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PMG Chapter 2273: Who?

PMG Chapter 2273: Who?

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At that moment, the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was standing next to a middle-aged man who looked simple. However, his eyes were filled with flames. He gazed into the distance.

“The young man who’s fighting against Qing Jiang Shan is Lin Qiong Sheng,” the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty pointed at Lin Qiong Sheng.

The middle-aged man nodded and said calmly, “Don’t kill him, we want him alive.”

“I understand,” nodded Holy Emperor Qin. Even though the two of them were whispering, they didn’t try to be discreet. Therefore, Lin Feng and Holy Emperor Ling heard them. Their eyes twinkled and they frowned. That person wanted to capture Lin Qiong Sheng? He also didn’t fear them. Holy Emperor Qin knew that Holy Emperor Ling was there, but he didn’t care.

“What is that supposed to mean?” said Holy Emperor Ling icily. Holy Emperor Qin just smiled coldly. He had said that on purpose, by doing so he was saying that even if the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were there, they couldn’t do anything!

She’s here!, thought Holy Emperor Qin, when he saw Tang You You. He was smiling icily on the inside. Lin Feng might be here, too!

The younger people were still fighting; Lin Qiong Sheng was fighting against two Holy Dynasty Princes, and he had the advantage. Qing Jiang Shan was stronger than Lin Qiong Sheng back then at the same age. However, Lin Qiong Sheng, at the same level, was peerless. He had several spirit strengths. His fighting abilities were incredible, and his Absorbing Dao was terrifying. The battle was incredible and fierce, Lin Qiong Sheng was fighting against two very strong cultivators.

“Back then, Lin Qiong Sheng’s father fought against eight geniuses alone; when the father is a lion, the son cannot be a lamb. Lin Qiong Sheng is extremely strong, as expected,” said someone at that moment. It was a strong cultivator of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. Many people looked at him strangely.

But then he said, “Therefore, don’t be merciful. Stop watching, and let’s see how powerful Lin Qiong Sheng can really be.”

“How cruel.”

They want to encircle Lin Qiong Sheng!, thought everybody frowning. The Ancient Jade Dynasty’s holy woman immediately attacked, and the Holy Dynasty Prince followed.

Lin Qiong Sheng shouted furiously. A dragon appeared and absorbed everything they threw out. He looked at them icily. His Qi surged up and swept their attacks away. He was furious; these people were bastards, all Holy Dynasty Princes and princesses, they were all geniuses, and they dared surround him?

Lin Feng flickered and left. Holy Emperor Ling’s eyes twinkled, but he didn’t ask anything, Lin Feng probably had a plan.

After a short time, Lin Feng reappeared in the crowd, but this time he had a different face. His Qi was the Qi of the Huang Qi layer. He slowly rose up into the air and watched the battle, where seven people were fighting against Lin Qiong Sheng. They were all extremely strong.

Lin Qiong Sheng was different from him back in the days. Back then, Lin Feng’s death Dao was incredible and he knew several Saint’s techniques. That was why, back then, he had dared take a risk. Now, Lin Qiong Sheng was strong, but it wasn’t enough.

But Lin Feng didn’t attack immediately. He first watched Lin Qiong Sheng fight. The battle was difficult and Lin Qiong Sheng was struggling. But Lin Feng was happy, because the most difficult and dangerous situations were the most beneficial ones as well, they made cultivators stronger.

As expected, Lin Qiong Sheng was going crazy, his attacks were fiercer and fiercer, and the people around moved back. After being punched twice, Lin Qiong Sheng punched two other people and hurled them away, blood splashing.

“Together.” said Qing Jiang Shan mercilessly. The seven cultivators encircled him again, the pressure was terrifying.

Finally, Lin Feng slowly walked forwards. Back then, when he was surrounded by eight people, it had been scary. And now his son was in a similar situation; blood called for blood!

“The Dynasties are really imposing and awe-inspiring.” said Lin Feng pitilessly.

The Holy Dynasty Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty grunted icily. He looked at Lin Feng and shouted, “Piss off!” He punched out in Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng raised his hand. There was a rumble as he destroyed the enemy’s attack. He charged the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty.

The strong cultivators of the Great Desert Dynasty were startled. Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and threw himself at their Holy Dynasty Prince.

The Great Desert Dynasty’s Holy Dynasty Prince was driven asunder, he turned into a bunch of hanging flesh and blood, his soul dispersed. He hadn’t even had time to scream.

“No!…” shouted the strong cultivators of the Great Desert Dynasty, nobody thought someone would dare kill their Holy Dynasty Prince directly. Their faces twisted. People around were astonished. That guy had killed him instantly!

A Holy Dynasty Prince had just been killed instantly!

The other Holy Dynasty Princes suddenly stopped moving, and stared at Lin Feng. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The Great Desert Dynasty’s Holy Dynasty Prince who was fighting on their side before had just been torn apart. That made everybody tremble.

Lin Feng then jumped, stretched out his hand and grabbed Qing Jiang Shan. Qing Jiang Shan shouted in fear. He wanted to fight, but Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity.

“Stop!” shouted Holy Emperor Qin explosively. He descended from the sky and stared at Lin Feng.

“You’ll die if you dare touch him,” said Holy Emperor Qin icily.

However, Lin Feng raised his head and said, “Why are seven strong cultivators fighting against Lin Qiong Sheng today?”

“It’s normal, they’re just here to exchange views on cultivation,” said Holy Emperor Qin icily.

“Ah…” Qing Jiang Shan screamed. One of his arms was broken, a bone was sticking out and blood dripping down.

The crowd was trembling. Who was this guy? He was crazy!

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at Lin Feng in astonishment. Who was that guy, and why was he helping him?

“I’ll give you one more opportunity. If you lie, I’ll kill him,” stated Lin Feng icily. The Ancient Jade Dynasty’s Holy Princess rose up in the air, trying to leave.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He released Death Dao strength towards her, and killed her instantly.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were trembling, their faces pale. Lin Feng used a special Qi which surrounded Lin Qiong Sheng and protected him. He glanced at the crowd and said remorselessly, “If anyone dares move, I’ll kill them!”

The crowd had just seen the holy princess die, so nobody dared move. They were all staring at Lin Feng; who was he?

Holy Emperor Qin was staring at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he didn’t want Qing Jiang Shan to die.

“You have only one opportunity.” said Lin Feng grimly, like a demon. “If you don’t tell me why, I’ll give the other Dynasties an opportunity.”

At that moment, the middle-aged man who had come with Holy Emperor Qin spoke up, “Because of me.”

Lin Feng slowly turned to him. Holy Emperor Ling didn’t know him, why did he want to capture Qiong Sheng?

“Release him.” said that person, flames were burning in his eyes. Lin Feng sensed a scorching-hot energy.

“Why do you want to capture Qiong Sheng? Are there tensions between him and you?” asked Lin Feng icily.

“You want to die?” that person said to Lin Feng arrogantly.

Lin Feng looked back at Holy Emperor Qin and said, “He doesn’t care whether your Holy Dynasty Prince dies or not, so answer my question. You have only one chance.”

Holy Emperor Qin’s face stiffened. His mouth twitched, but he didn’t say anything. Even if Qing Jiang Shan’s life was in Lin Feng’s hands, he couldn’t tell the truth.

Qing Jiang Shan screamed. His other arm exploded into pieces of flesh. Lin Feng was staring at him and continued, “And you can’t remain silent.”

“You will die here!” said Holy Emperor Qin. He didn’t feel relaxed. Lin Feng suddenly realized something, he didn’t dare talk even though Qin Jiang Shan’s life was in his hands. He was too terrified; just who was that middle-aged man?

Lin Feng knew that Holy Emperor Qin didn’t dare talk. Then, he released Death intent which surrounded the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Tianci Dynasty. Lin Feng said in a cold and detached way, “Who will tell me the truth?”

The strong cultivators of the Tianci Dynasty looked petrified as well. Qi surged towards Lin Feng, but he said nothing.

Lin Feng understood.

Therefore, he burst into laughter. He knew the answer now.

“They don’t dare talk. Tell me the truth, I already know it, though,” Lin Feng said to Qing Jiang Shan. “If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll kill you instantly. Tell me the truth, maybe that he won’t do anything to you because of his position.”

Qing Jiang Shan’s face was chalk pale. He was the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Qin Dynasty. He knew who the middle-aged man was.

“I don’t want to kill you, you’re boring, hurry up!” prodded Lin Feng calmly. He knew the answer so he was unmoved.

“He’s from a paramount place,” said Qing Jiang Shan, closing his eyes.

The middle-aged man frowned, but then he heard Lin Feng say, “Be clear! Which Shrine!”

When Lin Feng said that, everyone trembled.


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