

Lin Feng didn’t go out for some time, he started meditating in seclusion. Even though the lives he had experienced weren’t his, they were useful, and he could learn many things from them. He had seen many cultivators’ spells, skills and techniques in them. His clone was also studying in the Fortune Shrine…


The Deva-Mara Kalpa strength cleansed Lin Feng’s body again. He didn’t break through. Each wave of Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was, as usual, stronger than the previous one. Each time the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength cleansed Lin Feng’s body, he used his Deva-Mara Body Cleansing Technique twice. That way, his physical strength kept increasing. Even if he couldn’t break through, he was already much, much stronger than many great emperors in terms of physical strength.

After some time, Lin Feng stopped meditating in seclusion and came out. He walked out into the middle of all those palaces. Next to him was a beautiful woman, Liu Fei.

At that moment, Liu Fei was smiling gently. It was the first time Lin Feng had taken her out of Xue Yue.

“Lin Feng, where are we?” asked Liu Fei. She was astonished, there were so many terrifyingly strong beasts everywhere.

“A powerful animal world called the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory. It’s very well organized here. Better organized than the world of humans,” replied Lin Feng. He didn’t spend much time with her, therefore, he wanted to have a walk with her. She wasn’t weak either, and she was extremely bored in Xue Yue. After, all Lin Feng’s world wasn’t developed at all.

“These beasts are extremely strong, are they all imperial beasts?” asked Liu Fei, firmly holding Lin Feng’s hand. She felt nervous here.

“Yes, at least! They’re really strong, and there are also many, many Great Imperial Beasts,” explained Lin Feng.

Liu Fei didn’t know what to say. She didn’t even know how strong Lin Feng had become.

However, Lin Feng felt guilty because if she hadn’t gotten married with him, she would have had a more peaceful life. He owed her. He rarely spent time with her, and rarely went to Xue Yue.

Liu Fei was holding Lin Feng’s arm tightly. They arrived on a beautiful and vast road. There were many vendor’s booths there, selling all sorts of precious items. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world was well organized, but nevertheless, many beasts died regularly, including extremely strong ones, because others wanted to steal their items.

“How beautiful.” Liu Fei saw a Taoist robe made of peacock feathers with seven colors. The woman who was wearing it was extremely beautiful. She looked elegant and free of vulgarity.

“How is it?” the woman asked a young man next to her. She kept pivoting to show him her robe, beaming happily.

“So beautiful,” said the young man with a smile. He looked at the vendor and asked. “How much?”

“Level three Great Imperial Weapon, that’d be enough,” said the vendor smiling.

“Level three Great Imperial Weapon,” whispered Liu Fei, gaping slightly. The woman wearing the cape looked at Liu Fei in a proud and arrogant way. That woman was wondering what a weak cultivator like Liu Fei was doing here.

Lin Feng walked forwards and looked at the vendor. “Do you have the same Taoist robe made of feathers? I can pay a level three Great Imperial Weapon.”

The vendor smiled neutrally and shook his head without saying anything.

“Such clothes have to be tailor-made. Otherwise, they’d be worthless. Who would want to wear the same clothes as other people? Besides, level three Great Imperial Weapon?” said the woman glancing at Lin Feng disdainfully. Not everybody could pay a level three Great Imperial Weapon for clothes.

“If you agree, I am willing to give you a level four Great Imperial Weapon,” said Lin Feng. He knew Liu Fei liked it. He kept calm, talking gently, even if this woman was making fun of him.

The woman was surprised, staring at Lin Feng, and said, “Look at yourself.”

Then, she turned around, dragging the young man next to her, and left. The young man glanced at Lin Feng with a flat smile. He looked proud and arrogant, too.

“Lin Feng, I’m sorry.” said Liu Fei. She felt guilty. She felt like she had made a fuss about nothing.

“I’m sorry. So many years, I’ve been trying to solve as many things as possible, and I didn’t take good care of you. I messed up.” said Lin Feng, caressing Liu Fei’s cheeks. He felt guilty.

At that moment, the vendor said. “That’s the Seven Feathers Prince. According to rumors, he has been selected by the Fighting Phantom Protectors to become one. If a Fighting Phantom emerges, he’ll probably become a protector. He has a very high social status. Surprisingly, you wanted to obtain his item…”

The vendor shook his head. In his eyes, Lin Feng had overestimated himself.

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