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PMG Chapter 2274: Pretending

PMG Chapter 2274: Pretending

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What Lin Feng said made the whole crowd tremble. That person was from a Shrine, and he dared act that arrogantly?

Qing Jiang Shan grimaced in pain and said, “Fire Shrine.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with fire, and he frowned. Indeed, he was from the Fire Shrine!

After what had happened in Purple Clouds, the Shrines were convinced that there was a Forbidden Person. As a result, everybody knew about it. They wanted to kill the ten top cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so all the Shrines had agreed on focusing on one person each. The Fire Shrine was in charge of killing Lin Feng.

However, they could see that Lin Feng lived in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds all the time, he was hiding in the Fortune Shrine all the time. But they understood it was a cover-up, how could Lin Feng, who had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, still be a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer? It had to be a clone.

However, the Fire Shrine didn’t know where Lin Feng was, they just knew that he was from Dark Clouds and that before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he was in Qi Tian Holy Town. They also knew that he was the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

They had come to Qi Tian Holy Town and had confirmed from the other Dynasties that he was from there, indeed. They also learned that Lin Feng had a child called Lin Qiong Sheng, and that he was the current Holy Spirit Dynasty Prince.

Accordingly, the person in charge of killing Lin Feng had thought of a solution: make some Dynasties capture Lin Qiong Sheng! That way, the Holy Spirit Dynasty would contact Lin Feng and he would show up.

However, the Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator hadn’t expected that someone would protect Lin Qiong Sheng. This person was audacious and arrogant, and he knew about the Shrines!

Killing a disciple of the Fortune Shrine by surprise wasn’t something very glorious, and using Lin Feng’s son was even less glorious. Therefore, the Fire Shrine didn’t want anyone to know about it. It was really bad for their reputation!

“Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the nine Shrines attacked the winners by surprise. They wanted to kill the top ten cultivators, ten geniuses, but they were also new disciples of the Fortune Shrine. However, they failed.

“Now, they still want to kill them. The Fire Shrine sent people to capture Lin Qiong Sheng to attract the champion of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng, because he’s his father. They wanted Lin Feng to appear and then they would have killed him,” said Lin Feng calmly. He didn’t use the word Forbidden Person of course, the Shrines didn’t know who had a Forbidden Body yet. They just listened to orders.

“The Shrines, supreme and paramount organizations… To kill Lin Feng, they dared try to capture his family, his son… how glorious! How ridiculous, I want to say!” said Lin Feng sarcastically. “The Fire Shrine is really great!”

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator pulled a long face. He was staring at Lin Feng and demanded, “Who are you?”

Apart from the people who were directly involved, nobody could know those things. Now the Fire Shrine was losing face!

“Who do you think I am?” asked Lin Feng, smiling. He released some fortune lights. He had studied many, many scriptures in the Fortune Shrine, studied many spells and ancient scriptures. Coupled with evolution strength, he could easily modify and create new sorts of strengths.

“You’re from the Fortune Shrine!” The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was stupefied.

“Hmph! You’re from the Fortune Shrine and you dared pretend to be an emperor to attack and kill emperors!”

“They all want to help you kill my disciple. Could the Fortune Shrine accept that?” spat Lin Feng. Qi began to hum wildly around him. It contained death strength and fortune lights!

Lin Feng looked at the members of the other Dynasties. All those strong cultivators were shaking. They had offended the Fortune Shrine, were they going to die?

They realized they shouldn’t have gotten involved; Lin Feng had changed, he was backed up by the Fortune Shrine, he was a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine now!

“Piss off now. If you dare attack disciples of the Fortune Shrine ever again, I guarantee you I’ll destroy all the Dynasties,” said Lin Feng, sounding like a demon. The strong cultivators of the Dynasties turned pale. They glanced between the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine and then at Lin Feng, and in the end, they left.

Nobody would dare ask for an explanation or mention their revenge. Some of their people had been killed by a member of the Fortune Shrine, what could they do? Nothing. They had lost people for nothing!

Lin Feng looked at the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine and said calmly, “You wanted to hurt my disciple’s son to capture him. Are you not afraid? The Fortune Shrine can also kill your disciples’ family members,” said Lin Feng, which made his opposite tremble.

At such cultivation levels, family members normally wouldn’t get involved anymore.

“You want to kill Lin Feng, go and kill him, but we can guarantee that if you kill our disciples, we’ll kill twice as many of your disciples. And after what happened today, you actually shouldn’t do anything. You’re a disgrace as a Shrine, you don’t even deserve to be a Shrine!” said Lin Feng calmly. He really sounded like a strong and high-ranking cultivator of the Fortune Shrine.

“See you,” he finished. He took Lin Qiong Sheng with him and left.

Holy Emperor Ling and Tang You You left with him. Holy Emperor Ling was privately astonished. Lin Feng was extremely strong, but he could even oppress such people. He could even pretend he was a terrifying cultivator from the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator had trembled with fear. Lin Feng had deceived him, that was incredible!

But what had happened on that day also made Lin Feng understand that the Shrines weren’t going to give up, they truly wanted to kill the Forbidden Person. They had even sent people to Qi Tian Holy Town for him. They even wanted to capture Lin Qiong Sheng!

He was furious. Those people, who were terrifyingly strong, were ready to do anything to achieve their goals!


Lin Feng and the others returned to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Qiong Sheng looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling and he said, “You’re extremely strong, are you really from the Fortune Shrine, or did my father send you?”

At that moment, some people arrived in the distance, Tang You You, Holy Emperor Ling, when Lin Qiong Sheng saw Tang You You, he was astonished, she was…

“Mother?” asked Lin Qiong Sheng. Tang You You nodded.

She walked up to him and caressed his head, smiling. “Qiong Sheng, you’re a grown up now.”

“Mother…” said Lin Qiong Sheng, smiling happily. He had never been with his parents… it felt good, it felt warm. He smiled broadly.

“Mother, what about my father? How is he doing? Why does the Fire Shrine want to kill him?” Lin Qiong Sheng asked Tang You You.

“He’s good. And it’s a long story,” replied Tang You You, glancing at Lin Feng and nodding.

“Hmph! No matter what their reason is, someday, I’ll go to the Fortune Shrine and settle accounts with them,” said Lin Qiong Sheng icily.

“The Shrines are among the most powerful groups of influence in this world. Do you think you’ll ever be that strong?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at Lin Qiong Sheng.

“Of course, I am as talented as my parents. I can’t be weaker. Master, do you think the Fortune Shrine could recruit me as a disciple? My father ranked first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I can’t be much weaker!” said Lin Qiong Sheng to Lin Feng smiling fatuously.

Lin Feng burst into laughter. Tang You You said, “Silly boy, he’s your father.”

“What?” Qiong Sheng was astonished, he looked at Lin Feng and shook his head. “You’re lying, he’s not. I’ve seen many images of my father. He doesn’t look like that.”

“And like this?” said Lin Feng, taking off his mask and showing his true face. He smiled at Qiong Sheng. Qiong Sheng frowned and remained silent, he scratched his head and finally shouted, “You’re really my old daddy!”

“Am I old?” said Lin Feng, rolling his eyes, Tang You You and Lin Feng glanced at each other and they both burst into laughter.

“Qiong Sheng, I hope you’re not sad that your mother and me have not been able to stay on your side to take care of you.”

“No, my Master told me that the cultivation world was very cruel, he told me how people bullied you, how you finished first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you did all you could for me and for yourself, for us to become strong. I could never blame my parents! In the future, I want to be like my father, I want people to admire me!” replied Lin Qiong Sheng solemnly.

Lin Feng clapped Lin Qiong Sheng’s shoulder and said, “Glad to hear that, but now you can’t stay here. Times are difficult and people will find me sooner or later. From today, go and travel the world. When Holy Emperor Ling tells you you can come back, then come back.”

“Lin Feng!” said Tang You You, astonished.

“You You, he must go through such things to become a strong cultivator,” said Lin Feng. Many difficulties awaited Lin Qiong Sheng, and making him travel was a good solution to protect him, too!

“Alright, I will do that,” agreed Lin Qiong Sheng. He knelt down and said to Lin Feng and Tang You You, “I’ll do my best to be the best child ever.”

Lin Qiong Sheng stood back up and looked at Holy Emperor Ling. He bowed, turned around, and left. Tang You You waved after him… she didn’t want to let her baby go and travel alone.

Lin Feng felt the same, but that was how the world worked. The best thing was to be strong and travel. If Lin Feng hadn’t appeared on that day, Lin Qiong Sheng would have been in great danger.

“Holy Emperor, even if the Fire Shrine wants to attack the Dynasties now, they can’t. Tell all the Dynasties that if anyone dares do anything against the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they will die,” said Lin Feng to Holy Emperor Ling evenly.

Holy Emperor Ling nodded. As long as Lin Feng was alive, nobody would dare attack the Holy Spirit Dynasty!

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