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PMG Chapter 2259: Candidate

PMG Chapter 2259: Candidate

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When the Mahoraga heard that, he was furious; everybody feared him in the Great Imperial City. Lin Feng was saying he was going to recruit him? How insolent!

Poisonous Qi filled the air. Many people quickly retreated. Very quickly, the poison surrounded both fighters, the air began to hum thickly. The crowd saw a terrifying gigantic Mahoraga taking his true form.

The gigantic Mahoraga threw himself at Lin Feng. He opened his mouth and spat out poison unceasingly. When the poison appeared around Lin Feng, he stopped opening his mouth. The previous time, he had made that mistake and Lin Feng had defeated him that way. Lin Feng was too fast. He wanted to use physical strength or spells to defy him.

“Dong!” Nine Words appeared around Lin Feng, the earth and the sky trembled. An incredible quantity of death Qi surrounded the Mahoraga. The poison corroded his body and his death Qi corroded the Mahoraga’s body. Lin Feng then charged the old poisonous monster. He was a tiny little cultivator and his enemy was a gigantic Mahoraga. Everybody had the impression the Mahoraga had the advantage because of that.

The Mahoraga spat out more poison at Lin Feng. That poison was thick, and there was enough for Lin Feng to drown in it.

Lin Feng condensed dark demon lightning, which streaked across the sky in flickers of energy. The poison instantly disappeared, turned to powder. Lin Feng attacked the Mahoraga, millions of death stamps appeared and rained down.

The Mahoraga’s heart was pounding. But his Dao intent was corroding Lin Feng’s body, too. His Poison intent was fearsome!

Time passed, the two fighters drew closer and closer, the battle was explosive. The Mahoraga’s face looked ferocious. His gigantic eyes were filled with green lights, he desperately wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“Roar!” the Mahoraga shouted furiously. A terrifying poison pellet moved towards Lin Feng, the poison Qi was deadly.

However, Lin Feng countered with an incredible amount of strength, which turned into sword energies and cut apart everything around him. The sword energies descended from the sky and cut the poison pellet in two. Lin Feng then threw himself at the Mahoraga, aiming at his head.

The Mahoraga threw himself at Lin Feng as well, trying to constrict Lin Feng. An ancient Qi filled the air. Lin Feng completely turned into a death sword and shot himself at the Mahoraga. The Mahoraga lowered his head, not daring to let Lin Feng attack him. However, Lin Feng still aimed at his head!

Of course, Lin Feng was just a gigantic death sword at that moment. The Mahoraga constricted the sword, sensing the terrifying sharp Qi. The sword energy gradually cut into his head, and death strength penetrated into his body.

His gigantic body was trembling. He kept screaming. He wanted to crush Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was too strong. His face began to distort.

The gigantic Mahoraga was trembling, which made the crowd tremble as well. The old poisonous monster wanted to constrict Lin Feng, not a sword!

“I lost!” shouted the old poisonous monster. He let go of Lin Feng. The crowd saw a third of the sword penetrate into the old poisonous monster’s body. It was astonishing. The Mahoraga turned black.

The sword emitted whistling sounds before coming out of the Mahoraga’s body. Lin Feng became himself again. He was staring at the Mahoraga, who was breathing loudly. Lin Feng said coldly, “I’ll recruit you as a Protector!”

The Mahoraga was shaking; he raised his head and asked, “Are you really only a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer?”

“Yes, for some reason, I can’t break through to the Di Qi layer,” said Lin Feng calmly. “Of course, that’s probably only temporary. if I had broken through to the Di Qi layer, I would have been able to kill you in the blink of an eye.”

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they shuddered with fear. How arrogant! However, they had to admit that with the strength of the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng was already terrifying. If he became a great emperor, he would be impossibly strong!

The Mahoraga spat out Qi, staring at Lin Feng and said, “Alright, if you become a Fighting Phantom, I’ll become your Protector. Of course, if you die, I won’t be able to.”

“Don’t worry,” replied Lin Feng indifferently, glancing at the crowd. “If nobody attacks me, I’m going.”

Lin Feng started walking. All the beasts were stunned, and wavered as they watched him go.


After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in a mountain range. Life and death lights glittered around him. Sky Absorbing life and death strength filled the air. He summoned the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, condensed them, and cast a deployment spell. It contained a terrifying amount of death strength.

All the beasts were scared. Nobody dared provoke him anymore. Even though beasts didn’t like humans, they had to admit that this human was terrifying. His understanding of cultivation was incredible. He didn’t just have incredible fighting abilities, he was a genius. Now that he had cast a deployment spell, killing him was almost impossible.

However, some beasts didn’t fear him. A terrifying rhinoceros wearing armor charged at Lin Feng. The air kept trembling. The deployment spell was shaking fiercely and seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Gigantic pieces of stones exploded, rose up in the air and then fell down from the sky towards the deployment spell. The rhinoceros was wrecking the mountain range!

The gigantic rhinoceros galloped, craters appearing under him. Pieces of mountains continued flying towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and raised his fists. He used his Ancient Holy Fists, and didn’t even open his eyes. When the rhinoceros arrived near Lin Feng, he roared out; the deployment spell became dazzling and deployment spell energy filled the air. At the same time, Lin Feng released Death Dao and death stamps, which smashed down on the rhinoceros.

The Great Imperial rhinoceros collapsed and fell from the sky!

“His Death Dao has reached the maximum level. How explosive!” murmured all the beasts. Even Celestial Emperors didn’t understand Dao strength that well. Many people only reached the last level at when they became Saint Emperors, but even then, they didn’t reach the top of the maximum level.

But Lin Feng’s Death Dao had reached the top. He could crush Great Imperial Beasts in the blink of an eye!

“If we continue with one-on-ones, nobody in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory can compete with him. Only a group can defeat him. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ Territory hasn’t seen such a genius in such a long, long time…” commented many people staring at the mirror. They looked at Lin Feng with great respect.

People admired strong cultivators. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts wanted to show everyone in his world what the Fighting Phantoms had in common, so he wanted everyone to be able to look at them.

Strong cultivators from all territories came. More and more corpses appeared at the foot of the deployment spell. All of them were incredible Great Imperial Beasts. But it didn’t matter, because a Fighting Phantom was emerging.

If Lin Feng wanted to become a Fighting Phantom, he had to kill a countless number of Great Imperial Beasts. It was inevitable.


Gradually, time passed. There were more and more corpses. The strong cultivators of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world didn’t feel like fighting anymore, they slowly looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

Bai Yu and the others were still watching. Bai Yu said calmly. “One more week and he’ll become a Fighting Phantom. I never thought this guy who came in here with us would become a Fighting Phantom.”

“If he hadn’t used a deployment spell, I would have been able to defeat him, but his deployment spell contains a terrifying death strength, I can’t do much against him,” murmured the Dark Golden Pupiled King.

“If he becomes a Fighting Phantom, all the Ministers will select Protectors for him. Will you become Protectors for him?” Bai Yu calmly asked the others.

“Fighting Phantom Protector?”

That was an incredible title and social status in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world, because Fighting Phantoms were extremely rare. One appeared maybe every thousand years. Becoming a Fighting Phantom meant that everyone else was already too inferior to be compared. Becoming a Protector was a way to improve in the future.

However, Lin Feng was only an emperor. But still, they couldn’t help admiring and respecting him.

“I wouldn’t mind becoming his Protector,” said Zixu’s Flood Dragon, staring at Lin Feng. He didn’t think it was something to be ashamed of. Being a Protector wasn’t like being a slave. During a few hundred years, Protectors enjoyed a special status. If they didn’t like their Fighting Phantom, they could also give up.

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