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PMG Chapter 2265: Great Army

PMG Chapter 2265: Great Army

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Lin Feng still remembered everything the old man had done for him, and he was still touched when thinking about it. Without the old man of the Animal World, Saint Shi Jue Lao Xian would have never helped Lin Feng in the Holy City when the four Ancient Holy Clans had encircled him, and later in Qi Tian Holy Town. He was still alive partly thanks to the old man.

However, at the top of the Huang Qi layer, many people had a countless number of friends and people willing to help them.

“Master,” said Lin Feng after remaining silent for a few seconds. He raised his glass, they toasted and downed their glasses, and Lin Feng asked, “Master, how is Qing Feng doing?”

“She’s in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. She went back to her clan. I don’t know how she is now,” said the old man.

Lin Feng’s eyes glittered and he said, “Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was a woman called Jing; was she really Qing Feng’s sister?”

“Jing?” the old man raised his head and looked at Lin Feng.

“She controls phoenix strength. She’s extremely strong. She has a phoenix necklace with imprints inside.”

“I see. You must be right. She must be Qing Feng’s sister; however, they have the same mother and different fathers,” said the old man. Lin Feng was a bit surprised; same mother, different fathers? It was usually the other way around, if they were half-sisters…

“I’ll tell you the truth; I’m Qing Feng’s biological father, and I’m not from the Vast Celestial Ancient City. I was born in the Supreme Animal World,” said the old man with some reluctance.

Lin Feng was startled. This old man came from the Supreme Animal World?

“Qing Feng’s mother is a woman from the Void Phoenix Clan in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Void Phoenix Clan’s members have real and genuine phoenix blood. They are very strong in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Qing Feng is my only daughter. In the Supreme Animal World, I am not considered as a very strong cultivator. Therefore, I was expelled and left there. I will never be able to go back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If Qing Feng’s mother hadn’t protected me, I would have died already,” said the old man slowly.

Lin Feng was astonished. Such a sad story!

“Jing and Qing Feng have the same mother, but different fathers; why did she come to find Qing Feng?”

“Because her mother is also Qing Feng’s mother. Their mother wants to see her daughters, and their mother has good relations with Jing.”

“I see…” whispered Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, if you go back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, go to the Void Phoenix Clan, and go see Qing Feng. She went to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds because of you, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone,” the old man sighed.

Lin Feng shivered. He remembered back then when she had gotten injured for him. She also wanted to finish in the top hundred… that was because she wanted to find another way to go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? And she wanted to go there to stay with him…

When Lin Feng thought about that, he felt guilty again. He owed so many people! He felt like an ingrate.

“I have to sort some things out; I am about go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Snow Clan and I agreed on a twenty-year period. I’ll also go and see Qing Feng,” Lin Feng informed the old man respectfully.

“Twenty years, time flies. Lin Feng, will you be alright?” asked the old man, smiling at Lin Feng.

“It’s not a big deal,” Lin Feng nodded. The old man’s eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was so self-confident. Besides, he didn’t understand Lin Feng’s cultivation, like he had no cultivation level anymore.

“Come,” said the old man, raising his glass and smiling. He was inwardly amazed, and he couldn’t help but think of Forbidden People; was Lin Feng a Forbidden Person?


In the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Prince of Sadness had died, many people had been astonished, especially the Moon Palace. Many people started looking for Lin Feng. Deep within the Moon Palace, a beautiful woman raised her head; her eyes glittered, and her heart was pounding.

She thought of something: it seemed he was back. She fully remembered her previous humiliation. However, she had the impression everything was a dream.

She sensed his presence. He was near…

Behind her was a man with hair black as ink. He was standing there like her shadow. He said nothing.

“You’ve been feeling ill at ease these years,” his voice finally rose from behind her. His voice seemed to come from the netherworld.

The beautiful woman was surprised, her heart twitched.

“You’re being influenced by your clones?”

The woman frowned and said coldly, “That’s enough!”

The person behind her remained silent, sighing and walking away.

She was startled. She turned around and thought of something, running after him.

Duan Xin Ye was in her palace practicing cultivation. However, at that moment, a terrifying Qi filled the air and surrounded her chambers.

“Who’s that?” shouted Duan Xin Ye coldly. However, she heard music, and her face stiffened. She said, “Master of the Nine Netherworlds.”

Her chambers exploded with a loud boom, and Demon intent filled the air. Duan Xin Ye’s face changed drastically.

“Nine Netherworlds, stop!” said a voice coldly. Another woman arrived and shouted furiously, “If you kill her, I will never see you again!”

The Nine Netherworlds demon landed next to Duan Xin Ye and stared at her. However, he was a bit surprised and sighed.

The beautiful woman took a deep breath, sweating coldly. That guy was insane, he wanted to kill Duan Xin Ye! Luckily, she had reacted quickly.

Duan Xin Ye also had cold sweats. She looked at the Nine Netherworlds demon, never thinking he’d try to kill her.

“Xin Ye, don’t leave the Moon Palace.” said Empress Xi. Duan Xin Ye nodded. She didn’t know why, though.


The Vast Celestial Ancient City was a gigantic city. After the Moon Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had reappeared, nothing extraordinary had happened there until the news spread that Chu Chun Qiu, who was born there, had finished third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and Lin Feng, the one who had been abandoned by the gods, had finished first.

However, neither of them had returned since then…

A group of people had arrived outside of the city. The person at the very front of the group was a Taoist priest, seated on a cloud. He was holding a whisk and smiling.

“Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Great Emperor is back!” murmured the Taoist priest. Behind him were many other people. All of them were incredibly strong. Walking next to him was someone all in black.

“Teacher, why did Lin Feng call us here?” Fu Hei asked the old Taoist Priest.

“To fight, of course,” replied Yan Di.

“Fight? Against whom? He made us come back from so far away to fight?” said Fu Hei.

“Eh… he’s my disciple. He’s so strong thanks to me. Last time, at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he finished first, but he didn’t give me credit because I wasn’t there. But anyway, he’s my disciple, and I have to help him.” said Yan Di, scratching his beard and smiling thinly.

Fu Hei’s mouth twitched, but he was used to hearing such things. He said, “Indeed. You are extraordinarily talented, Teacher, so your disciples are incredible, too.”

“Indeed, you’re the only exception, though,” said Yan Di disdainfully. Then he added, “You’re a miserable disciple. You’re a disgrace. Without me, you’d still be a low-level emperor. Even though you’re extremely stupid, I went through lots of hardships to raise you and make you stronger, and finally I managed to make you a great emperor.

“You were extremely lucky to meet me. Maybe you’ve been good in your previous lives!” Yan Di said calmly.

Fu Hei nodded and agreed obediently, “Without you, I wouldn’t even have become an emperor.”

“I educated you properly,” said Yan Di approvingly.

The two people were talking naturally. The people behind also seemed to find their conversation natural.

Down on the ground, many people raised their heads and watched them. They were astonished and started shaking at the power passing above.

A few hours later, many beasts arrived, their Qi terrifying. It rolled in waves and carried everything away, blotting out the sky. That group was composed of eighteen people. Their Qi shook everyone in the city.

“What’s going on? People above the lake of the Vast Celestial Ancient City were astonished, their hearts pounding. Was something big going to happen? Since that young man had come and killed the Prince of Sadness, some weird things were happening in the Vast Celestial Ancient City!

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