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PMG Chapter 2278: Thoughts

PMG Chapter 2278: Thoughts

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Jing looked at Huo Xing Zi and said pitilessly, “You’re not that good. Do you think your fellow disciples are better than him? The Fire Shrine’s disciples aren’t necessarily talented!”

Huo Xing Zi was speechless as he stared at Lin Feng, “You’re really strong! I can’t use my full strength though, because we’re in the Void Phoenix Clan. Let’s go out to fight, what do you think?”

“I don’t have time,” said Lin Feng inon a calml toney. He looked at Jing and Qing Feng, “Let’s go.”

Huo Xing Zi was agape. The fire in his eyes contained destructive strength ready to be unleashed… but, he felt oppressed. He couldn’t do much. This guy was really strong. He remembered what he had just thought… Let’s see if you’re strong enough for Qing Feng!

Regarding Qing Feng, I initially wanted to find someone because of my teacher’s friend. If Jing left the clan, I wanted to help Qing Feng leave the clan. It doesn’t have much to do with me though. But now, it seems I really need to help Qing Feng find someone, thought Huo Xing Zi, smiling on the inside. But if he let her marry Lin Feng, wouldn’t it be even more fun?

Huo Xing Zi didn’t like it when there was no trouble. Now, it was getting interesting! Lin Feng was extremely strong and he didn’t fear the Shrines; he was probably hiding his real social status.


Lin Feng didn’t care about what Huo Xing Zi thought. They headed to Qing Feng’s mother’s palace. The group of people entered her courtyard, where two people were sunbathing.

“Father, you’re here too…” said Jing to the middle-aged man. It was her father.

“Yes,” the middle-aged man nodded. He looked at the three people, and in particular Lin Feng. He smiled and said, “Strange, your cultivation level seems confusing and chaotic, as if you were a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer, but your inner Qi is too powerful for an emperor. What is your real cultivation level?”

“Tian Di layer,” replied Lin Feng with a polite smile. He was about as strong as a cultivator at the the top of the Tian Di layer, indeed, but his fighting abilities were better than that.

“Celestial Emperor… your Qi is indeed similar. But your concealment technique is incredible,” said the middle-aged man calmly. He looked curious. Lin Feng wasn’t using a concealment technique actually, he just had no cultivation level anymore. Other people couldn’t understand, so his cultivation level was indistinct.

“He’s a guest, why do you annoy him with his cultivation level?” said the beautiful woman next to the middle-aged man. She was extremely beautiful, and looked like a thirty-year old woman. She looked very alluring. She had delivered girls like Qing Feng and Jing, she was obviously really beautiful.

Jing and her father’s relations seem very harmonious…, thought Lin Feng.

“Right, please sit down,” said the middle-aged man, gesturing at chairs. He sounded quite friendly, not like a domineering and brutal half-Saint. He looked like an ordinary genial middle-aged man.

Lin Feng and the two women sat down. The beautiful woman smiled and said to Qing Feng, “Did you come here to introduce that little boy to your mama?”

“His name is Feng Ling. He’s my friend,” whispered Qing Feng.

“Only a friend?” said the beautiful woman, smiling at Qing Feng. Her eyes were twinkling, she wanted to know what Qing Feng really thought.

Qing Feng nodded. The woman laughed and looked at Lin Feng, “Good little boy.”

“He’s indeed not bad. He’s young, he’s not older than a hundred years old, and he looks like a good cultivator. Feng Lin, which clan are you from?” asked the middle-aged man smiling.

“I have no clan. I practice cultivation in the countryside,” replied Lin Feng.

“In the countryside? Haven’t you joined any powerful group?” asked the middle-aged man. He was surprised. Lin Feng just nodded.

“That is rare. You should join the Fire Shrine. Are you interested?” asked the middle-aged man, smiling honestly and kindly.

“I practice empty space cultivation. I don’t control fire strength. I don’t want to annoy you,” said Lin Feng, refusing politely.

“Alright. I know some people in the Empty Space Shrine. But if I just recommended you like that, they would have doubts,” said the middle-aged man smiling and shaking his head, “You’ve reached such a cultivation level practicing in the wild, if you joined a Shrine, you’d have an incredible future.”

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Lin Feng, nodding politely.

“You seem to be a good match for Qing Feng, but a short time ago, I talked to Huo Xing Zi. My fellow disciple hopes to find an outstanding young man from the Fire Shrine for Qing Feng. Maybe he will find someone for her,” said the middle-aged man naturally, he also glanced at the woman next to him.

The woman frowned when she heard that. It meant a lot of different things; she knew what it meant, he didn’t need to explain.

Feng Lin was outstanding, but he wasn’t a member of any group. It was much better to have a marriage alliance with a Shrine. Of course, everybody came to that conclusion because of his tone of speech, but in the end he just nodded naturally as if he hadn’t said anything. It was one of his strengths.

He wasn’t Qing Feng’s father, after all, he couldn’t decide for her; his wife had to decide for Qing Feng. Even if getting married with someone from a Shrine was better for Qing Feng.

The woman looked at Qing Feng and smiled, “Qing Feng, you came to see your mama, you probably want to talk to me.”

“Actually, I came to see you.” said Lin Feng. The woman turned to Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued, “Master, I came to the Void Phoenix Clan because of Qing Feng.”

The woman perfectly understood. He didn’t need to say more.

The woman smiled at Qing Feng, “If Qing Feng agrees, as a mother, I agree. If she’s happy, I’m happy.”

Lin Feng admired her for that; she really loved her daughter. The woman had gone through a lot in life, she was extremely strong, she was in a big clan, and she had had many problems. Now she just hoped her daughter would be happy; she didn’t care about the rest, and even though her husband had expressed his opinion, it didn’t mean he could decide alone.

Qing Feng was stunned. She raised her head and looked at her mother with a smile. “Mother…”

The older woman smiled and nodded.

“Mom, we’re not disturbing you any longer then,” Jing smiled. Then three of them quickly left.

The woman watched them go and smiled. The middle-aged man next to her sighed. “Darling, even though I understand why you agree, the Void Phoenix Clan might not agree.”

“My daughter is not their toy,” said the woman to the middle-aged man. She wasn’t smiling anymore. The middle-aged man smiled wryly and shook his head, “You know I don’t mean that. I just want you to be happy.”

“Jing doesn’t like Huo Xing Zi at all. You’re the one organizing everything. But Qing Feng has nothing to do with you, so you don’t need to care.”

“Rou, why? Jing is my daughter, too. I want her to be happy. Huo Xing Zi attaches importance to cultivation and victories, but he’s very talented. In the future, he’ll have an important position in a Shrine. He’s a good match for Jing.”

“If you’re not happy, you don’t care about power and influence,” said his wife, shaking her head. She stood up and left. The middle-aged man sighed.

“Rou, Rou… aren’t you happy now? I did so much for you, why aren’t you happy…” The middle-aged man raised his head and looked after her. It was the first time he had doubts about his own choices!

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