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PMG Chapter 2268: Lin Feng’s Fighting Abilities

PMG Chapter 2268: Lin Feng’s Fighting Abilities

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Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Cang Ling: a Celestial Emperor, and a strong kind of Celestial Emperor. After all, he had broken through to that cultivation layer a long time ago.

Cang Ling was standing in the sky. He shot forwards and released an oppressive strength around Lin Feng. He said coldly, “First Emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? So what? You’ll die here now!”

He shouted furiously and lashed out; heavenly hands appeared and blotted out the sky, reaching towards Lin Feng, trying to crush him.

At the same time, Cang Ling wasn’t assured, so he continued racing towards Lin Feng while releasing terrifying Heaven cosmic energies.

Lin Feng raised his hands and punched Cang Ling’s fists. There was an eruption as their fists collided, the heavenly hands exploded. The crowd was astonished; Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were incredible. He could easily destroy a Celestial Emperor’s attacks!

Cang Ling descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng. Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing, fluttering Lin Feng’s hair and robe. He could sense how strong the energies were.

The ground exploded, and many people ran away. Some strong cultivators were too close and exploded. Blood gushed everywhere. That attack was purely physical, and it had crushed them and their souls. Lin Feng looked small amid that rain of flesh and blood.

At that moment, the atmosphere changed. Cang Ling realized that everything was changing around them, as if they had ended up in another world. Suddenly, he was a great distance from Lin Feng.

He shattered the confining space, and finally, Lin Feng reappeared normally at the same distance as him, so he ran withdraw. The Great Empty Space Technique had been broken instantly by Cang Ling.

“Eh?” Cang Ling looked around, the others were not there. He exclaimed, “Territory strength?”

“It’s not territory strength, it’s a world,” said Lin Feng calmly. There was nothing but beautiful mountains and rivers around them. However, they weren’t in the outside world, they were in Lin Feng’s world.

“A world?” Cang Ling frowned, staring at Lin Feng, “How is that possible? You probably used a Great Imperial Weapon!”

“Indeed, but that weapon is now surrounding us. We’re in a remote world now,” said Lin Feng. Cang Ling didn’t believe him. However, he was there to kill Lin Feng, not to think!

“No matter what, I’ll kill you!” said Cang Ling coldly. He ran forwards, his Dao strength surging up… however, he realized that his Heaven strength didn’t work here!

“Since I’ve broken through to this mysterious cultivation layer, I haven’t really fought. We’ll see what it’s like,” said Lin Feng calmly. Around him, there was no spirit, no shadow, only strength which started condensing. He was a god in this world. He controlled everything, he was at the heart of every kind of strength, every kind of cosmic energy.

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards; he was walking, but he was extremely fast. Cang Ling sensed a terrifying strength.

Since I’ve leveled up and broken through to this mysterious cultivation layer?

There was the Di Qi layer after the Huang Qi layer, wasn’t there?

Lin Feng didn’t know what it meant to be a Forbidden Person; he had no cultivation level? He wasn’t sure, he just couldn’t explain it. His Dao, however, had finally become complete. It contained all sorts of strength, all sorts of cosmic energies, the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. He was like a god in his world!

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and suddenly disappeared. Cang Ling’s heart started pounding. After that, a shadow appeared and grew in front of him. He only saw a fist moving towards his head, it contained death sword strength as well as cursing and soundwave strength. Cang Ling felt hopeless.

“No!…” shouted Cang Ling desperately. Why? How? How is this possible? Cang Ling condensed a terrifying Heaven Dao strength in his fist, exploding against the incoming force. Lin Feng had disappeared already, and Cang ling’s attack instantly broke apart. His face turned deathly pale as panic set in. He forgot how to fight at that moment. He even forgot he was a Celestial Emperor!

Actually, even though Lin Feng had broken through, the speed at which he became stronger was still limited. Before breaking through, he could easily kill Celestial Emperors, and afterwards, his cultivation had become more stable and he had become slightly stronger. Now, he was about as strong as a cultivator at the top of the Tian Di layer.

Of course, apart from his attacks, Lin Feng’s body and his special strength had also increased. In his dreams, he had been bombarded by dark lightning. He had a special kind of strength in his body now, and he had used it when the celestial women had attacked him before.

In addition, his physical strength was still incredible, he had the physical strength of a Celestial Emperor too. Even though Lin Feng had no cultivation level, his strength could be compared to the strength of someone who had the strength at the top of the Tian Di Layer. With such strength, he could easily kill Cang Ling.

Another terrifying strength bombarded Cang Ling, he was smashed brutally away. However, Lin Feng reappeared in front of him. When Cang Ling saw how calm and composed Lin Feng looked, he was even more terrified.

“I thought you were definitely going to kill me?” said Lin Feng calmly. His voice resonated in Cang Ling’s head. “I will show you what strength is!” Terrifying lights appeared and moved towards Cang Ling.

“Roar!” Cang Ling shouted furiously. He condensed more heaven strength,  but he didn’t control strength in there. He released as much strength as he could, it turned into a terrifying cloud of Dao.

Lin Feng moved as fast as lightning, raising his fist and condensing strength in it. Nine Words appeared around him, he used his celestial stage deployment spell, and he condensed deployment spell forbidden lightnings, too.

Cang Ling’s Heaven fist broke apart instantly and he retreated. However, Lin Feng was too fast. A terrifying punch struck him and pierced through his neck. His back was turned to Lin Feng, and he saw a fist appear in front of his head; it had pierced through his neck from behind and out the other side. Lin Feng’s fist was like a sword.

He looked hopeless. How, how was this possible? He was completely powerless in front of Lin Feng, and Lin Feng could easily destroy him!

“You wanted to die,” Lin Feng told him evenly, and then punched his head again.


In the outside world, a great war had started. Where Lin Feng was, a curtain made of illusion strength had appeared, and nobody knew what was going on inside. That illusion had the shape of Fortune City!

The illusion began to disperse. Many people suddenly turned around and saw Lin Feng appear… and he was alone.

“Cang Ling…” The crowd frowned. Lin Feng stood there with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Lin Feng killed Cang Ling…?” blurted out many people, shocked. Cang Ling was terrifyingly strong, a public figure in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. However, he had disappeared, and probably been killed!

“He must have used a precious treasure!” hissed some people. Lin Feng’s fighting abilities couldn’t be as terrifying as Chu Chun Qiu’s…

The strong cultivators of the Heaven Clan grimaced. Lin Feng was back, and Cang Ling was probably dead since he wasn’t there.

In the distance, some strong cultivators appeared; they were from the Heaven Clan, and were furious. “Who killed my son Cang Ling?”

When the crowd heard that, they shivered. As expected, Cang Ling was dead, and his father had arrived.

“Lin Feng, you want to die!” swore Cang Ling’s uncle coldly. A huge army of the Heaven Clan had arrived; they were going to help the Moon Palace and destroy these people.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted coldly. He wanted to see how strong the Heaven Clan could be. Apart from the strongest of them, the rest were only cannon fodder!!!

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