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PMG Chapter 2279: Understanding Attacks

PMG Chapter 2279: Understanding Attacks

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People’s perspectives and opinions were different. Jing’s father knew that the cultivation world was complex and cruel. Therefore, he hoped that Jing’s husband would be extremely strong and would be able to protect her, so she would be able to do what she wanted.

Jing’s mother wanted her daughters to be in love with their husbands. She didn’t like marriage alliances and such things, she found them immoral. She knew that a woman could be sad her entire life if she wasn’t with the right man, so she hoped her daughters would love their husbands.

Neither of them were wrong.

However, Jing and Qing Feng were similar to their mother. Women and men thought differently.


Lin Feng didn’t leave. The twenty-year period was almost over. If Shi Jue Lao Xian came, he would tell him he needed to wait in the Void Phoenix Clan.

Lin Feng was in his spirit world, seated cross-legged. He was studying the earth and sky. He had a new idea. In the distance, a golden area appeared in the air. It looked like a dazzling cage.

An ocean appeared, and waves rolled. Lin Feng could now make all his ideas come to reality.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at what he had done.

Back in Purple Clouds, he had dreamt for a long time. He had studied life, he had studied books he had borrowed in the Fortune Shrine, and he had observed people a lot. He had decided to call his cultivation level God Level. It was because he controlled all sorts of strength. In his spirit world, he was like a supernatural being. He could do anything he wanted.

However, he had just started at the God Level. He was wondering what to do to improve on the path of cultivation.

Lin Feng realized that he couldn’t practice cultivation like ordinary people anymore. He didn’t need to study Ancient scriptures; he needed to understand life, to understand the world, to understand strength, and to understand himself. He was creating his cultivation, his own cultivation, his own level.

It was very important. He had to think carefully.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and an incredible amount of cosmic energies condensed and turned into a strong empty space wind. Lin Feng released Holy Spirits, which entered the wind, then released Ancient strength. He was like a god who could create anything.

He waved his hand, and the empty space strength crackled. His heartbeat accelerated. His world could break, it wasn’t indestructible. However, as he became stronger, so did his world!

“I’m not strong enough.” Mused Lin Feng. His strength was chaotic, and even though he was strong, he still needed to make his energies fuse together even better. He needed to focus. He needed to pay attention to the details!

I have the control, the next step is creation. Those are parts of my God level, thought Lin Feng. Now, maybe that it was time to create a special kind of strength which would be perfect for his attacks.

“Sword attacks are powerful, gold cosmic energies are sharp, empty space energies make me faster, wind is sharp and increases my speed, Holy Spirit swords can help me improve my sword attacks, soundwave attacks can influence people’s souls. If I add Nine Netherworlds strength in my Holy Spirits and cursing strength, my attacks are even more terrifying. With the Nine Words of my incantation, then it’s even better. With weapon Qi, my attacks are even more explosive,” he mumbled.

Those kinds of strengths were perfect for attacks. He could make godly sword attacks with those strengths.

It was important to pay attention to the nature of cosmic energies; a stronger and a weaker one, and you got average. If they were antagonist, then they were even less effective.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and started using the powers of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. In his mind, everything changed every second. Everything was becoming better.

Lin Feng snapped opened his eyes and his strength surged out. Terrifying lights streaked across the sky and destroyed the empty space strength.

Lin Feng frowned and shook his head. “Nah, as soon as the energies emerged from my body, they fused together perfectly, but there’s still a problem.”

To carry out powerful attacks, he needed to attack quickly. He needed to condense as many types of strengths as quickly as possible, he needed the most explosive strength as possible.

Therefore, Lin Feng closed his eyes, evolved his strength, opened his eyes again, attacked, and continued that repetitive process over and over again.

He did that for three days. After three days, Lin Feng was facing sword lights, shining as if they would never disperse. They could destroy a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer within milliseconds.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. Finally, he moved. He released an awe-inspiring strength, dazzling golden lights streaked across the sky, and a gigantic sword trail appeared. The air shrieked, and sonic booms resonated for a while.

“That sword is a godly sword. I control it perfectly. It’s powerful, it’s a Ruler’s Sword!” whispered Lin Feng. It was the first sword attack he created.

That kind of sword, at his cultivation level, was the best attack he could create. It was also better than any defense he could have created. He could slaughter enemies with such an attack!

“That’s my Ruler’s Sword attack. In the future, I can study other types of strength, and I can create pure yet explosive attacks. I won’t just use pure attacks in the future, maybe I’ll be able to mix all sorts of strengths, such as oppression strength attacks based on the Ancient Holy Techniques. I’ll be able to oppress anyone like that. I’ll also be able to add new types of strength to those attacks!”

The twenty-year period was almost over, he needed some trump cards. Huo Xing Zi was a Celestial Emperor, but he was already terrifyingly strong. The battle they had had was simple, Huo Xing Zi hadn’t used his full strength. Even though Huo Xing Zi didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng at all, Lin Feng’s ultimate goal couldn’t be someone like Huo Xing Zi. He would have to fight against people much, much stronger than Huo Xing Zi in the future!

“If I use oppressive strength, I need to put demon strength in my attacks, too. Demon strength is oppressive. Earth strength is heavy, but it’s not oppressive enough, unless I add some death strength, then I’ll be able to kill my opponents quickly!” he said to himself. Oppressive, aggressive, quick, those were important qualities for attacks.

With his Death Dao that had reached the maximum level, the Nine Words of his incantation, and cursing strength to attack people’s souls, he would be able to crush his opponents quickly and violently!

Lin Feng continued studying, staying focused. It was why he had become so strong, it was why he was talented. He focused. He concentrated. Many people were too distracted!

He continued studying and thinking for a few days and nights until he made his attack perfect.

Lin Feng didn’t know that Qing Feng and Jing were staring at him outside, their beautiful eyes twinkling.

“He’s been staring at nothing for seven days?” whispered Jing, speechless. He hadn’t come back to his senses yet.

“Yes.” Qing Feng nodded, her eyes wide.

“That bastard!” said Jing. She looked at Qing Feng and said, “Have you ever had sex?”

Qing Feng’s eyes twinkled, “We’ve never even talked that much, how could have anything happened between us?”

“Bastard!” said Jing coldly. She wanted to slap Lin Feng, “When he wakes up, I’ll slap him.”

Lin Feng came back to his senses and heard that. He whispered, “Are you sure you want to slap me?”

He opened his eyes and chuckled, smiling broadly, but Jing felt ice-cold. She had almost forgotten that this guy was already too strong!

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