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PMG Chapter 227: Fury for the Princess!

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The Earth Fusion was a cultivation dimension that many cultivators never understood in their entire life. Even strong cultivators at the Xuan Qi layer required luck and a great amount of insight, in order to understand earth fusions.

When a cultivator and the earth fused together, the human being absorbs strength from the earth itself. Every movement was in perfect accordance with the forces of heaven and earth.

Lin Feng’s sword left a brilliant and resplendent arch-shaped light as it slashed through the air. The ones who were attacking Lin Feng were completely enveloped by that light. Lin Feng’s sword energy seemed like it was coming from every direction.

Immediately after, Lin Feng attacked those who had come to attack him. Each and every single one of them slowly collapsed. They had all fallen dead, in an instant.

A single sword had annihilated all of them. Nobody had been lucky enough to escape.

The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding. A few strong Zi Government members had already been killed by Lin Feng’s sword. He was a real sword master. In front of Lin Feng, Lin Hao Jie was indeed a humiliation to sword users.

His radiant Golden Rain Sword, in front of Lin Feng’s sword, looked like a comedy act. Lin Feng’s sword was genuinely sharp, he could actually kill people in an instant when using his sword.

Zi Ying and Zi Qiong were stupefied. While looking at that young man wearing white clothes, they felt furious.

How strong.

Zi Qiong was sure that if he fought against Lin Feng, he would definitely die. There would be no suspense at all. He would end up the same as Lin Hao Jie. He wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack.

Zi Qiong and Zi Xia turned around and looked at their father, Zi Ying. Only Zi Ying could kill Lin Feng.

Not only them but everybody else was looking at Zi Ying. He was the patriarch of the Zi Government, how was he supposed to tolerate Lin Feng’s attitude?

“Your martial skills are not bad.” coldly said Zi Ying while staring at Lin Feng. Zi Ying had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer and could break through to the Xuan Qi layer at any moment.

He was able to sense Lin Feng’s strength and he thought that Lin Feng’s sword skills were only simple sword strikes. He had definitely used some type of trick. In other words, he had used an extremely powerful and high-level sword skill which was hidden as a simple sword strike.

“Martial skill?” a smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face as if something hilarious had been said. He hadn’t used any of his skills at all. He had just carried out ordinary sword strikes, it was just that he used his sword fusion and his earth fusion during these attacks.

That sword belonged to a higher dimension of cultivation.

“You don’t understand at all.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Zi Ying’s understanding of cultivation wasn’t advanced enough. He didn’t know what earth fusion was. Only those who could penetrate into that dimension could understand it and know the strength it contained.

For example, Lin Feng didn’t need to use his spirit, he could close his eyes and was still able to sense a leaf falling in the distance. He could sense everything that was happening around him. Zi Ying couldn’t do that. He could only trust his intuition which might not always be correct. Even if he knew that some people could use earth fusion, he still couldn’t understand it, he had sensed nothing at all. Obviously, he wasn’t able to understand even the basics.

“You don’t understand at all.” When Zi Ying heard these words, said by Lin Feng with so much confidence, he felt really uncomfortable.

A junior was telling him, in front of everybody, that he didn’t understand something, it made him seem incredibly ignorant.

“I don’t understand?” said Zi Ying while smiling coldly and then added: “You’re still a child and you dare act in such an arrogant way, you do not know how vast the world is. You came here, caused trouble, killed people of the Zi Government and humiliated it, I will not simply kill you.”

“I will cripple your cultivation. You will suffer everyday of your life. You will suffer a fate much worse than death.” Zi Ying’s voice was piercingly cold. When the crowd his words, they also sensed a wave of coldness emerge from Zi Ying.

Lin Feng was looking at Zi Ying. Immediately after, a smile appeared on his face, as if he had heard a joke.

“Why are you smiling?” asked Zi Ying in an extremely cold way.

“You are clearly afraid of me.” said Lin Feng as calmly as before and then continued: “I came to the Zi Government alone, I caused trouble during your children’s wedding ceremony, killed your future son-in-law, and slaughtered a number of people who belonged to the Zi Government. The Zi Government and I cannot exist under the same sky, there is no way to change that. If you weren’t afraid of me, you would have already attacked me but right now, you are not entirely sure that you can fight against me. Therefore, you are only saying empty threats. You want to find out how strong I really am while also delaying for time.”

When Zi Ying heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied. Indeed, he was really afraid of Lin Feng. A moment ago, he hadn’t understood anything about Lin Feng’s sword.

He was ignorant and on top of that, he was afraid. What terrified Zi Ying is that he couldn’t determine exactly how strong Lin Feng was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste time talking nonsense to Lin Feng. He would have attacked Lin Feng immediately after the Zi Government members were killed.

Lin Feng had managed to perfectly understand the situation.

“No matter whom you are hoping will arrive if you delay me long enough, today, you will die.” Lin Feng took a step forwards while holding his sword. Lin Feng seemed to be walking extremely slowly but when his suddenly sword diffused a bright and dazzling light, Lin Feng, in a flash, had already landed in front of Zi Ying. The crowd had the impression that they were hallucinating, how had Lin Feng crossed such an incredible distance in a flash.


A purple illusionary spirit appeared behind Zi Ying and it was incredibly huge. Zi Ying’s entire body was enveloped in a resplendent purple light. Zi Ying’s spirit was very mysterious.

Surprisingly, when fighting against Lin Feng, he had released his spirit immediately. He was definitely proving Lin Feng’s words, he was afraid of him. Because he was afraid of Lin Feng, he couldn’t afford to be careless and had thus immediately released his spirit.


Lin Feng’s sword fell from the sky.

“Purple Fist!” furiously shouted Zi Ying. His purple spirit rushed through the air and transformed into an illusion around Zi Ying.

An incredible quantity of purple Qi emerged and turned into a spiral, it spun around Zi Ying’s hand. It looked like a purple fist had formed around Zi Ying’s hand.

Finally, the monstrous purple fist launched forward and bombarded the atmosphere. In a flash, on Zi Ying’s fist, countless purple fists were rushing towards Lin Feng at full speed.

“Pshhh.. pshhhh…”

Lin Feng’s sword blocked the purple fists. Lin Feng was unceasingly moving his sword to block the bombardment of purple fists. His forearm felt incredibly sore from the continued pressure on his sword.

The Purple Fist skill was a high-quality skill at the Xuan level. That skill and the spirit complemented each other. It enabled members of the Zi Government to carry out extremely powerful attacks which had the strength of the Di level.

It was especially strong if it was used by a cultivator of the ninth Ling Qi layer. If he had used that skill against a mountain, a large crater would have appeared in it.

Lin Feng’s sword was becoming slower and slower as if he couldn’t stand the pressure. His forearm felt heavier and heavier. However, he looked as calm as before. His heart was also filled with determination.

His sword was extremely sharp. Lin Feng looked as if he could destroy anything.

Sword masters had an incredible aura. The sword of a real master was capable of pure annihilation and a real master would never retreat when using such a sword.

Lin Feng’s sword was extremely sharp and pierced the atmosphere with each movement.

Lin Feng’s sword was unceasingly destroying the purple fists.


Zi Ying’s facial expression drastically changed. Lin Feng’s sword was unceasingly moving as before. When he saw the sword heading straight for him, without hesitation, he jumped backwards.

A moment later, Zi Ying’s face was deathly pale because Lin Feng’s sword had undergone a trajectory change and was now moving towards his son, Zi Qiong.

Zi Ying was unable to block the attack, what would happen if Zi Qiong received that attack?

“You would dare!” shouted Zi Ying furiously.

“Die!” said Lin Feng coldly. Why wouldn’t Lin Feng dare?

If Zi Ling hadn’t coincidentally picked him up on the side of the road, Zi Qiong would have caused harm to Duan Xin Ye. At that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t killing Zi Qiong for any other reason but to avenge Duan Xin Ye.

If Duan Xin Ye had taken her own life, Lin Feng would have regretted it his entire life.

When Zi Qiong saw that Lin Feng’s sword was moving towards him at full speed, his heart twitched. His facial expression revealed hopelessness. Was he, Zi Qiong, going to die? Was he going to get killed on the day of his wedding and at the moment when he was about to enter the forbidden area?


A small sound filled the atmosphere. Zi Qiong didn’t think much longer. His eyes looked calm. Fear, hopelessness, he would have never thought that such a day would come for him.

Zi Qiong slowly collapsed onto the floor. The people in the crowd held their breath and their hearts were pounding.

The young master of the Zi Government had been killed.

Lin Feng’s words weren’t empty, if he said he was going to kill, he killed. He could pierce everything with his sword. Not only the head of the Zi Government but everybody related to harming the princess had to die.

Lin Feng was enraged, he would unleash all of his fury for the princess.

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