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PMG Chapter 2255: Continuous Battles

PMG Chapter 2255: Continuous Battles

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Lin Feng was determined, wise, and persistent. Even if the woman was a great emperor, it was not effective against him.

“Heeheehee…” a giggle resonated in Lin Feng’s brain. He saw many silhouettes of dancing women, slim and beautiful. They were getting closer and closer to him. How not to have lusty thoughts when seeing such beautiful women? Lin Feng’s heart sped up, the illusion looked so real…

Lin Feng ground his teeth, his eyes became pitch-black. He broke the illusion and came back to his senses. However, a beautiful woman was still walking towards him. Was he unable to stop the illusion?

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng. He raised his fist and bombarded the illusion. It broke apart. Lin Feng grunted coldly. That illusion was powerful, and looked so real…

A gentle breeze brushed against him. Lin Feng felt unsafe. Illusionary beautiful women appeared all around him again, slowly taking off their clothes, their snowy-white skin appearing. They looked extremely arousing.

What an incredible Temptation Dao, thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, the women turned into snakes and opened their mouths wide open, lunging towards him. Lin Feng was standing in the middle of all the snakes, he had the impression he was going to be devoured alive, and sleep forever…

“Hmph!” Wisdom Kings appeared in Lin Feng’s brain. How could he sink into temptation with Wisdom Kings? His eyes shone darkly. He released sword energies and sliced apart the snakes. At the same time, he moved towards one of them.

The snake woman’s face stiffened. How could he recognize her real body?

Lin Feng could see through the illusion; his eyes were filled with death stamps. Dao strength surged out, and the woman’s face changed drastically. Lin Feng broke the illusion and attacked using Death intent. He was too close to her, she couldn’t block him.

A strong wind started blowing. The woman turned around and looked to the Seven Feathers Prince. His face stiffened, and he suddenly moved forwards and shouted explosively, “Stop!”

However, it was useless. Lin Feng smashed her with his fist. She screamed loudly as she was hurled back into the main hall and exploded.

The woman suddenly opened her eyes, she was back under her vault. Her chest kept heaving for breath, her face was deathly pale.

“Bastard, I will kill you!” shouted the woman furiously. She went back into the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, to the place where Lin Feng had crushed her.

The Seven Feathers Prince was staring at Lin Feng, his Qi released. Lin Feng dared attack women like that? And he was a mere emperor…

“You want to bring about your own destruction!” said the Seven Feathers Prince coldly. Razored wings suddenly appeared in his hands and shot towards Lin Feng. In reply, a terrifying river appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly rose up into the air. Some feathers fell from the sky. Black lights appeared and fissures appeared in the air.

The Seven Feathers Prince, are all those feathers special spells?, wondered Lin Feng. Very quickly, a third feather cut towards Lin Feng from behind. Claws suddenly appeared and lunged towards him.

Lin Feng didn’t flinch; he raised his empowered fist, and smashed the claws. As he destroyed them, a gigantic hawk swooped towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released Sword intent. The Seven Feathers Prince threw his last feather, and Lin Feng had the sensation dark assassin’s claws were reaching for him. It wasn’t only a physical attack, it was also a soul attack. Lin Feng had to be extremely cautious!

When Lin Feng saw that, he released as much Sword intent as he could and his nine ancient words started floating around him.

Terrifying lights filled the air, a bell sounded off as the energies moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng started punching out repeatedly. Everything in front of him seemed to explode.

The Seven Feathers Prince threw himself at Lin Feng. He raised his hands, the atmosphere around him crackled. Lin Feng’s physical strength was incredible, but against such an attack, he had the impression he was going to be cut apart. It was extremely dangerous!

“Die!” shouted the Seven Feathers Prince furiously. His seven wings descended from the sky, like seven sharp swords.

Lin Feng grunted. His face was a bit pale. What a powerful attack; with such attacks, he could even destroy great emperors!

Lin Feng shouted out, and his Nine Words resonated with the cosmos. He charged at the Seven Feathers Prince.

“He’s not dying, after all this?” The Seven Feathers Prince hadn’t thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t die, he was just an emperor! The Prince looked angry. He raised his hands, and more claws shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored the attacks, moving towards the Prince. He looked like a brutal and violent beast.

He cast his celestial stage deployment spell, adding in a soundwave deployment spell which oppressed the Prince. The atmosphere kept trembling. The Seven Feathers Prince’s attack exploded, but he continued punching out in Lin Feng’s direction.

At the same time, deployment lights made of empty space cosmic energies appeared around him.

“Kill!” shouted the Seven Feathers Prince, releasing his seven wings again. They turned into several beasts which looked like sharp swords. Fissures appeared in the air around them.

Lin Feng disappeared, and reappeared higher up in the air. Many black holes appeared in the air and descended towards the Seven Feathers Prince.

“Die, die!” the Seven Feathers Prince felt oppressed. Lin Feng was using his terrifying Nihility Death sword. The atmosphere around him was filled with death strength. His silhouette flickered as he flapped his wings.

Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared again, blocking him. He shouted furiously and released more strength which penetrated into the Prince’s body. He raised his fists too and punched out in the Prince’s direction. It contained a terrifying amount of strength and cosmic energies.

The Seven Feathers Prince’s face stiffened. Maximum level Death Dao! He could kill great emperors of the top of the Di Qi layer with such attacks! He didn’t want to fight anymore, but Lin Feng prevented him from leaving, so he could only block the attacks.

The Seven Feathers Prince didn’t want to fight anymore, and wanted to escape from a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer. Lin Feng watched him as he fled.

Lin Feng didn’t chase him. He could defeat him, but he couldn’t kill him easily.

When Heze’s Mahoraga saw the Seven Feathers Prince escape, he stared at Lin Feng. That guy’s attacks were scary, but also, that guy’s style looked like the style of the guy who had come with them, who was also an emperor.

When Lin Feng was with them, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng looked that strong. Now this guy in front of him also controlled death strength… but it couldn’t be the same, it had to be a coincidence.

But an emperor with such incredible fighting abilities, that was surprising.

“Heh heh, what a strong guy,” said Heze’s Mahoraga, spitting out poison.

Lin Feng turned to stare at him. He felt like battling. Death strength surrounded him like poison did the Mahoraga.

“I have someone to fight against, it seems!” said Heze’s Mahoraga, spitting out more poison. His poison surrounded Lin Feng. That poison was thick, it wasn’t too liquid. Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards. However, poison stuck to his clothes and it penetrated into his organs. It contained a toxin which slowed Lin Feng down.

Poison also emerged from the Mahoraga’s eyes. He controlled Dao power. This kind of fighter could paralyze enemies in battles. It could stop someone’s blood, even if they had a powerful heart. Vital organs could stop functioning because of the poison, too. It could even paralyze someone’s soul.

Lin Feng’s strong blood was boiling. He kept releasing life energy into it. At the same time, he oppressed the strength which was flowing in his body. He wanted to purge the poison. At the same time, he also released death strength which also started flowing through his opponent’s body.

The Mahoraga opened his mouth wide and spat out a thick and yellowish poison. Lin Feng couldn’t dodge, the poison was definitely going to reach him so Lin Feng had no choice, he jumped forwards and got closer to The Mahoraga.

However, the old poisonous monster didn’t care, he looked at Lin Feng and reopened his mouth widely. His mouth was now dozens of meters wide. He wanted to devour Lin Feng alive. His poison was extremely powerful, and if he managed to devour Lin Feng, the poison would dissolve his body. That’s how he had become so big, he had devoured many people in his life!

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