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PMG Chapter 2264: Old Friend

PMG Chapter 2264: Old Friend

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Many people were walking along an ancient road. The city was packed. Now and then, one could hear a drunk young man singing, he looked natural and unrestrained. He was with four beautiful women. They were singing with him.

“Little You You, now Qiong Sheng must be an adult already. How strong do you think he is?” asked Lin Feng, smiling sadly. He missed his son.

“How could I know? We haven’t seen him for such a long time. I wish we could go and see him,” said Tang You You with a smile.

“Yes, we will!” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. He looked at Qiu Yue Xin and Liu Fei and smiled, “Yue Xin, Feifei, should we have children together, too?”

The two women blushed and rolled their eyes. The other one, a beautiful woman too, smiled and giggled, “You’re right, Sister Yue Xin and Sister Feifei should have children, too!”

“You little indecent girl!” Liu Fei said to Xiao Ya.

“I’m still a little girl?” Xiao Ya stuck out her tongue.

“Yes, you’re not a kid anymore, you should find a husband,” Lin Feng smiled. They kept laughing.

Lin Feng took out a bottle of alcohol and downed it. His blood and Qi boiled, and he took a deep breath.

So many years had passed. How was everyone? They weren’t like him, they probably weren’t stuck at the same cultivation level. They were probably all great emperors already, especially those who had king-type bodies. Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye had probably become extremely strong, their fighting abilities had probably greatly increased.

Time passed, and even though Lin Feng was only 30-40 years old, he already had the impression he had lived many lives. That was natural, though. In the last years, many things had passed. Lin Feng had the impression life became more and more dreamlike as time passed. He had experienced the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives and then he had dreamt. “The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight?”


Their group continued walking in the city. They walked a lot, crossing the continent and finally, they arrived in Dark Clouds. They arrived near a vast stretch of water, where some people played the zither; Lin Feng listened and smiled.

It looked like a painting, a beautiful painting. Some beautiful women were dancing. Many young geniuses were seated cross-legged, drinking and listening to the music.

“That music is beautiful. The Vast Celestial Ancient City is the only place where you can see such a scene,” proclaimed a young man. He was out on a small boat. Many people looked at him with admiration; he was the Prince of Sadness. The Prince of Sadness made women sad. He was extremely strong. He had good relations with the women of the Moon Palace, and he was complimenting the Moon Palace by saying such things.

“Prince of Sadness, you’re flattering us,” said a beautiful woman playing the zither. She bowed in front of him.

“Miss Luo Ye, you’re too humble. With your abilities, you could join the Moon Palace. You have a perfect figure and incredible artistic abilities. Why don’t you become a celestial woman of the Moon Palace? I would recommend you,” smiled the Prince of Sadness. Many men were in love with the celestial women of the Prince of Sadness.

Luo Ye looked excited, she had heard that the Moon Palace had many incredible skills and techniques.

“How could a beautiful woman fall into that decadence?” interrupted Lin Feng at that moment. Many people looked over at him. How audacious, how arrogant! He was humiliating the Moon Palace! The Moon Palace was like many Ancient Holy Clans, nobody could offend or criticize them. Besides, everybody admired the Moon Palace! They had existed for a very long time, and many people thought well of them.

The Prince of Sadness looked at Lin Feng, he smiled and asked calmly, “Who are you, Your Excellency?”

“A traveler,” replied Lin Feng calmly. He recognized the Prince of Sadness, but the Prince of Sadness didn’t recognize him.

“Since you’re a traveler, why do you talk nonsense? Why don’t you keep your mouth shut?” asked the Prince of Sadness with a carefree smile. Everybody understood that the Prince of Sadness loved the Moon Palace. He was elegant and unrestrained, and when people were disrespectful, he immediately threatened them.

“I don’t know,” replied Lin Feng. He turned around and looked back at the Prince of Sadness. The Prince of Sadness was talented and outstanding. Back then, he was already famous in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Many people didn’t know how strong he was. He was a great emperor now, and he had broken through to the Di Qi layer a long time ago.

The Prince of Sadness looked at Lin Feng calmly. He smiled indifferently, yet coldly. Lin Feng looked apathetic.

He waved his hand and arrows of sadness appeared. The atmosphere became sad and sorrowful.

“Prince of Sadness, arrows of sadness.”

An arrow shot towards Lin Feng. They were some distance from one another, but the arrow moved so fast, it was like they were right next to one another. Lin Feng raised his hand; sword strength emerged from his fingers and the arrow broke instantly. At the same time, Lin Feng walked out above the lake, looking confident and at ease.

“Your Excellency, your dissimulation technique is incredible. We can’t even see your cultivation level,” said the Prince of Sadness flatly. A melody of death spread through the air, the water of the lake began to churn. Sharp swords hurtled towards Lin Feng. Beasts roared, and people’s souls shook. Many arrows also whistled towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards and destroyed all of the Prince of Sadness’ attacks. The Prince was astonished.

“Back in the day, I was wondering why the chessboard was in the Prince of Sadness’ mansion house. Now, I think that you’re a member of the Moon Palace, and that you’ve studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures,” said Lin Feng calmly. He had noticed the Prince of Sadness’ insane attacks contained all sorts of evolved and modified strengths.

The Prince’s face changed drastically. He was staring at Lin Feng as he shouted extremely loudly, “Who are you?!”

“Prince of Sadness, you will never be sad, or make people sad, again,” said Lin Feng calmly. A terrifying Death strength penetrated into the Prince’s body, and his face turned grey. He released as much life Qi as he could, terrified and staring at Lin Feng. Who was this extremely strong cultivator? When had he offended him?

“Back then in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, you were the one who tried to kill me using attacks which had been modified with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, I think I’m right,” said Lin Feng. The Prince of Sadness gaped. He was staring at Lin Feng, the first cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!!!

His mouth was wide open, he wanted to say something, but he had no time, Death intent was corroding his life, and he couldn’t resist. After a few seconds, he softly collapsed in the small boat.

Everybody around was astonished. The Prince of Sadness had just died? Like that? In a few seconds?

When they turned around, they noticed that the murderer was already walking away, as if killing the Prince of Sadness had just been a trivial thing.

“Who is he?” wondered everyone. Their hearts were pounding.

Luo Ye looked desperate, the Prince of Sadness had just died because of what they had just said? The crowd was looking at the corpse in the small boat, they had the impression that they were dreaming. The Prince of Sadness had been killed in the blink of an eye… They didn’t understand how or why!


Outside of the Animal World, Lin Feng was standing in the sky, waiting calmly. After a short time, a Great Imperial Beast came out and looked at Lin Feng coldly. “Who are you, Your Excellency? What do you want?”

Lin Feng looked at him and sighed. He had to force his way into the Animal World. He instantly disappeared.

“Where are you going?” demanded the Great Imperial Beast. His face stiffened. However, Lin Feng had turned into a beam of light and disappeared. He couldn’t stop him anymore! He charged back into the Animal World and shouted furiously, “If you dare invade the Animal World, you’ll die!”

Lin Feng headed to the mountain peak he remembered. He landed in front of a thatched hut, where someone was seated cross-legged, practicing cultivation. Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and smiled. At that moment, the person opened their eyes and frowned. A terrifying strength moved towards Lin Feng.

At the same time, someone shouted furiously in the distance. Many beasts hurried over there.

“Master, it’s me, Lin Feng!” said Lin Feng to the person telepathically.

That man’s eyes twinkled and he shouted to the crowd, “Everybody go back!”

The beasts were stunned; they looked at Lin Feng sourly, but turned around and left. Lin Feng walked over to the man and sat down cross-legged. He took out some bottles of alcohol and gave one to the man. “Master, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Your disguise has reached the acme of perfection,” replied the leader of the Animal World. “I really wonder if you’re really Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng laughed, he waved his hands and looked normal again. He raised his glass, both of them laughed and Lin Feng said, “After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Fortune Shrine gave me an illusion robe. I can change my face and my Qi, too. It’s normal that you can’t recognize me.”

“Very good!” the man nodded. The Fortune Shrine was indeed thoughtful. Back then, Lin Feng was young, and he didn’t draw people’s attention too much. But these days, everything had changed, and the Fortune Shrine had to protect him.

“Lin Feng, you changed,” sighed the old man. Lin Feng had changed in front of him, he didn’t look at the old man with admiration and respect anymore, he looked at him in a comradely way, like an old friend he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Lin Feng laughed. He had gone through so much. He had met the leader of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ World, and had learned a lot then and afterwards.

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    What happened to all his Protectors?

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      The time is very mysterious in PMG, with all of his time skips, I assume he should be at least 60-70 years old.

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