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PMG Chapter 2266: Going Back to the Moon Palace

PMG Chapter 2266: Going Back to the Moon Palace

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In the Animal World, Lin Feng’s robe was fluttering in the wind at the top of a mountain. He gazed into the distance and saw a Taoist priest. He smiled thinly.

“Little boy, not bad. I can’t even see how strong you are anymore. No wonder. I raised you,” said Yan Di, looking at Lin Feng happily. Apart from the old man of the Animal World, Yan Di was the only person who knew Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person. Even though he was curious and didn’t understand what it meant, he didn’t think about it too much.

“Old buddy, as humble as before, I see,” Lin Feng smiled. He nodded at Yan Di and Fu Hei. He also looked over the group of people behind Yan Di. Even though there weren’t many people, they were all very old, and they had all studied the Rebirth Scriptures; they were really strong.

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng and said, “You had me come back to fight against the Moon Palace; do you know who supports the Moon Palace?”

“Are those stories about the Three Lives Great Emperor true?” Lin Feng asked. Back then, in Xue Yue, Lin Feng had read the word: Goddess, Empress Xi’s Grave. Yan Di had said he had robbed it and that he had then been chased, but he hadn’t revealed everything, Lin Feng knew.

Of course, Yan Di used to be the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, and back then the Three-Lives Emperor had destroyed the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Their relations were complex.

“The Three-Lives Emperor loved her, that’s true,” said Yan Di nodding. First mystery solved: he loved her…

“How strong is the Three Lives Great Emperor?” asked Lin Feng.

“Nobody can be stronger in this world,” said Yan Di calmly. Lin Feng’s heart began to race. The Three Lives Great Emperor was so terrifying?

“I see. So why did Empress Xi die back then, when the Moon Palace was destroyed?” asked Lin Feng.

“Because Empress Xi hates the Three-Lives Emperor,” replied Yan Di, “She would never ask him for help. She hopes that someday she’ll surpass him and kill him.”

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. What an incredible story! But Lin Feng didn’t really care. He just knew that the Moon Palace had to be destroyed.

“So, if the Three-Lives Emperor doesn’t show up, the Moon Palace will be destroyed,” said Lin Feng indifferently. “I had you come to ask you for something, too.”

“It’s ready,” said Yan Di, giving a jade talisman to Lin Feng. Lin Feng put his godly awareness inside and glanced at Yan Di. This guy understood Lin Feng; the talisman contained the Rebirth Scriptures. He already knew Lin Feng wanted to ask him for them.

“Old buddy, thank you very much!” smiled Lin Feng. Even though Yan Di was annoying sometimes, he was incredibly generous; the Rebirth Scriptures were precious to Lin Feng.

“When will you be ready to attack?” asked Yan Di.

“Since we’re all ready, tomorrow. The Moon Palace must be destroyed,” said Lin Feng calmly. He gazed into the distance.

Xin Ye was probably in the Moon Palace. He was wondering what to do with Empress Xi.

Yan Di nodded. One day passed quickly…


The Vast Celestial Ancient City seemed as peaceful and calm as always. Nothing happened. However, a hundred li away from the Ice-Moon Lake, a group of people wearing black robes appeared. All those people were wearing dark clothes and nobody could see their faces. They looked mysterious, their Qi bestial and powerful.

They were waiting.

At the same time, in the pavilions above the Ice-Moon Lake, there were many young women dancing and young men who were watching them. Even the women who weren’t from the Moon Palace looked beautiful. All the men there were staring at those women. They were all outstanding and attractive.

“How come there are so many people today?” asked someone out on a boat.

“Some celestial women from the Moon Palace are coming, so there are always more men when they show up.”

“Which one?”

“A few. We’re lucky to be able to see them,” The crowd looked impatient. The celestial women of the Moon Palace were extremely famous for their beauty.

The crowd didn’t notice that a young man had arrived, staring at the lake. In the pavilions, the beautiful women were still dancing. Back then, when he was here, the gods had abandoned him. He had temporarily lost hope.

However, he had gotten back onto his feet and had continued fighting. Now, he had changed a lot… so many years had passed.

He remembered that, but he didn’t feel sad at all. He was just calm and composed.

When he saw someone come out of the pavilion, he shivered. He had never forgotten.

A passionate night, a couple for a hundred days, such beautiful memories. Even if Lin Feng had gone through a lot in life, he couldn’t forget her.

Yi Ren Lei was even more beautiful than before. Her Qi was dimly discernible. She smiled knowingly. She was bewitching, even in the middle of all those incredibly beautiful women, like a goddess.

Empress Xi gazed into the distance and asked, “Is he here?”

At the same time, Duan Xin Ye was in her new chambers, and her heart was pounding. She sensed something, and Empress Xi didn’t want her to come out.

Empress Xi came out.

Outside, the atmosphere was lively. However, some people raised their heads and gazed into the distance.

“How beautiful, who’s that?”

“Empress Xi, the leader of the Moon Palace!”

“Empress Xi came out, and with so many beautiful women behind her, too!” Everybody was looking at them. Empress Xi was walking slowly, and arrived in front of the pavilion in which Yi Ren Lei and the others were. She studied the edge of the lake, looking for someone.

Finally, she noticed Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes gleamed. Empress Xi could recognize him?

Actually, it was her instinct.

Empress Xi looked at Lin Feng and he also looked back at her calmly. She couldn’t see how strong he was…

“You came back,” Empress Xi said suddenly. Everybody turned and looked at Lin Feng. Who was this guy? Surprisingly, Empress Xi came out personally to see him.

“I’m back,” Lin Feng nodded. She had indeed recognized him.

“Back then, I could have killed you, but I wasn’t cruel enough,” Empress Xi sighed. She didn’t know why she had never killed him.

Lin Feng knew she was right, but he said, “You missed your chance. Now, you’ll never have the opportunity ever again.”

“Is that so?” asked Empress Xi. His cultivation level was hidden. She didn’t know how strong he was. In twenty years, could Lin Feng have become strong enough to compete with her?

Behind Empress Xi, Yi Ren Lei’s heart was pounding. How familiar a voice, her heart started pounding. Was it him…?

“You’ve become extremely self-confident since you finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Empress Xi calmly. People’s hearts pounded even more furiously.

First at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?!?!

Ten years before, in the top three of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, two cultivators were from the Dark Night Region, one was even from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, and the other one had amazed the Vast Celestial Ancient City at some point in his life.

One of them had been abandoned by the gods back then by the lake. He hadn’t been cleansed by the cosmic energies of the earth and sky. There were many legends about him, even children could tell those stories.

Was he back? Was it him?

Everybody looked at Lin Feng in a different way. That guy was Lin Feng?

Yi Ren Lei’s heart was pounding even more. That was Lin Feng?

Lin Feng didn’t admit who he was, but he didn’t deny it, either. He just looked at Empress Xi calmly and said, “I came to destroy the Moon Palace today.”

“Destroy the Moon Palace? How audacious!” murmured the crowd. Even if he was Lin Feng, that was too arrogant! The Moon Palace was extremely strong, they were more powerful than Ancient Holy Clans!

Empress Xi’s eyes glittered. Destroy the Moon Palace? “What makes you feel so confident?” she asked indifferently.

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