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PMG Chapter 2277: Fighting

PMG Chapter 2277: Fighting

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In another palace in the Void Phoenix Clan, there were two people sitting in a pavilion at the foot of a mountain. They were chatting. At that moment, someone arrived and bowed to one of them, a middle-aged man.

“There’s no stranger here, talk,” said the middle-aged man softly. He didn’t look arrogant at all.

“Sir, today, a young man came to see Miss Jing. They looked very close to each other, and after that, they went to Miss Qing Feng’s residence together,” said the messenger.

The middle-aged man looked surprised. He glanced at the young man next to him and said, “Alright, you can leave.”

“Sir!” That person bowed and left. The middle-aged man looked at the person next to him and smiled, “That little girl likes to worry me.”

“Uncle, Jing has friends, it’s normal,” the young man smiled.

“But she brought him to Qing Feng. I don’t know why,” wondered the middle-aged man calmly.

The young man smiled again, “Uncle, I can check with her.”

“Good idea. She doesn’t listen to me, so that’s a good idea. She doesn’t care about making me sad,” said the middle-aged man, shaking his head.

“I am sure she will listen to you regarding the wedding. Besides, my teacher and I have talked about Qing Feng; among my fellow disciples, there are some extremely strong ones who could be good for Qing Feng. That way, she’ll move to the Fire Shrine and have a better home,” the young man offered.

The middle-aged man muttered to himself irresolutely and then nodded. “Alright, actually, it’s a good idea, she’d be happy in the Fire Shrine. It’d be a good home. Her mother will be fine with that too, I guess.”

“Glad to hear you say that, Uncle! I will go back and inform my teacher,” the young man smiled. The middle-aged man nodded and saw him off.

Lin Feng hadn’t expected such a thing to happen. Besides, the relations he had with the Fire Shrine were getting more and more complex.

At that moment, he was with Jing and Qing Feng. They were taking a walk on a big road of the Void Phoenix Clan. They were on their way to go and see the girls’ mother. Lin Feng sensed that some people were looking at him in a hostile way in the distance.

He raised his eyes and gazed back. He saw someone he had seen before; of course, that person had become much stronger.

Huo Xing Zi. Back then, he was among the ten strong young people of the Shrines who had attacked them at the end of the Meeting of the Continent, from the Fire Shrine. He was at the top of the Huang Qi layer back then. Now he was a Celestial Emperor. His Qi was impressive.

When Huo Xing Zi saw Jing, he smiled and said, “Jing, which bloodline is he from in the Void Phoenix Clan?”

“He’s not from the Void Phoenix Clan, he’s my friend,” replied Jing icily. She didn’t like Huo Xing Zi at all.

“I see. I’m Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine,” said Huo Xing Zi, nodding at Lin Feng.

“I practice cultivation in the countryside, I am a nobody, therefore, I feel ashamed to introduce myself in front of such an incredible cultivator as you, you’re a genius from the Fire Shrine,” said Lin Feng calmly.

Huo Xing Zi’s eyes glittered strangely. He smiled and said, “You’re too polite, Your Excellency. You’re Jing’s friend, how could you practice cultivation in the countryside? Besides, don’t feel ashamed. I can’t even see your cultivation level, you must be extremely strong. I wonder whether the godly fire vision could detect your cultivation level.”

The godly fire vision was a terrifying power the Fire Shrine had. When Jing heard him, she frowned. Did he mean he wanted to try the godly fire vision on Lin Feng?

Many people had suddenly arrived and gathered around them. They were all from the Void Phoenix Clan. When they saw Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine was provoking a young man, they got excited. Huo Xing Zi wanted to propose a marriage alliance, and get married to Jing. His purpose wasn’t pure and innocent; apart from obtaining Jing, he also cast greedy eyes on the Void Phoenix Clan’s phoenix blood. People from the Fortune Shrine loved all sorts of fire strength.

For the Void Phoenix Clan, there were advantages, too; being able to deepen their relationship with the Fire Shrine would enable them to become even more powerful.

But at that moment, Jing was standing with a stranger, a young man, and they had bumped into Huo Xing Zi. Even though Huo Xing Zi said nothing, he was ambitious and proud, so he had an idea of what to do.

“It’s the Void Phoenix Clan and he’s my friend,” said Qing Feng icily. She didn’t know how strong Lin Feng was, but she had heard that Huo Xing Zi had used the nine abstruse flames godly deployment spell to break through to the Tian Di layer. He was definitely terrifyingly strong, she hoped Lin Feng would not fight against him.

“I know. Therefore, I just want to use my vision technique on him, I don’t want to injure your friend,” said Huo Xing Zi calmly. But could he injure Lin Feng even if he wanted to?

“You…” Qing Feng looked at him icily.

Huo Xing Zi smiled, “Miss Qing Feng, this time, I’ll go back and I’ll inform my teacher about the situation. Besides, we’ll looking for someone you can marry among my fellow disciples. We’ll all be family members that way. You’ll be like a sister-in-law to me.”

When Qing Feng heard that, she was astonished. She pulled a long face, and Huo Xing Zi continued, “I will choose an outstanding young man for you. You will be happy and feel honored to be with someone like that. People from the Fire Shrine are perfect matches for the people of the Void Phoenix Clan.”

However, Lin Feng took a step forwards and grabbed Qing Feng’s hand. Qing Feng shivered. She glanced at Lin Feng.

Huo Xing Zi was astonished and looked at Lin Feng icily. Interesting. He had thought that Lin Feng had come for Jing, and actually had come for Qing Feng?

“I’m sorry. Qing Feng is mine,” Lin Feng said indifferently. The flames in Lin Feng’s eyes became even more dazzling.

Huo Xing Zi frowned, then smiled. “So, let’s see how strong you really are!”

“I’m here, I didn’t hide anything from you,” Lin Feng smiled thinly. Empty space strength surrounded Qing Feng and Jing.

Qing Feng was surprised, Jing grabbed her hand.

Jing was stunned. If Lin Feng could defeat Huo Xing Zi, it would be great. It would instantly and indubitably propel Lin Feng to a higher position within the Void Phoenix Clan.

Huo Xing Zi’s eyes were filled with terrifying flames. An ocean of flames appeared around him and Lin Feng. The atmosphere started burning!

However, Lin Feng calmly stood there patiently. He was just looking at Huo Xing Zi without moving.

The fire roared and surrounded everything. The crowd retreated. That terrifying fire was scorching hot, it could burn them alive, Huo Xing Zi was a cultivator of the Tian Di layer, after all!

However, Lin Feng looked indifferent, as if nothing could affect him.

“Hmph!” Huo Xing Zi grunted icily. He jumped forwards, a fire mace appearing and slamming down towards Lin Feng. However, he frowned as his fire slowed down, and a fire man appeared and moved closer to him. A gigantic hand grabbed his mace.

“What was going on? He’s using his hands to grab Huo Xing Zi’s fire mace?” asked the crowd. Huo Xing Zi’s fire mace was terrifyingly powerful!

Huo Xing Zi wanted to take his mace back, but he couldn’t move it at all. Crackling sounds rattled out, and his mace broke apart even as another fist moved towards his head!

Huo Xing Zi shouted frantically. He released millions of flames towards the fist, and the air exploded. At the same time, he retreated, but the crowd realized that the fists were still moving towards him!

Huo Xing Zi’s face slightly changed. He raised his fists, and a terrifying godly fire strength emerged. Lin Feng released empty space strength, dimensions shattering around his fist.

“Break!” shouted Huo Xing Zi, condensing godly fire strength into his fingers. Nine flames appeared around his hands and turned into indestructible godly fire strength. The empty space strength broke apart.

Those watching shivered. Was that godly fire strength? How destructive!

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, and only empty space strength remained. Huo Xing Zi suddenly turned around and lashed out with his fingers. A terrifying gigantic empty space hand grabbed him!

“Piss off!” shouted Huo Xing Zi furiously. He was stuck and staring at Lin Feng. He released more fire in waves towards Lin Feng. This guy’s empty space strength was incredible. He didn’t know that Lin Feng was only using pure empty space strength to fight against him.

“Can you see my cultivation level now?” asked Lin Feng, destroying the fire Huo Xing Zi used to attack him. He sounded totally unruffled.

Huo Xing Zi pulled a long face at his words. He was a genius from the Fire Shrine, but he lost this small battle miserably, how humiliating!

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