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PMG Chapter 2256: God of Hell’s Name

PMG Chapter 2256: God of Hell’s Name

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Lin Feng was staring at his opponent. The Mahoraga’s gigantic teeth were yellowish and green. Poison stuck to his palate, gums, and teeth. Lin Feng found the smell horrible. On top of that, even if the Mahoraga didn’t devour him entirely and dissolved him with poison, he could also bite him. It would be enough to kill him!

Lin Feng released dazzling Holy Spirit swords, and attacked his opponent’s teeth. His silhouette flickered. The old poisonous monster snapped his mouth shut. Lin Feng heard some snorting sounds as green poison splashed. The old poisonous monster looked at Lin Feng, pulling a long face.

The Mahoraga started transforming, growing to thousands of meters long. He looked as mighty as a dragon. His Qi was evil and ice-cold. The air darkened around them.

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic Mahoraga, acknowledging his strength. His poison Qi was deadly. No wonder so many people feared him. Back in the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities, all the great emperors were scared of him.

Lin Feng summoned thousands of Holy Spirits. Some of them turned into Sky Absorbing Holy Spirits, some others into death Holy Spirits, some others into Nine Netherworlds Holy Spirits, some of them into Wisdom King Holy Spirits! Holy Spirits appeared everywhere! Lin Feng’s Holy Spirits were much more powerful than in the past. Even though he could summon Great Holy Spirits now, his Holy Spirits were still deadly!

The gigantic Mahoraga spat out poison again, and moved towards Lin Feng. The Mahoraga was gigantic, but he was also very fast. He arrived in front of Lin Feng, trying to constrict him.

“Die!” An incredible amount of Holy Spirits moved towards him, and Ancient Qi filled the air around them. Nine Words floated around Lin Feng. He condensed the energies of the ten thousand things of creation, and they surrounded the Mahoraga. Lin Feng also released some terrifying sword Qi. The Mahoraga was resistant, it wasn’t easy to defeat him…

Lin Feng released Sky Absorbing strength and condensed cosmic energies. He raised his fist and condensed cosmic energies in his fist, as well. Terrifying black lightning fire appeared in his fist, and it also contained sword strength. Deployment lights started intertwining in front of him. He was staring at the Mahoraga. The Mahoraga roared defiantly, facing a terrifying attack.

Lin Feng disappeared, reappearing in front of the Mahoraga. The old poisonous monster roared furiously. When he saw that Lin Feng dared come closer, he opened his mouth widely again, trying to bite Lin Feng with his poisoned teeth. However, Lin Feng was too fast, and went down his throat!

It smelled horrible, there was poison everywhere. However, Lin Feng was so fast, the Mahoraga had no time to dissolve Lin Feng’s body.

The Mahoraga’s face stiffened. Lin Feng kept attacking from inside his body!

Killing energies kept exploding out, and his body was blasted open from within!

Lin Feng reappeared, soaked in terrifying poison. Lin Feng released life strength to counter it, but still, it felt extremely unpleasant.

“Forget it. I’m out too,” said Lin Feng. After a short time, he returned to his body. When he reappeared there, the old poisonous monster was shouting and roaring in a thundering rage. He wasn’t far from Lin Feng.

“Who!?” shouted the Mahoraga furiously. An emperor had crushed him and hurled him out of the fighting area… an emperor! How could that emperor be so strong? How had he managed to pierce through his body from the inside? His body was filled with poison!

“Old poisonous monster, what are you shouting for? Were you killed inside?” asked Qing Hai’s Roc coldly. The old poisonous monster stared at Qing Hai’s Roc. He just grunted coldly.

“The Bestial Memorial Pagoda is really mysterious. It can condense people’s consciousness inside and yet people have the impression everything is real. Did you get killed, old poisonous monster?” asked Qing Hai’s Roc.

The old poisonous monster shouted furiously. “If you want to try, go inside and let’s agree on a place to fight.”

“Is that so? You were defeated and now you want to release your anger on me? But with your speed, can you even reach me?” queried Qing Hai’s Roc coldly. “Come. Let’s go to Celestial Protection City and fight in the sky above.”

“Alright,” said the old poisonous monster coldly. Many people looked excited. They wanted to watch battles. Lin Feng didn’t go to watch them though, he just left the place.


He continued going to the Bestial Memorial Pagoda regularly. Very quickly, a certain God of Hell became very famous. Many who had been defeated by Lin Feng called him that, or Death God. Many people couldn’t stand his death strength. Some people said that he had never lost.

The rumors also said that the Seven Feathers Prince had been defeated by the God of Hell, that he had killed him in the pagoda back then. His reputation was increasing each day. Black robe, black mask. Everywhere he went, people died. Many people started paying attention to him.


Lin Feng re-entered the Bestial Memorial Pagoda. He was at the top of a castle, his black cloak fluttering in the wind. He wanted to try attacks he had created and see if how strong he had become. He was waiting for the next time he was cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, he had plans.

In the distance, people saw him, but they didn’t get close. Bai Yu was in the crowd; Lin Feng could recognize her, as she was wearing white clothes and had a great figure, and he could also recognize her Qi.

God of Hell; back then, he defeated the old poisonous monster. His death Qi is terrifying. Is he really only a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer?, thought Bai Yu. His death strength had reached perfection, and he could defeat great emperors at the top of the Di Qi layer. It was incredible. She couldn’t believe that a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer could defeat someone like the old poisonous monster.

She had met some incredible emperors in her life, but they had never been so terrifying. The old poisonous monster and the others could easily kill those people…

At that moment, the God of Hell’s body became illusionary and he disappeared. He left the Bestial Memorial Pagoda. Bai Yu closed her eyes and left as well.

In the pagoda, a moment before, Bai Yu had seen that the God of Hell had killed a few people. She still remembered the battles. She left the palace, but looked absent-minded and preoccupied.

“Miss Bai!” said someone at that moment. Bai Yu turned around and saw Lin Feng.

“What are you doing here? Where did you go after leaving the city?” asked Bai Yu.

“I came back a while ago. I’ve seen you a few times. But in the pagoda, you don’t have time to talk to me,” said Lin Feng, smiling thinly. The pagoda was a nice place for another reason, as people could practice without worrying about dying or lasting harm.

After that, Lin Feng left alone. After Lin Feng left, someone came up to Bai Yu. “Why didn’t you keep him here?”

Bai Yu turned around and looked at Heze’s Mahoraga. “Why would I?”

“He received the memories of a life too. Lives are precious treasures! I just need one more life and I’ll break through! Even if you don’t want the memories, I want them,” said the old poisonous monster, evilly staring after Lin Feng.


After he left, he brought out Qiu Yue Xin. After breaking her Dao, Qiu Yue Xin had spent some time in his spirit’s world. She had given up Dao. Now, she was happy as long as she was at Lin Feng’s side.

Qiu Yue Xin was much calmer than Liu Fei, she had gone through much more in life and was less excitable.

They were on a bridge and looking at the sun. It was beautiful.

“Is that sun fake? It’s so beautiful, though,” murmured Qiu Yue Xin with a smile.

“Who cares? Life is like a dream anyway. We don’t need everything to be real to enjoy ourselves,” replied Lin Feng lazily.

“That guy knows how to talk to women!” interrupted a voice coldly. Lin Feng turned around and saw the Seven Feathers Prince and that woman.

“He’s stronger than you, though,” said that woman, when she saw how beautiful Qiu Yue Xin was. She smiled at the Seven Feathers Prince.

“You’re bewitching enough,” said the Seven Feathers Prince indifferently. He glanced at Lin Feng and the others around. The pair passed next to Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin, disdaining them. Lin Feng likewise ignored them. His eyes were pitch-black. He smiled broadly and dark clouds condensed in the sky above them.

“Go!” Lin Feng said to Qiu Yue Xin, and their silhouettes flickered, vanishing into the wind. The Seven Feathers Prince and the woman who weren’t that far away suddenly turned around and frowned. Lin Feng and the woman had suddenly disappeared…

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