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PMG Chapter 2282: Agreement with the Snow Clan

PMG Chapter 2282: Agreement with the Snow Clan

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Xue Ao came back to the Snow Clan. Many people gathered together to greet him. Many elders also showed up, especially people from a sub-branch of the Snow Clan, the Ao Clan. Xue Ao was going to become a king of the Snow Clan, the Ao Clan was extremely proud. Xue Ao’s Qi was very stable, and his strength was explosive. He was at the top of his cultivation level!

The old woman arrived and smiled at Xue Ao. “Xue Ao, you’re back.”

“Yes, Saint Jue asked me to come back. But, I don’t think it is useful, because Shi Jue Lao Xian won’t come. Twenty years ago, that guy was talented, but he was only an emperor. At most, he became a Celestial Emperor, and that would be incredible already. If he has just broken through to the Tian Di layer, he can’t fight against me.” Xue Ao had become less arrogant, but he was still proud.

“It doesn’t matter. At least you’re here for Jing Xiao. You should learn from him too,” said the old woman. Xue Ao nodded. Among the people of his generation, only Xue Jing Xiao had a higher position than him in the Snow Clan.

“Recently, many new geniuses have emerged in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The geniuses of the previous Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds are becoming stronger. I’ve heard that Chu Chun Qiu has become a Celestial Emperor. He can already defeat people at the top of the Tian Di layer. The others have disappeared, but they’re probably just as strong as him. Xue Ao, you have a king-type body, you’re a treasure in the Snow Clan. You can’t consider everybody and everything beneath your notice. There are enough geniuses in this world, and the global situation is becoming chaotic,” the old woman said to Xue Ao.

“The people of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds have become so strong already?” Xue Ao was startled. He hadn’t paid attention to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back then, but he had heard that some of them were really strong…

“Yes, I’ve seen the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds fight, some of them are incredible geniuses,” said the old woman nodding, “Now, all the Shrines want to kill them.”

“I hope I’ll see some of them,” said Xue Ao coldly. The old woman was speechless. She had just told him not to be too arrogant, but he hadn’t taken it to heart. It was his personality though, she couldn’t make him change if he didn’t want to.

The Snow Clan was gigantic, and had many clans. Their strengths determined their position within the Snow Clan. The weakest sub-clans were at the periphery, the strongest ones were in the center, where there were more resources.

Of course, there were also many small worlds in the Snow Clan. The Snow Clan was a big as an empire. It wasn’t an ordinary clan. They had many sorts of snow beasts, and all sorts of powers.


Lin Feng was already within the territory of the Snow Clan. There was snow everywhere. When Lin Feng arrived, he took a deep breath and slowly landed onto the snow. Two footprints appeared.

There was no guard at the periphery of the Snow Clan, They didn’t need guards. If someone wanted to kill people in the Snow Clan, it meant that they were extremely strong and they could thus easily kill guards. So having guards would have just served as cannon fodder. However, to get to the central part of the Snow Clan, people had to cross many sub-clans’ territories.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Twenty years. Finally, he was here!

A blizzard started up. Lin Feng’s cheeks were icy cold. He slowly walked forwards, determined and resolute.

Meng Qing, Zhe Tian, I’m here!, thought Lin Feng. How many days had passed? He wanted to take his wife and son back. Finally, he was going to have the opportunity!

After some time, Lin Feng saw a gigantic ice statue. It was staring at him and said, “A stranger here, die!”

Lin Feng was startled that the statue could talk. However, he had his hands clasped behind his back and said to the statue, “I’m Lin Feng. I have an agreement with a Saint from the Snow Clan.”

“I don’t know about it. Die!” stated the statue and it threw itself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, his hands still clasped behind his back. A powerful strength surrounded him, without effect. The gigantic statue frowned. Alarm whistles rose, and instantly, many statues appeared and filled out the sky.

Lin Feng moved forwards at top speed. The statues were also really fast, and chased after him. However, they realized him was already too far ahead.

Another strong wind brushed against them. They raised their heads, but saw nothing.

“Lin Feng, I came here regarding our agreement twenty years ago.” shouted Lin Feng, his voice carrying far into the distance. Many strong cultivators from the Snow Clan raised their heads and looked at him coldly. Some terrifying beasts rose up in the air, but the wind was moving too fast, they only saw a shadow. Ordinary beasts couldn’t see anything at all.

Someone heard Lin Feng and rose up into the air, gazing into the distance coldly. He saw someone arriving at high speed.

“Freeze!” he shouted. Instantly, the atmosphere froze. He frowned and turned around. He was furious, because the intruder had disappeared into the distance already.

“Lin Feng, I came here regarding our agreement twenty years ago!”

His voice continued echoing. Many strong cultivators frowned, Lin Feng? Agreement? With whom? And who was Lin Feng? That name sounded familiar…

The Snow Clan was thirty thousand li wide. Very soon, that voice echoed everywhere. Some strong cultivators wanted to attack, but they sensed oppressive energies surround them… a Saint’s Qi! A Saint had come to the Snow Clan! What was going to happen?

“Lin Feng, I came here regarding our agreement twenty years ago!”


Meng Qing was at the top of a mountain. She heard that and shivered, smiling widely.

Finally, he was here!

Zhe Tian was stunned and gazed into the distance. He whispered, “Father!”

Some elders appeared there and surrounded them. Meng Qing was trembling. “Elder!”

“Ling Long, don’t move,” ordered the old man, staring at Meng Qing. He was from the Snow Fox sub-clan.

She nodded, “Please protect us and let us watch from the distance.”

“Alright,” nodded the elder. They were still surprised. Meng Qing’s husband had actually come!

The old woman also heard that voice. She was surprised and gazed off into the distance, “Ao, he’s here. You go.”

“Yes,” Xue Ao nodded. He looked sharp and ice-cold as he flew towards the voice. Many old men’s silhouettes also flickered as they followed him.

Lin Feng finally stopped. He was in a frozen world. He saw a group of people moving towards him. It continued snowing, and he was quickly covered by a layer of snow. Many beasts from the Snow Clan had gathered around him already.

He looked calm and composed. Meng Qing probably knew he was here now…

Xue Ao and the others arrived, and glared at Lin Feng. Xue Ao spat out some ice Qi.

“You want to die.” At that moment, a beast was staring at Lin Feng. He suddenly jumped forwards and brandished his claws. They were extremely sharp. He moved faster than the eye, aiming at Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng raised his hand and slapped out. The ice around him exploded.

“Ah…” The beast gave a horrible and painful scream, then collapsed and crashed to the ground, a crater appearing in the snow around him. His arms were hanging loose. He was coughing blood, staining the white snow.

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