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PMG Chapter 226: Lin Feng’s Sword

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Lin Feng had cut off Lin Hao Jie’s forearm in a single strike.

On top of that, he hadn’t used his sword but had only waved his hand through the air. It released a resplendent light which had made the golden rain attack look like a joke.

The name “Golden Rain Sword” had become a joke.

Exactly like Lin Feng had said, Lin Hao Jie shouldn’t have been allowed to hold a sword, it was a humiliation for all sword users. Lin Hao Jie was far from being talented, especially when compared to Lin Feng.

Zi Yi had been really ridiculous to consider Lin Feng as a piece of trash and to think of Lin Hao Jie as a good person. Thinking that she would become a dragon amongst the people, she had offered the purity of her body to him and been humiliated. She had completely ignored Lin Feng’s advice.

“He.. hee.. heee…” at that moment, Zi Yi’s laughter was strange. At that moment, Lin Hao Jie, with his missing arm, looked incredibly pitiful. Lin Feng, who was protecting Duan Xin Ye, looked heroic, natural and unrestrained.

Lin Feng was really a dragon amongst the people. He was open-minded, even though Zi Yi had humiliated him over and over again, he had never lost his temper. He had never been aggressive because he didn’t care, and he also thought that it wasn’t worth letting her words bother him. Lin Feng was really an amazing person.

Zi Ling was also looking at the confident Lin Feng as if it was the first time she had laid eyes on him. The Lin Feng, who was standing in the covered corridor, was natural and unrestrained. He had cut off Lin Hao Jie’s arm from the elbow without restraint. Was it really the same young man as the one that they had picked up on the side of the road? Was it the same young man who was holding a broom and sweeping the garden? Was it the same coward, who had made a fire in the thatched hut and was treated badly through the whole journey.

Zi Yi and Zi Ling understood what their father’s words meant when they were leaving. Zi Nan had made Lin Feng go with them to make sure that they would arrive safely at the Zi Government. It was his mission to protect them. At the same time, he had also given them an amazing opportunity to get to know him and become closer with him. Zi Yi had been so ridiculous, calling Lin Feng a piece of trash, despising him, and getting fooled by Lin Hao Jie who had taken her virginity. Zi Ling had also never given Lin Feng any respect either.

“Not allowed to hold a sword.” Lin Hao Jie was just standing there motionless, blood was flowing from his arm onto the ground. He looked deathly pale. It was the first time that somebody told him that he, Lin Hao Jie also known as the Golden Rain Sword, shouldn’t have been allowed to hold a sword; that he was a humiliation to sword users.

“A sword is sharp, using one requires a person to be determined and proud. You don’t have these qualities, your sword play is flashy but has no substance. You shouldn’t even be allowed to hold a sword, and you should never be considered as a sword user as it is a humiliation to those who actually train in the sword.” said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. Lin Hao Jie had none of the qualities required to be a good sword user, his style was flashy but without substance. He only focused on looks and not the sharpness of his sword.

“You dared to cut my hand? Who the hell are you?” said Lin Hao Jie while raising his head. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. The impression that he knew Lin Feng was growing in his mind.

“Actually, I’m not done with you yet.” Lin Feng had an ice-cold smile on his face. He then moved forwards, in a flash, his silhouette disappeared and immediately appeared in front of Lin Hao Jie.

Lin Hao Jie was violently shaking. He had no way of blocking Lin Feng’s attacks. He felt an incredible sword Qi penetrate into his chest and destroy his organs. His face was completely distorted and he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Not only had Lin Feng cut off his hand, but he was also going to kill him.

“It’s you.” said Lin Hao Jie when he saw Lin Feng’s eyes, his heart was pounding. That was the uncommunicative young man from the thatched hut who had made the fire. It was the one whom he called a coward.

Back in the thatched hut, Lin Feng was just a useless coward making a fire for them, but at that moment, Lin Feng could easily kill him. That was completely the opposite of what he believed. Lin Hao Jie’s heart was pounding but he knew that his fate was already sealed.

“Indeed, it’s me.” said Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng’s hand was on Lin Hao Jie’s chest releasing Qi. Immediately after, Lin Hao Jie groaned and the Qi disappeared. However, his eyes were still wide open. He could not accept his death, even in his last moments. He had a high social status, was talented and handsome, how could he die so easily in front of a huge crowd?


When the crowd saw the corpse collapse onto the ground, their hearts were pounding.

Lin Feng had killed Lin Hao Jie, the Golden Rain Sword. He didn’t care about Lin Hao Jie’s social status, he simply killed him. It had looked simple for him to kill Lin Hao Jie, it was as if Lin Feng had just killed an insect.

At that moment, those who were shocked the most were the sisters, Zi Yi and Zi Ling.

Lin Hao Jie, had died?

It had been that easy for Lin Feng to kill Lin Hao Jie?

“Sister, he was wearing a mask because he knew the princess. He knew that something was going to happen and he didn’t want to put us in danger and wanted to avoid us getting involved.”

Zi Ling had suddenly understood why Lin Feng was wearing his silver mask. He didn’t want other people to know that Zi Yi and Zi Ling had come with him. Whatever would happen, they would not get in trouble because of him.

“You two owe Lin Hao Jie nothing.”

Lin Feng’s words were resonating in their minds. In the thatched hut, considering Lin Feng’s strength, could the Three Evil Alpacas have harmed them?

It would have been impossible. It was just that Lin Feng remained silent at the time and didn’t reveal everything. However, these two girls didn’t like that, they liked men who would show off, who were arrogant. They like Lin Hao Jie.

They regretted their actions.

Especially Zi Yi, who had lost her virginity to Lin Hao Jie. A few honeyed phrases had been enough and she had given her body to him. However, regretting was useless. Lin Hao Jie had been killed by Lin Feng. Lin Feng would never look at such a foolish girl. Zi Yi, who was usually very arrogant, was crushed.

She had called Lin Feng a piece of trash but actually, in Lin Feng’s eyes, she was the real piece of trash. She was just a pitiful, lost young girl, nothing more. Lin Feng had never been affected by her words because her words meant nothing.

“You will die.” coldly shouted Zi Qiong. Hideous expressions could be seen on the faces of the people from the Zi Government.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Duan Xin Ye. On Duan Xin Ye’s face, you could see that she had cried but at that moment, a warm and tender smile had also appeared on her face. She was calmly standing behind Lin Feng.

“The people who made you want to take your own life will all die.” said Lin Feng calmly.

“Stay close to me.”

“Alright.” said Duan Xin Ye while slightly nodding.

Lin Feng put his hand behind his back, grabbed his long sword and unsheathed it.

His sword was as limpid as water, it looks magnificent and resplendent as well as sharp.

“A sword user.”

The crowd, when they saw Lin Feng’s hand, were astonished. Lin Feng despised Lin Hao Jie and his golden rain. Lin Feng could kill Lin Hao Jie with only his bare hands. How sharp was his sword?

Zi Ling’s hands were shaking. That was a sword, Lin Feng had taken his sword out.

She liked sword users who did everything to become sword masters. They looked heroic, natural, and majestic.

But sword users were rare, strong sword masters were even rarer. Lin Hao Jie was already the strongest sword user she had ever seen. Lin Hao Jie’s sword was magnificent, resplendent yet Lin Feng could kill him easily. How powerful was Lin Feng’s sword?

White clothes and a silver sword.

Lin Feng had taken out his sword, at that moment, he was calmly standing there and a wonderful feeling invaded his body as if the heavens and the earth felt different from before. Lin Feng had started his earth fusion.

Zi Qiong also had a strange feeling. Even though he had said that he wanted Lin Feng to die, he wasn’t going to attack because he didn’t dare approach Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there which gave Zi Qiong a feeling of inferiority. He hated that feeling.

“Kill him.” coldly said Zi Ying. In a flash, a few people appeared in the corridor looking solemn. They released deadly energy which filled the entire atmosphere. It was extremely oppressive.

A silhouette flickered and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed, but Lin Feng remained calm and motionless. He looked like an unmoving mountain.

At the moment when the opponent arrived near him, Lin Feng finally moved.

He took a step forwards, a very small step.

At that moment, extremely strong deadly sword energy spread through the air and transformed into a strong wind which struck the opponents. At that moment, the opponents felt that they were suffocating. It seemed like the Lin Feng wasn’t a human being, he looked like a sword. Besides, his sword looked like a heavenly sword releasing heavens fury.

At that moment, Zi Ling was also suffocating.

A sword had been used, its splendour illuminated the atmosphere and cause heaven and earth to tremble.

Silence invaded the crowd. The people who were moving towards Lin Feng all suddenly stopped. At that moment, it seemed like time had stopped.

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