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PMG Chapter 2258: Death God

PMG Chapter 2258: Death God

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Lin Feng stood there and waited. Everybody could see him clearly in the whole King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world. He wanted to become a Fighting Phantom, so he was in everybody’s field of vision. It was a cruel challenge, and he had to pass it. Many people had tried to become Fighting Phantoms in the past, and some of them had been crushed badly.

However, that young man in black clothes was the first one ever who wanted to attempt becoming a Fighting Phantom with the strength of the Huang Qi layer. It astonished everyone.

The air began to hum. Many beasts moved towards Lin Feng. They all wanted to crush Lin Feng’s soul. However, Lin Feng remained there motionless. He steadfastly stood his ground.

A strong wind started blowing. A gigantic creature descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng. It wanted to peck at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released death stamps, a pitch-black beam of light emerged and dashed to the skies. Lin Feng’s eyes were dazzling and filled with death strength. He shouted furiously. “Die!”

Death Qi turned into a beam of light and shot towards the beast as Death Qi surrounded it. Its life was being corroded, giving it the impression it could die anytime. Lin Feng’s cosmic energies had become much stronger, and they became stronger and stronger each day. His death cosmic energies were deadly, and coupled with Dao, terrifying!

Beams of light kept emerging from Lin Feng’s eyes. He kept punching out using Ancient Holy Punches. The air thundered, and the gigantic beast exploded.

It started raining blood again. Blood splashed at Lin Feng’s face. His death strength dispersed as another Great Imperial Beast’s corpse fell from the sky. Even the beasts who had gotten ready to attack Lin Feng were surrounded by death strength.

They were staring at Lin Feng coldly. He was truly intimidating. They weren’t sure they could defeat him.

“How strong.” Bai Yu looked at Lin Feng, found herself shaking. Lin Feng had come here with them; back then, he was calm and discreet. His Qi wasn’t too powerful. She had never thought he could be so strong. How could he be the God of Hell, a death god? Each time he attacked, he killed!

The old poisonous monster was also staring at Lin Feng. Back in the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, he had lost against him. Now, he had the impression that Lin Feng had become even stronger…

At that moment, they all looked pensive. Lin Feng moved, and each time he moved, he turned into a beam of light. His wind and empty space cosmic energies were terrifying. He also had wings. Each time he took a step, he could travel incredible distances.

Lin Feng’s attacks were dazzling and magnificent, he used the most aggressive attacks he could when he punched. He condensed demon Kalpa lights in his fist and punched a Great Imperial Beast. This last time when he had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, he had used his Deva-Mara Body Cleansing Technique thrice. His physical strength was terrifying. With Lin Feng’s physical strength, nobody could compete with him anymore.

Beasts had a greater physical strength than humans, and their physical attacks were often formidable. However, when Lin Feng threw himself at a Great Imperial Beast, he turned into a beam of light and pierced through his body. Those watching were trembling when they saw such attacks.

People heard a melody start up, and Lin Feng’s demon strength became even stronger. The source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared all around him, demon Qi filled the air and spread far away. Everybody heard the demonic melody.

“Oh no, the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song can influence people’s intent and turn them into demon puppets!”

Lin Feng pointed at a person. The Nine Netherworlds lights penetrated into his body, he turned black, and his intent shook violently. His eyes turned pitch-black and glittered.

He roared furiously, before running away in a frenzy.

Lin Feng was standing before the Source of the Nine Netherworlds. He said indifferently. “Who wants to kill me?”

He sounded calm and steeled, totally self-confident. His physical strength, soul, and intent were incredible, and he had experienced the King’s lives. He had become stronger, and even more determined. When he used his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, his demon-types attacks were even more powerful and effective.

Many beasts had the impression they were falling asleep. The demon energies didn’t just corrode their lives, it also made them tired.

“I saw something, a dream, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ life,” mumbled a beast. He started dreaming, he could see the beast king’s life…

“It’s the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. It’s one of his lives. He wants me to understand something?” whispered another beast. Some beasts were determined and struggled. They knew it was a dream. Lin Feng had created dreams for them, and put the dream energies into the demon strength. People were falling asleep without paying attention.

Many strong cultivators far away raised their heads and said, “Interesting, I need to go this time.”

Many extremely strong beasts hadn’t come, but now they had seen how strong Lin Feng was, so they were getting ready to go and fight against Lin Feng. They were definitely going to kill him before he had time to become a Fighting Phantom. They wanted to show Lin Feng that to become a Fighting Phantom, he had to be ready to risk his life, and maybe even die.

But only the strongest beasts thought that way, the others were just astonished. Lin Feng was just too strong. Killing him would be too difficult. Weaker beasts were thinking that if Lin Feng got badly injured, they’d finish him; otherwise, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to kill him!

The Seven Feathers Prince was shaking in astonishment. He had lost against Lin Feng once, and he wouldn’t have an opportunity this time, either.

“I’ve heard that the God of Hell defeated the Seven Feathers Prince in the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, and the Seven Feathers Prince wants to become a Fighting Phantom Protector. The God of Hell is so strong that he could beat a Fighting Phantom Protector.”

“If the God of Hell becomes a Fighting Phantom, then the Seven Feathers Prince will be his Protector for millions of years.”

Some people who didn’t know the Seven Feathers Prince said that. The Seven Feathers Prince heard that, he was furious because his woman was next to him.

Her beautiful eyes were gleaming. She remembered what she had told Lin Feng back then. Look at yourself… she felt ridiculous. Lin Feng had just ignored her because he didn’t feel like talking to people like her.


In the sky, the mirror was still displaying everything. The Great Imperial Beasts who attacked were getting stronger and stronger. However, when they attacked, the Nine Netherworlds strength kept piercing through their bodies, and death stamps assaulted them. In a short time, a few more corpses appeared on the ground.

Lin Feng killed all his opponents mercilessly. He had no choice. Only strength mattered here.

“Old poisonous monster, don’t you want his memories? Go and try.” said Bai Yu to the Mahoraga. The old poisonous monster’s face stiffened. That guy was the God of Hell. He had already lost against him. He wanted to fight again, but in the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, not outside, because he could die for real outside.

Lin Feng had become much stronger. He was dangerous!

“Don’t you want to try?” the old poisonous monster asked Bai Yu.

Bai Yu smiled indifferently. “Old poisonous monster, if you don’t dare attack, in three months, if he’s still alive, you can become his Fighting Phantom Protector, if he wants to recruit you.”

When the old poisonous monster heard that, his face stiffened. Becoming that guy’s Protector?

“Pfew…” he took a deep breath, looking desperate. He slowly rose up in the air. Bai Yu’s beautiful eyes twinkled when she saw that… was he going to attack?

“What do you have to say about what we talked about?” the old poisonous monster said to Lin Feng calmly.

“What?” replied Lin Feng coldly. He looked like a death god.

“I am about to attack you. If you lose, I won’t kill you, just transmit me the memories. If I lose, I’ll transmit you the memories,” said the old poisonous monster calmly.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. “You’re afraid to die.”

The old poisonous monster’s face stiffened in tight anger. “I am about to become a Tian Di-level beast, how could I fear you?”

“So, just attack then,” replied Lin Feng detachedly. The Mahoraga’s face stiffened into a grimace. He had reached a point of no return.

“If I lose, I am willing to become your Protector,” proposed the old poisonous monster. However, on the inside, he was thinking he was going to do his best to kill Lin Feng. If he lost, he’d find a way to escape.

Lin Feng understood perfectly, he just nodded coldly. “Alright, I will recruit you then.”

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