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PMG Chapter 2280: Xue Jing Xiao

PMG Chapter 2280: Xue Jing Xiao

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Snow Clan, a silvery-white snowy world…

On a vast snowy field, two young people seated in the snow, looking at each other. In front of them was a teapot. Surprisingly, water could still boil there.

“Jing Xiao, many years ago, I hoped you’d come to the Ice and Snow Shrine to study. But you always refused. Now, you’re already so strong, you can’t refuse anymore,” smiled the younger person. Snowflakes covered them.

Xue Jing Xiao smiled back and said, “Di Jiang, you’re perseverant.”

“You’re such a good friend, I wish we could study in the Ice and Snow Shrine together. That’s why I’ve been trying for so long. Think about it. We’ve known each other for thirty years, the first time I invited you, you refused, and we even had a big fight!” said Di Jiang, smiling warmly. “Now, we’re both public figures. Our youth was funny.”

“I remember. Back then, I thought I could defeat you, even if you were from a Shrine!” Xue Jing Xiao laughed.

“I’ve never defeated you, either.” said Di Jiang laughing. He took a sip of tea and said, “I’ve been spending time with my beloved sister. If you don’t ask, I’ll be angry.”

“How’s Di Chan?” Xue Jing Xiao grinned.

“You always refuse to join the Shrine, do you think she’s happy?” Di Jiang said to Xue Jing Xiao. He rolled his eyes.

Xue Jing Xiao smiled wryly, “So many years, you understand me. I don’t have emotions. Emotions would prevent me from becoming a stronger cultivator.”

“Chan has said she would never prevent you from becoming stronger,” said Di Jiang, “Don’t you trust her? Or like her?”

“Don’t provoke me. I like her, too. She knows that.” said Xue Jing Xiao.

When Di Jiang heard that, he smiled happily, “So many years have passed, I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

Xue Jing Xiao stood up. He said calmly, “Now, a Forbidden Person has appeared. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is going to change.”

Xue Jing Xiao gazed into the distance. Di Jiang was startled. The Ice and Snow Shrine had heard about that, how had he?

“A few days ago, Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine proposed a marriage alliance to the Void Phoenix Clan. They’re progressing, it’s only a matter of time. They want to form an alliance with a Shrine to become stronger,” said Di Jiang calmly. He was putting it in a way which made the Void Phoenix Clan look cheap. But the Shrines had many cultivators like Huo Xing Zi; if they could all get married with women from Holy Sage Ruler Clans, then it would be beneficial for everybody.

“So you came to me,” said Xue Jing Xiao, smiling.

Di Jiang nodded calmly. “I’ve heard that a genius has appeared in the Snow Clan, and that he was walking on the same path as the four monarchs,” said Di Jiang mused.

Xue Jing Xiao nodded, “You’re talking about Zhe Tian. Indeed, he’s astonishingly talented. In the future, he’ll be much stronger than me.”

When Di Jiang heard about Zhe Tian, he shivered. He was even stronger than he had thought then, he couldn’t actually imagine…

“But don’t try to make him join the Ice and Snow Shrine. The four monarchs are strong. Xue Ao is talented, but his personality isn’t good enough. If Zhe Tian managed to control himself and stayed in the Snow Clan, he would be able to become the king of the Snow Clan. If he can’t, I’ll help Xue Ao. They can’t join the Ice and Snow Shrine though,” said Xue Jing Xiao calmly. The Snow Clan’s future king couldn’t join any Shrine. It was a rule!

Di Jiang nodded. He understood.

“Come with me to the Shrine for a walk?” Di Jiang asked Xue Jing Xiao.

“Alright, let’s go and see Di Chan,” Xue Jing Xiao nodded. They both got ready to leave for the Ice and Snow Shrine.

At the top of a mountain a few dozens of li away from the snowy field was an old woman. Next to her was someone with his hands clasped on his back.

“I wouldn’t have thought that Jing Xiao would agree to go to his Shrine,” said the old woman, surprised.

“Jing Xiao knows what to do. He’s much more talented than Xue Ao. We’ve never prevented Xue Ao from doing anything, so we can’t prevent Jing Xiao from doing anything, either,” said the other one calmly.

The old woman nodded, “The four monarchs are rising. But now there is a Forbidden Person in the world, and the Shrines are worried. We have to remain discreet if we want to rise, and we can’t be friends with just the Ice and Snow Shrine.”

“Of course. I’ve talked to the Fire Shrine. We have to maintain good relations with at least three Shrines.”

The old woman nodded, “If I’m not mistaken, the twenty-year period we agreed with Shi Jue Lao Xian is almost over.”

“I think so, too.”

“Good, he’s still practicing cultivation.” The old woman shook her head, “I don’t know what kind of person Shi Jue Lao Xian will bring. But no matter who he brings, his son is Zhe Tian, he gave us a big gift. If he comes, send Xue Ao and tell him not to kill that boy. After all, he’s Zhe Tian’s father; Zhe Tian won’t be happy.”

Because Zhe Tian was talented, the Snow Clan didn’t want to displease him. If Zhe Tian had been weak, they would have forgotten about Lin Feng a long time ago.

Back then, only the one who had agreed with Shi Jue Lao Xian had been there, other people didn’t know who had conceived a child with Meng Qing. But in twenty years, that emperor couldn’t have become extremely strong. Xue Ao was a Celestial Imperial Beast, he could slap the enemy and kill him instantly.


In the Snow Clan, apart from Meng Qing, someone else knew about Lin Feng: Xue Shen Feng!

Xue Shen Feng was in a cave, practicing cultivation. He came out and slowly walked forwards. He was already a great emperor. However, in the past, he had been humiliated by Lin Feng and hadn’t forgotten about that.

“The twenty-year period is almost over,” sighed Xue Shen Feng. Time flies…

He raised his head and gazed into the distance. He whispered, “Ten years ago, you ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. How strong are you now? Will you come to the Snow Clan?”

“Twenty years is not much, even if you’re extremely talented. If you come to the Snow Clan, you will die. Xue Ao is a Celestial Imperial Beast already. He’s terrifyingly strong. Back then you said you wanted to defeat the monarch of the Snow Clan. Apart from Xue Ao, there’s someone much stronger…”

In the Snow Clan, apart from Xue Shen Feng, only Meng Qing remembered the twenty-year agreement. The Snow Clan didn’t take the agreement to heart.

Nobody in the Snow Clan thought that that agreement could change the destiny of their whole clan and that many people would regret it…


During those days, Meng Qing was at the top of a snowy mountain, gazing into the distance. Time passed slowly for her. She was nervous, but she was also convinced Lin Feng would show up. She had never doubted that.

Zhe Tian was behind Meng Qing, and knew what his mother was thinking. He also gazed into the distance. He was impatient. He had heard many stories about his father from Meng Qing. He had seen him only once, when he was still young, but now he was older.

“Zhe Tian,” said Meng Qing.

“Mother.” Zhe Tian took a step forwards and sat down next to his mother.

“Your father is coming. He will take us with him. If the Snow Clan doesn’t respect the agreement, there will be a big conflict between the Snow Clan and your father, what will you do?” Meng Qing asked him.

He was not surprised. He had thought about that issue. No matter whether his father lost or not, he had to face such issues!

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