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PMG Chapter 2260: Master

PMG Chapter 2260: Master

The final deadline was approaching. Everybody was excited and watching Lin Feng enthusiastically.

“A Fighting Phantom is going to appear.”

There were mountains of corpses at the foot of Lin Feng’s deployment spell. He had killed so many people. After making a public announcement, he had only been to two places. He hadn’t been traveling around constantly.

His Death intent is terrifying. During these three months, not only didn’t he get injured, but he also became stronger, thought Bai Yu, staring at Lin Feng’s eyes. During those three months, she had seen Lin Feng change. He had become even more terrifying. These days, Great Imperial Beasts just had to glance at Lin Feng’s eyes, and they died. One second, and he could kill them.

His fighting abilities were terrifying. She had never seen anything like that in her life.

More beasts jumped into his deployment spells. People sighed… how brave! Some terrifying beasts also came from other places, but in all, fewer and fewer people dared go and attack Lin Feng. Many beasts already considered him a future Fighting Phantom.

But the beasts who were brave enough to go and try all ended up dead. After a short time, they just became corpses among the others. Many beasts were thinking that the corpses on the ground represented an almost endless source of wealth, too…


During the last two days, nobody attacked, and the three-month deadline arrived.

Some gigantic silhouettes appeared in the sky. They looked like gods.

“Minister Roc.” Many beasts were stupefied when they saw Minister Roc. “Minister Jiao.” The people looked at the Ministers with respect and admiration. Minister Jiao was from another territory. All the Ministers from all the territories had arrived at that moment.

They all looked at Lin Feng. They had watched his battles. It was the first time someone managed to become a Fighting Phantom with only the strength of the Huang Qi layer. It was incredible. They would always remember such an accomplishment.


The mirror which shown down on Lin Feng broke apart, startling everyone. It meant that the three-month period was over.

Lin Feng was now officially a Fighting Phantom!

“A new Fighting Phantom!” Everybody was shaking. In the sky, yet another silhouette appeared. That person descended from the sky. He had no Qi, and looked ordinary. On the ground, nobody would have paid attention to him. However, everybody understood that this person had regained a natural state.

“Leader!” The Ministers all bowed. The crowd shuddered with fear. The Master was there!

“Haha! Congratulations! Finally, another Fighting Phantom after me,” said that person, laughing loudly.

“Oh, so the Master was the last person who became a Fighting Phantom? Now he’s a peerless cultivator?”

“I don’t know what his cultivation level is, but he’s terrifying anyway.” They looked at Lin Feng. Would Lin Feng become a peerless cultivator too?

“Follow me,” said the leader, smiling at Lin Feng. Then, he looked at all the beasts and said. “Since the Fighting Phantom has already appeared, he’ll probably choose Protectors in the following month. The Ministers are in charge of that.”

“Yes, Master!” said the Ministers in unison, looking at the leader and Lin Feng. “Let’s go.”

After that, some strength surrounded Lin Feng and they disappeared. Bai Yu and the others looked stunned and hopeless. He was gone. He had become a Fighting Phantom! He was going to become a terrifying cultivator someday!


Lin Feng followed the leader. He looked like a forty-some year-old man, but he was probably extremely old. He looked absolutely ordinary as well.

“Master, where are we going?” asked Lin Feng.

“Your temporary residence,” said the leader, smiling.


They traveled a great distance. They even crossed some doors.

Finally, they arrived in an ordinary city. There were beasts and humans coexisting peacefully. Their cultivation levels were extraordinarily low. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

When the leader saw Lin Feng’s face, he said. “Don’t call me Master. Call me Uncle Wang.”

“Alright, Uncle Wang. But where are we?”

“A small city in King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world. I’ve been living here recently. It’s peaceful,” the leader and Lin Feng took a walk down the main street.

Someone smiled and asked, “Teacher Wang, who’s that little boy? Are you trying to help him find a woman?”

“Woman?” Lin Feng’s face stiffened.

“Hehe,” the leader smiled fatuously.

On the way, many people called out to him. In front of them, a beautiful woman appeared and looked at the leader. She smiled and said, “Dad, you’re back!”

“Yes, I’m back!” the leader grinned. The woman looked at Lin Feng and followed them as they entered a forge.

“Dad, we’ve acquired many goods, I was waiting for you to make weapons,” said the young woman happily.

The leader smiled and replied. “Let’s do it.”

Lin Feng looked at them strangely. They took up hammers and started forging weapons.

The young woman looked at Lin Feng, smiled and asked. “Who are you?”

Lin Feng was surprised. The leader just  smiled, so Lin Feng replied. “I’m Uncle Wang’s friend, I’m from abroad. I’m here as a tourist.”

Lin Feng asked her “You’re Uncle Wang’s daughter?”

“Don’t we look similar?” laughed the woman.

“How old are you?” asked Lin Feng.

“Nineteen,” replied the young woman. Lin Feng remained silent. He looked at the leader’s wife, she was also a beautiful woman. He had a beautiful wife and a talented daughter…


Lin Feng spent some days there. The leader had an ordinary life there. Nobody knew he was a leader, nobody knew he was a terrifying cultivator. He was just an ordinary blacksmith there.

But Lin Feng was astonished and speechless. This person had gone through hardships in life? Lin Feng had no doubts about that. Maybe the leader had lived there for dozens of years… well, at least nineteen years, because his daughter was nineteen years old.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder if other strong cultivators had such lives at some point? After many lives and reincarnations, they ended up with many families, many descendants…


Lin Feng and the leader were in a backyard sitting in chairs. The leader smiled and asked. “How do you feel?”

“Surprised,” replied Lin Feng.

“Normal. You’re young. You can’t imagine what it feels like to have all sort of lives. Only after having had many lives, it feels like you’ve lived once. It’s good for you to be here. Many people like me have ordinary lives. Even if you pass next to them, you won’t know who they really are.”

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, next to people like the leader, it was impossible to know they were extremely strong. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there had been many, many peerless cultivators. Had they died? Of course they hadn’t, but where were they? Did they have very ordinary lives in villages and small cities?

“You’ve just become a Fighting Phantom, many people will be watching you. Will you get used to it?” asked the leader.

Lin Feng shook his head. He wasn’t interested in being a Fighting Phantom, but change was always something special.

“Polishing, cleaning, that makes you change, that makes you grow up,” laughed the leader. Lin Feng understood what he meant. He wasn’t trying to teach him how to become stronger.

“I decided to become a Fighting Phantom just so I could leave the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory. Now, I’m thinking, after leaving, shouldn’t I have a normal life for some time too?” Lin Feng smiled.

The leader nodded. “No rush. Don’t be impatient. First, your Protectors will be chosen. After that, you can leave. You can also take them with you.”

“Thank you very much, Uncle Wang.” said Lin Feng politely.

“No need. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts asked me to take care of you. He attached great importance to you,” replied the leader easily. “If someday we become extremely strong, you’ll definitely be with us.”

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