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PMG Chapter 2257: The One Who Wants to Become a Fighting Phantom

PMG Chapter 2257: The One Who Wants to Become a Fighting Phantom

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Time passed.

In each territory of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world, there was a gigantic martial arts stage. Above the martial arts stage, there was always a gigantic mirror. Those mirrors were called Ten Thousand Beasts Mirrors, and they could illuminate the whole territory.

In the great roc territory, there were many people going to that place, looking solemn and respectful. No battle had occurred on the martial arts stage for a very long time. Only the strongest beasts fought on those martial arts stages.

Bai Yu, Qing Hai’s Roc, Heze’s Mahoraga, and the others were there too. Minister Roc had made them become Fighting Phantom Protectors because they were extremely strong. However, they would need a very long time before becoming Fighting Phantoms. However, they were tough opponents, and there were many other geniuses in every territory.

“Unfortunately, I will brush past that opportunity,” said the old poisonous monster, staring at the mirror. Icy lights appeared in his eyes.

“Dinuo, Dark Golden Pupiled King, Zixu’s Flood Dragon, do you want to try?”

They all remained silent. They were self-confident, but they knew they weren’t strong enough for that.

Apart from them, many people around were also staring at the mirror.

They saw someone else arrive, someone they knew.

“It’s him!” Bai Yu looked stupefied. Heze’s Mahoraga looked at that person greedily. He hadn’t forgotten about the memories.

“Little boy, stop!” said the old poisonous monster when he saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked over at them, seeing Bai Yu and the others. He nodded at them.

“Last time, you also experienced a life, right?” the old poisonous monster asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at him calmly, and nodded.

“Since it’s that way, share the memories with us!” said the old poisonous monster calmly, as if he had said something ordinary.

Lin Feng looked at him for a few seconds, but then ignored him. He glanced at the others; they remained silent, just looking at him as if they agreed with the old poisonous monster.

Lin Feng smiled thinly and continued walking on.

“Eh?” the old poisonous monster looked surprised. That boy dared ignore them?

“I told you to stop!” said the old poisonous monster coldly. Lin Feng continued ignoring him though, and kept walking forwards. The old poisonous monster pulled a long face.

“Eh, there’s something wrong. Where is he going?” asked Bai Yu. She was stunned. Lin Feng continued walking, towards the martial arts stage, he was going under the Ten Thousand Beasts Mirror.

“Impossible. He wants to die.” thought Bai Yu. She couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng was definitely going to stop.

At that moment, Qing Hai’s Roc also realized something was wrong. Lin Feng went under the mirror. Was he insane?

They all frowned. Lin Feng stopped at the foot of the martial arts stage, and they all took a deep breath. As expected, he wasn’t insane, how could they even think he wanted to get onto the battle stage?

And then, Lin Feng rose up into the air and then landed on the martial arts stage.

“He’s…” Bai Yu was astonished. People around were astonished. The Ten Thousand Beasts Mirror illuminated Lin Feng.

“You’re insane!” Bai Yu shouted at Lin Feng.

“Let him die,” said Heze’s Mahoraga, smiling coldly. Lin Feng was acting recklessly.

However, Lin Feng didn’t care about what they were saying. He raised his head and looked at the mirror. He said calmly, “I announce I’d like to become a Fighting Phantom.”

When he said that, the mirror illuminated the whole territory. Dazzling lights flashed everywhere.

Everywhere in that world, people raised their heads and saw a silhouette on a martial arts stage. He was publicly proclaiming, “I announce I’d like to become a Fighting Phantom.”

The Seven Feathers Prince raised his head, the woman next to him raised her head, their faces stiffened.

The fool they had met at the market? They frowned. He was making a public announcement?!

“He wants to die!” said the Seven Feathers Prince coldly.

Lin Feng jumped off the stage. He was illuminated by lights, they were following him. It wasn’t a secret anymore. Everybody knew what he intended now!

Seven days from now, he would welcome anyone, and he would fight. It would be a massacre!

Seven days from now, he would fight against the world. He would then need to resist them for three months. If he succeeded, he’d become a Fighting Phantom!

Lin Feng left the martial arts stage. Bai Yu’s mouth was wide open as she stared at Lin Feng. She didn’t recognize him anymore. It was as if she had met him for the first time at that moment.

“Fighting Phantom?” Heze’s Mahoraga smiled coldly. He spat glossy green poison onto the ground.

Qing Hai’s Roc opened his wings, streaked across the sky and landed in front of Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng ignored him, and continued walking calmly.

Qing Hai’s Roc was flying above Lin Feng, it was as if he could attack anytime.

“Shouldn’t you transmit your memories to me before I kill you?” said Heze’s Mahoraga, who was following too. To him, Lin Feng was already dead!

Anywhere Lin Feng would go, the mirror would follow him. Lin Feng went back to his residence and closed his eyes, calmly waiting.

During those seven days, many people came to find him. This guy wanted to become a Fighting Phantom?


Finally, seven days passed, and a gong clanged loudly. The palace in which Lin Feng was living was broken down by many beasts. They had been waiting for this day impatiently. Finally, it was time!

A silhouette slowly rose up in the air. He was wearing a black robe; his eyes were pitch-black. He looked cold and grim.

“Eh?” Many people were astonished. That guy’s costume was too familiar!

“God of Hell.” Bai Yu looked at Lin Feng, her face stiff, and said, “He’s the… God of Hell.”

Heze’s Mahoraga’s face was hilarious; back then, he had been crushed by the God of Hell.

The Seven Feathers Prince and the banshee raised their heads and saw a black cloak fluttering in the wind.

“It’s him.” The banshee’s face turned deathly pale. The Seven Feathers Prince pulled a long face. He had escaped back then when he was fighting against Lin Feng.

“Isn’t he the one you saw last time? Why are you surprised?” the street vendor asked the Seven Feathers Prince, he had recognized Lin Feng. Why was the Seven Feathers Prince surprised?

“He’s the God of Hell. The Bestial Memorial Pagoda’s God of Hell!” said someone next to them. The vendor’s face was funny. He looked at the Seven Feathers Prince’s face… so, the rumors were true…

The street vendor remembered what he had said to Lin Feng back then, and laughed at himself mockingly. A Fighting Phantom Protector, so what? Lin Feng wanted to become a Fighting Phantom. He had made a public announcement!

A beast moved towards Lin Feng, lightning-quick. Lin Feng wanted to become a Fighting Phantom? He could dream on!

That beast looked as sharp as a sword. However, Lin Feng raised his hand and grabbed the beast’s claws. Then, he raised his other fist; it was sharper than that beast’s claws!

A terrifyingly sharp demon fist smashed into the beast. The beast gave a horrible shriek and exploded. Blood splashed everywhere.

Lin Feng stood there. He looked apathetic, like a God of Hell.

From that moment on, anyone could kill him and he could kill anyone.

The first person who attacked him died in brutally and atrociously, and was a Great Imperial beast. Everybody in that world had seen that clearly. The Bestial Memorial Pagoda’s God of Hell was terrifyingly strong; if anyone wanted to kill him, they had to get ready to die first.

As expected, after the first one died, many people who had gotten ready to attack didn’t attack in the end. They were shaking and stunned. People who wanted to become Fighting Phantoms were extremely strong.

He had crushed the first Great Imperial Beast in one punch!!!

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