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PMG Chapter 2261: Leaving the Territory

PMG Chapter 2261: Leaving the Territory

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Lin Feng smiled casually and gazed into the distance. He had already traveled around the world. However, he couldn’t be like the leader and live like an ordinary person, because people who stood at the top already had everything they wanted in life. There was no risk they would fall anymore, almost.

Among the strong cultivators who stood at the top, some people had joined Shrines and had incredible privileges. Some people were invited all over the world, such as Shi Jue Lao Xian, and some people stood aloof from worldly strife. For them, cultivation was about cultivating one’s mind and body, but it was more maintenance work at their level.

Of course, some people decided to contribute to society even more by writing books for others, such as the strong cultivators who had written the books in the Shrines. Other extremely strong cultivators had written about the eight distresses to help people. It mainly depended on their lives.


Lin Feng spent some peaceful days on the leader’s side, living like an ordinary human being. Finally, the leader took Lin Feng away and they left.

“Father, come back soon!” said the leader’s daughter. He waved at his daughter and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back soon. Take care of your mother.”

“Alright!” smiled the young woman. Then, Lin Feng and the leader slowly disappeared from their field of vision.

People in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world were still amazed at the existence of a new Fighting Phantom. The ministers announced publicly that they would be looking for Fighting Phantom Protectors. All the ministers were involved. People who wanted to become Fighting Phantom Protectors could be recruited at all levels among Great Imperial and Tian level beasts. Many people wanted to become Fighting Phantom Protectors, and some of them were extremely strong. They cared about the future, and had long-term plans.


Thirty-six Fighting Phantom Protectors were chosen and gathered in front of the leader’s palace, waiting for the leader to come back. Some beasts who had lived for a very, very long time looked excited. They remembered back when the leader had become a Fighting Phantom, they had heard that many of his Protectors had a much higher cultivation level than him. Many of those people were already ministers and were extremely strong, but the leader had already become much stronger than them.

The new Fighting Phantom was even more special because he only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer, but he was already extremely strong. Many people who wanted to become Protectors actually had much better fighting abilities than him, but they didn’t think about too much. They knew it was only temporary. They were convinced that a thousand, or even just a hundred, years later, he’d be much, much stronger than them.

Two people arrived slowly. People raised their heads, and saw the leader and Lin Feng had returned. Where had the leader taken Lin Feng?

“These are the Fighting Phantom Protectors who have been chosen for you. You can keep some of them only, or all of them, as you wish.” said the leader to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced over the crowd. The beasts there all looked terrifying and had a terrifying Qi. They were among the strongest people of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory. Fighting Phantoms had an incredibly high social status, because they were sure to become leaders someday.

“I know that many of you are ambitious and proud. However, I need people who will listen to my orders. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. Now, you can choose, you stay or you leave, as you wish,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn’t need to have a burden. If he had an extremely strong cultivator on his side, but that cultivator didn’t listen to him, then that would just be a burden; such cultivators were useless.

On the ground, many beasts’ eyes glittered. They were wondering, what would happen if someday Lin Feng asked them to do something they weren’t willing to do? Would they be willing to serve him?

“I give up,” said a beast. Stepping back, he bowed before the leader and left.

“Me too.” Very quickly, people left one after another. Just over twenty beasts were left. They all looked determined.

“You, you, leave now…” said Lin Feng, pointing at a few beasts. They all looked stupefied. Lin Feng didn’t want them, how humiliating! However, they didn’t know that Lin Feng had carefully observed their faces and had seen that they weren’t as determined as they thought.

Only eighteen beasts were now left. Lin Feng was surprised because apart from Dinuo, all the other beasts who had come to that world with him were there.

Eighteen beasts, six Celestial Imperial Beasts, Qi filling the air around them. Those Celestial Imperial Beasts were among the best in the territory.

“Master, last time, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts told us that Fighting Phantoms could leave the territory, but can Fighting Phantom Protectors leave the territories?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course, they’re your Protectors, and you have the privilege of being able to leave, you can keep them with you.”

“Great, I will take them with me,” said Lin Feng calmly. So many years had passed. Things had changed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. With a personal army, he’d be much safer.


Lin Feng left the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory with his Protectors. When he arrived in the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities, some people saw Bai Yu and the others, and their hearts started beating faster. Bai Yu, Qing Hai’s Roc and the others were following Lin Feng? What was going on?

However, Lin Feng didn’t stop there. He left that place too. They arrived in Long Night City, the Sword Sect appeared in front of them. Very quickly, a group of strong cultivators appeared outside, including several Celestial Emperors. When Jiu You’s Ministry learned about it, some of their cultivators also came to watch.

“Eh?” When the strong cultivators arrived and saw Lin Feng, they were stunned. Those beasts’ Qi were dreadful!

“Die!” said Lin Feng. A terrifying amount of bestial Qi filled the air. The beasts rose up into the air and blotted out the sky. Horrible screams arose as blood splashed and gushed all around. When the crowd saw that, they were terrified. Where were these beasts from?!

“Great Emperor Bai’s daughter! Qing Hai’s Roc!” Some strong cultivators of Jiu You’s Ministry recognized some beasts, frowning when they saw them. Some noble beasts from the Great Imperial City had surprisingly come here! Qing Er was stupefied, what was going on?

Lin Feng suddenly looked over at the people from Jiu You’s Ministry, including the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. The previous time he had seen him, he remembered now. That person had also forced him into Hell. He had noticed Lin Feng was extremely strong back then, even though Lin Feng was a nobody.

“Kill him,” ordered Lin Feng, calmly pointing at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. Everybody was astonished. He wanted to kill a strong cultivator from Jiu You’s Ministry? He was the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights!

The beasts didn’t care though, they threw themselves at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. The strong cultivators of Jiu You’s Ministry shouted explosively, “Insolent! This is Long Night City! Great Imperial Beasts can’t afford to act insolently here!”

When that great emperor said that, some claws landed on his head and tore him apart. He didn’t even have time to react before he collapsed, headless.

“Jiu You’s Ministry is nothing in comparison to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world. Jiu You’s Ministry is a futile and trivial place, we can easily destroy you!” said a beast rudely. Many strong cultivators shuddered with fear. These beasts were under the orders of the legendary King of the Ten Thousand Beasts?

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts really existed?

But in any case, these beasts were terrifying, that was a fact!

“Why do you want to kill me?” asked the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, staring at Lin Feng. He sounded cold and bitter. A few Celestial Imperial Beasts had surrounded him. He was stuck!

“Do you remember back in the small world? In Jiu You? Back then, you forced a young man to jump into the black water,” replied Lin Feng flatly.

The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights frowned. He looked pensive for a few seconds and then he remembered. His face changed drastically, “Impossible, who are you?!”

“I am that young man,” said Lin Feng, releasing Death intent. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights’ face completely changed. The terrifying beasts around him were Fighting Phantom Protectors. Even the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights couldn’t do much against Celestial Imperial Beasts, all he could do was put up a last-ditch struggle. Until the moment he died, he never thought he’d feel so humiliated in life. This had happened because a long time before, he had bullied a young man…

A terrifying Qi filled the air. In the distance, some strong cultivators from Jiu You’s Ministry arrived, they were furious. Their Qi rolled out and they shouted, “Who dares act that arrogantly and kill people from Jiu You’s Ministry?”

“If you don’t want Jiu You’s Ministry to be wiped off the map, piss off!” retorted a Celestial Imperial Beast, coldly staring at those people.

The one who had just talked pulled a long face and asked, “You’re from the Great Imperial City?”

“Great Imperial City? I used to be, a very long time ago,” said the Celestial Imperial Beast coldly, then he said, “Piss off now. You don’t want to offend the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.”

That strong cultivator grimaced. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts? Jiu You’s Ministry had a high position in the region, they had heard about the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, and if these beasts really came from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory, indeed, Jiu You’s Ministry couldn’t afford to offend them.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng said calmly at that moment. He didn’t want to stay there.

His forces all left and the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect and Jiu You’s Ministry didn’t dare do anything, but glare helplessly after them.

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