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PMG Chapter 2271: What Are Emotions?

PMG Chapter 2271: What Are Emotions?

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Lin Feng was standing in the sky, his robe fluttering in the wind. The one who used to be a weak young man now had the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday. He was already standing among some of the strongest cultivators in the world.

He looked at the Nine Netherworlds Emperor and said, “You should understand that considering the relationship I have to Empress Xi, I won’t kill her. However, I can’t let her go, either.”

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor’s cold expression faded. He looked at Lin Feng with mixed feelings.

After a few minutes, he said slowly, “Yu Xi and I have an innocent affection for each other. We were childhood sweethearts. She’s pure, innocent, and kind. She doesn’t understand the complex relations people can have. However, one day, her father killed her mother, and wanted to take her way. From that day, Yu Xi changed. She became cold and detached. She gradually changed her way of practicing cultivation, and finally left her family forever. I know that she wasn’t willing to do those things.”

“I’m the same as Yu Xi, I’m ordinary. However, I saw her change more and more. So, I decided to become a demon, too. To become strong, I gave up everything else. Finally, I became a strong demon. However, I realized that I couldn’t become stronger than Yu Xi’s father. Yu Xi knew she wasn’t talented enough, so she decided to die,” said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor slowly.

These stories were old. Everybody was ordinary at the beginning of their lives, no matter how talented they were. Lin Feng could understand that because of his own experience, and also because he had experienced the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives. He also knew that ordinary people could also rise up, step by step, by going through lots of difficulties.

“Lin Feng, Yu Xi has had many opportunities to kill you, but she hasn’t. Nobody understands her because she tries to control her passion, anger, and greed… in other words, her red dust. I also know that because of her two clones, she has emotions and feelings. She’s been influenced by her clones. Therefore, she couldn’t kill you. I hope that you’ll treat her fairly and kindly,” said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor calmly. A terrifying pitch-black fire began burning around his body.

Lin Feng frowned.

“I’m already dead. I came back to life thanks to the Rebirth Scriptures, but there are limits. I can’t protect Yu Xi. I couldn’t do much for her or stop you. My life has become pointless. You have to protect her. I hope she’ll see you become strong. I hope you’ll treat her as your wife and treat her fairly. I feel sad for her,” said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor.

His body was burning more and more, his whole body became illusionary. He was slowly disappearing as he stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could see from his eyes how deeply he cared about Empress Xi.

“Treat Yu Xi kindly and fairly!” said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor while disappearing. He turned into a pond of Nine Netherworlds Water and moved towards Lin Feng, penetrated into his body, and then disappeared forever.

Many people were astonished and speechless. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor had decided to die, he had turned into Dao and had granted that Dao to Lin Feng for the sake of Empress Xi.

“True emotions.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. He sensed that his Nine Netherworlds strength had suddenly increased greatly. He knew the Nine Netherworlds Emperor was extremely sad, and for Empress Xi, he had decided to die.

He had dedicated his life to Empress Xi!

“I thought that the Netherworld Demon Emperor had met Empress Xi much later in life, and that he had then fallen in love with her. I never thought that they had known each other for so long. So they lived separated for a while, and then he came back,” sighed an old man. Only the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi knew the exact details of their story. The Netherworld Demon Emperor had told some of the details a moment before, and then he had died.

Yan Di was astonished too. He had made some strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan go to the Heaven Clan, he didn’t go there. When he saw that the Nine Netherworlds Emperor had turned into Dao strength and penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, he sighed, “What are emotions? He was a great demon emperor, and now he is dead.”

The Netherworld Demon Emperor had dedicated his life to Empress Xi, and now he had died for her too.


Empress Xi was in Lin Feng’s spirit’s world. She had a jade necklace around her neck, and suddenly it broke apart. Her heart started pounding, she couldn’t believe it.

She put her hands on her necklace, her face paled. Tears appeared in her eyes; she hadn’t cried for a thousand years, but now she was crying again.

“Brother Netherworlds!” shouted Empress Xi hoarsely. It was so painful. She fell down onto her knees. She remembered those beautiful times, those flourishing periods, when both of them used to laugh a lot. She had cherished those moments, those were the best times in her life, and now the man who she considered the sunshine of her life was dead.

“I’m sorry…” Empress Xi put her hands on her head, kissing her jade necklace. She cried unceasingly and said in a fragile voice, “Brother Netherworlds, I’m so, so sorry. I’ve always considered you as my biological brother but when we found each other again after such a long time, I never smiled at you again, I’m so sorry…”

She kept crying, her heart ached. Empress Xi, Yu Xi, had always considered the Nine Netherworlds Emperor as her own brother, he was the closest person she had in life, and now he was dead. She was alone, she didn’t look like a strong, cold, and detached woman at that moment, she looked like a fragile little girl, lost and hopeless.


In the outside world, Lin Feng sighed, speechless. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor really loved Yu Xi, it was both touching and moving.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor had become a part of Lin Feng. He hoped Lin Feng would take care of Empress Xi and treat her fairly. Lin Feng had to treat Empress Xi as one of his own wives.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. It was a beautiful day. Lin Feng looked at Yi Ren Lei, he smiled broadly, enough to melt an iceberg. That smile was the most beautiful smile Yi Ren Lei had ever seen in her life, and she started crying. Yi Ren Lei, who was strong and determined, started crying like a little girl too.

“How have you been all these years?” Lin Feng asked her.

“Tired, but I’ve progressed a lot,” said Yi Ren Lei forcing herself to smile.

“What do you intend to do in the future?” asked Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei looked pensive but then she smiled at Lin Feng in a seductive way, looking devastatingly beautiful, and said, “I’ll continue progressing on my path. I’ll become an Ice and Snow Goddess, and I’ll wait for my demon prince, like we promised each other.”

She turned around and left, looking confident and at ease. She was still smiling, but she also had tears in her eyes.

What were emotions? Emotions were more powerful than life and death!

Lin Feng watched at Yi Ren Lei slowly disappear into the distance. He took a deep breath and thought, Take care.

Lin Feng had gone through so much in life. There had been so many changes in his life.

“I would have kept her,” said Yan Di indifferently.

Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Old buddy, haven’t you found someone you like?”

“No hurry, another thousand years, or a reincarnation maybe,” said Yan Di smiling in a free and unrestrained way. “By the way, don’t forget what the Diviner said back in the day; I’m your protector, so you have to help me. When will you bring me to the Diviner? I need to see him. What he said is almost a promise.”

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yan Di wanted to see the Diviner?

“Did the Diviner mean that back then?” Lin Feng asked speechlessly.

“Do you think a little boy like you can help me change my destiny? Hilarious!” replied Yan Di, rolling his eyes.

“Eh…” Lin Feng was speechless for a moment, but finally nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll take you to the Fortune Shrine.”

“You’re a good boy,” said Yan Di plainly… and then he burst into laughter. He flew towards the Moon Palace, wondering if there were treasures inside?

Lin Feng looked after him, stunned. Fu Hei laughed and followed his master.

“Like teacher, like disciple,” said Lin Feng speechlessly. The others wanted to go into the Palace as well, but didn’t dare because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng had changed; back in the days, people in the Vast Celestial Ancient City could bully him. Now he could destroy the Moon Palace, the Heaven Clan…

A strong wind was blowing and brushing against people’s bodies. The Vast Celestial Ancient City had been peaceful and calm for a long time, and now new incredible things had happened. It wouldn’t take long for the news to spread that the Heaven Clan had been wiped off the map of the continent!

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