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PMG Chapter 2254: Bestial Memorial Pagoda

PMG Chapter 2254: Bestial Memorial Pagoda

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Lin Feng looked at the two people leaving in the distance and said. “I’ve heard about Fighting Phantoms only. I’ve heard that one Fighting Phantom emerges every thousand years, or even more. What do Fighting Phantom Protectors do? What is their role?”

“You haven’t been here for very long. Even if there is no Fighting Phantom, we need protectors for our territories. Some people can be selected in advance, and then when a Fighting Phantom appears, some people can become Fighting Phantom Protectors. The Seven Feathers Prince has already publicly announced his identity in the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, and he’s had incredible results. Not many people can defeat him.”

“Bestial Memorial Pagoda?” Lin Feng looked surprised.

“Yes, the Bestial Memorial Pagoda is one of the most important places in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory. Everybody can go there, and if they want, they can hide their real identity to fight against everyone else and see how strong they are. Every territory has an entrance to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda,” said the vendor.

“Thank you for your time,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding, before leaving with Liu Fei. Lin Feng enjoyed the feeling of her warm hand in his. He smiled and said. “Feifei, do you want anything else?”

“No. Taking a walk is enough.” said Liu Fei. She had gradually gotten used to the environment here. Things became more natural for her. Lin Feng nodded and they continued walking around. Sometimes, he found some small things which he thought she’d like, and he bought them for her.


The Bestial Memorial Pagoda’s entrance was in the great roc palace. Actually, the entrance was a gigantic place, with many vaults. There were dazzling lights in the vaults, where many people were seated alone and motionless.

“Are those void entrances?” murmured Lin Feng. He walked forwards and arrived in front of a vault. He went under it and sat down in the light. He closed his eyes, and suddenly, a terrifying strength drew him in. Lin Feng felt as light as a feather as he ended up somewhere else.

What, how strange!, thought Lin Feng. He looked down at his body. His real body was probably outside, but the body made of consciousness he had in here didn’t feel different at all.

So many cloaks, armors and masks!, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. Were those things there for them to hide their identity? Lin Feng put on a black cloak and a black mask. His body was suddenly surrounded by an illusion.

“How strange!” murmured Lin Feng happily. His silhouette flickered, and he left that hall.

After a short time, he met someone. That person looked strong, he was a great emperor.

“Even emperors dare come in here?” That person was wearing a tiger mask, and sounded icy.

The Bestial Memorial Pagoda was divided into different floors. The first floor was for emperors, the second floor was for great emperors, the third floor was for Celestial emperors. Lin Feng was on the second floor, the floor for great emperors. Celestial Emperors couldn’t go to the second or first floors, but the opposite was possible, emperors could go to the second and third floors, but great emperors couldn’t go to the first floor.

That cultivator jumped ahead with a rumble of rising power. A massive strength surrounded Lin Feng and oppressed him.

The cultivator roared, suddenly turning into a gigantic lion. The ground cracked under his paws. Lin Feng’s soul was trembling.

“Piss off!” A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng. The lion looked at him disdainfully. In his eyes, an emperor had no business here.

A terrifying sound suddenly filled the air. It contained cursing strength, and reverberated everywhere. The lion’s intent started shaking. Lin Feng’s fist was filled with terrifying demon lights. Rumbling sounds spread out, and the ground exploded under their feet as their energies met.

The beast roared furiously. How dare an emperor come there! He wanted to crush Lin Feng’s hand.

“Piss off!” shouted the lion.

The lion was a bit careless, but Lin Feng had gotten ready. He shouted, and cursing strength made the lion tremble. At the same time, he released sword strength, which shot towards his opponent’s head. His consciousness broke apart, and he disappeared from there.

When Lin Feng saw his opponent disappear, he didn’t look satisfied. Even if his opponent was a great imperial beast, he wasn’t as strong as Qing Hai’s Roc and the others. He was, at most, as strong as Qing Yi. He had also been careless, so Lin Feng had crushed him.

“This place is incredible. My consciousness is like my body in here. I wonder how the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts made this place. It’s good to practice and people don’t die for real here!” thought Lin Feng with a sigh.


In a hall outside, the cultivator Lin Feng had defeated appeared, still wearing his tiger mask. Many people looked at him and laughed. “Haha, he crushed you?”

“It was strange, so strange!” said that person in annoyance. “I was too careless. But I will find him!” He got ready to go back inside.

“You’re acting recklessly,” said all the beasts, laughing at him.

Bai Yu and the others were also inside the Bestial Memorial Pagoda.

Heze’s Mahoraga was extremely strong. At that moment, he was devouring someone entirely. The person kept shrieking madly.

Heze’s Mahoraga was uncaring. Even if his opponent didn’t really die, he liked doing that to them. When they came out, they had a really bad memory.

In another place, the Seven Feathers Prince was wearing a feather robe with seven colors. Even if he was wearing a mask, people knew who he was, and many people fled, not wanting to fight against him. Next to him was a mysterious silhouette, looking graceful and swift. But considering her silhouette, she was probably a banshee. Her eyes looked cunning and evil.

“Everybody is avoiding you, it mustn’t be fun?” the woman smiled.

The Seven Feathers Prince replied, “I’m behind you. You try.”

“Alright,” the woman nodded.

They were both hunting for prey. After a short time, the woman’s eyes gleamed. She saw an emperor, was he a human or a beast? After all, there were mostly beasts in there, but sometimes there were humans too.

“Good boy. An emperor on the second floor. What kind of place does he think the Bestial Memorial Pagoda is?” the woman giggled. She stalked forwards gracefully, like a snake in the water.

Lin Feng saw that woman, and he also saw the Seven Feathers Prince behind her. He had already seen these two at the market. Coincidence?

“The Seven Feathers Prince has the potential to become a Fighting Phantom Protector. I’ll see how strong he is, it’s a perfect opportunity.”

A silhouette moved gracefully, wearing a gigantic snake mask. Lin Feng and the others could clearly sense their evil Qi, however.

When people turned around, including Lin Feng, they sensed the evil energies even more clearly. That person was extremely dangerous.

Lin Feng recognized those eyes and that Qi. It was the old poisonous monster.

Perfect, he wanted to see how strong he was. He would be able to see how strong all those cultivators were.

But at that moment, the old poisonous monster and the Seven Feathers Prince weren’t interested in Lin Feng at all. The banshee had dark-green eyes, and was staring at Lin Feng. It was like she was trying to bewitch him.

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