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PMG Chapter 2267: Heaven Clan’s Appearance

PMG Chapter 2267: Heaven Clan’s Appearance

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Lin Feng looked back at Empress Xi calmly. He knew that Empress Xi had given up everything, had died and sealed herself in the Three Lives Scriptures. She was stubborn. She wouldn’t dismantle the Moon Palace willingly.

A strong wind started blowing. People appeared on the horizon. The atmosphere became oppressive.

“Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?” Empress Xi was startled. She saw Yan Di, her eyes glittering, and said, “You think a few cripples can destroy the Moon Palace?”

“The Moon Palace will disappear from the Vast Celestial Ancient City,” said the old man of the Animal World in the distance. A group of terrifying beasts also appeared.

“Animal World, aren’t you afraid of the consequences?” asked Empress Xi coldly.

“I dissolved the Animal World, I am free and unfettered now,” said the old man indifferently. Empress Xi was astonished.

Shooting sounds cut through the air, and more people in black robes appeared. Their Qi was bestial. They were terrifyingly strong beasts, including some Celestial Imperial Beasts, their Qi was terrifying. Who could compete with them?

“What a terrifying army. Since Lin Feng ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, three influential groups agreed to help him destroy the Moon Palace.”

“It’s the Moon Palace’s Judgement Day.”

When Empress Xi saw this, she remained silent. The celestial women of the Moon Palace were staring at Lin Feng, especially Yi Ren Lei. She remembered back in the days when they used to make love in the snow. Lin Feng was already obstinate and unruly back then. Now, he had progressed so much. In less than twenty years, he had become so strong that he could land in front of the Moon Palace with an army, how domineering!

Lin Feng had changed so much. He now looked calm, aloof, and self-confident.

“Go and kill him!” ordered Empress Xi coldly. Instantly, a few celestial women ran forwards to kill him. They were all great emperors already, and they all knew many terrifying ancient scriptures, spells, skills, and techniques, and they all had their own Dao already. Their Qi surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at those women calmly. He absorbed all the Dao which surrounded him. The women sensed that, and were astonished. Now, they could also sense the terrifying strength in Lin Feng’s body.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng aggressively. He released a terrifying Dao strength which thundered out, his voice also carrying an explosive, ancient strength. He instantly destroyed their attacks and injured them.

Everybody was trembling, especially when they saw the celestial women of the Moon Palace cough up blood. They looked so weak in front of Lin Feng. Many men wanted to avenge them, and attack Lin Feng.

Screams kept spreading in the air. The celestial women fell down from the sky one after the other, their faces as pale as sheets of paper. They couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. He was terrifyingly strong, and he could kill them easily.

Empress Xi looked at him coldly. She realized Lin Feng had changed completely. He was terrifyingly strong now, not a weak little boy anymore.

“According to rumors, ten years after the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Chu Chun Qiu is practicing cultivation in the Supreme Animal World. He’s practicing really hard, and now he’s become a Celestial Emperor. Now Lin Feng, the First Emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, has become a terrifying fighter,” muttered many people after seeing his voice attack. He hadn’t only come back with a powerful army, he had also become incredibly strong!

A terrifying Qi emerged from the Moon Palace. Many people rose up into the air, their energies rumbling as they were unleashed. Their Qi was impressive, especially Chu the Insane’s. He was a descendant of King Chu, one of the two most outstanding geniuses in the history of the Chu Clan. If he hadn’t gone insane, the Moon Palace wouldn’t have been able to control him. But it didn’t matter now, because Chu Chun Qiu had already surpassed Chu the Insane by far.

“The Moon Palace has always had talented individuals in hiding. Those people are really strong. They’re all Celestial Emperors, at least.”

“They’re controlled by the Moon Palace, they have no way to free themselves.”

“Dear friends, if you help us today, the Moon Palace will give you many ancient Scriptures, and we’ll also let you get married to our celestial women,” Empress Xi offered at that moment calmly. Many men were immediately aroused. However, against such terrifying cultivators, ordinary people couldn’t do much.

“This is between the Moon Palace and me, Lin Feng. If anyone helps them, I’ll kill them instantly,” said Lin Feng calmly. His Qi surged around him. It seemed like a great war was on the verge of breaking out.

Many strong cultivators had gathered around the Ice-Moon Lake. Even some people from powerful groups were there. Their elders had informed them about the situation, so they had come to watch. When they heard Empress Xi, they were excited for a few seconds, but most people didn’t want to get involved in the end. The enemies were too scary.

However, some people still had some thoughts, such as the members of the Heaven Clan.

Cang Ling was in the crowd, and staring at Lin Feng coldly. Back in the days, he had chased Lin Feng, trying to kill him. However, he hadn’t had the opportunity. Lin Feng had become so strong, so quickly! He needed to get rid of him as soon as possible now; if Lin Feng broke through to the Tian Di layer, he wouldn’t be able to kill him anymore. If the Heaven Clan helped the Moon Palace, they’d probably kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he’s a member of the Fortune Shrine. Now he’s a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine. I need to get rid of him. If he dies outside, the Fortune Shrine won’t avenge him I hope; they’ll just say he was too weak if he died outside, right?, thought Cang Ling, before looking at the Saint Emperor of the Heaven Clan. “Uncle, we don’t like Lin Feng, we can’t let him become stronger. We must get rid of him now, it’s an opportunity!”

“What do we do if the Fortune Shrine comes to avenge him?” said the Saint Emperor.

“I’ll kill him. If the Fortune Shrine comes, I’ll say I killed him,” said Cang Ling coldly. He had to stamp out the source of trouble, and kill Lin Feng!

“Uncle, the Moon Palace is powerful, you know that; we can collaborate with them. It would be great for the Heaven Clan. You know Lin Feng has to die!” continued Cang Ling.

“As you wish,” said the old man, but he hesitated. Lin Feng had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and he was now a member of the Fortune Shrine. Killing him was dangerous. But if they didn’t kill him, Lin Feng might remember them and come and destroy them, especially that now he wanted to destroy the Moon Palace.

An old man called out to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, my boy.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng turned around and saw an old man, standing behind Cang Ling. Lin Feng said coldly, “Heaven Clan?”

“Yes, Lin Feng, my boy. Back then, tensions arose between you and my clan. It was all my fault, let’s forget about those things? I’m really old now,” said the old man.

Lin Feng understood what the old man was thinking. He looked at him and the strong cultivators behind him. He smiled coldly inside. If he refused, what would happen? How sly!

“We’ll talk about that after I’m done with the Moon Palace,” said Lin Feng calmly. They posed a big threat to him.

The man shook his head, “I hope you can hurry and make up your mind.”

“I know you want me to refuse, and I do, I refuse!” said Lin Feng aggressively and sharply.

The old man released his Qi and said, “Since it’s that way, the Heaven Clan will join hands with the Moon Palace!”

“I had forgotten about the Heaven Clan at the beginning. I just remembered Cang Ling. I didn’t expect the Heaven Clan would get involved. Foolish!” said Lin Feng coldly. The strong cultivators of the Heaven Clan were stunned. Lin Feng had forgotten about the Heaven Clan? They had just reminded him of their existence? Now they were enemies? Now, they had to kill him, they had reached a point of no return!

“Cang Ling, he’s yours, slaughter him!” the old man said to Cang Ling telepathically. Cang Ling nodded, staring at Lin Feng, his eyes filled with murder!

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