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PMG Chapter 2284: Make Peace?

PMG Chapter 2284: Make Peace?

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Saint Jue was astonished as he looked at Lin Feng. At that moment, he started thinking that this young man wasn’t a weakling after all. Back then, Lin Feng was talented, but as a Saint, he couldn’t think highly of Lin Feng, especially since he was a Saint from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

But now, twenty years had passed and the difference between them had become much smaller. On top of that, he hadn’t come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds relying on Shi Jue Lao Xian, he had come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds relying on himself. He had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and become a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine!

Fate was strange sometimes. Lin Feng had perfectly controlled his own life. He looked totally composed. Saint Jue could see that Lin Feng was furious, but he didn’t show it. If he were Lin Feng, he would be furious, too. He understood why Lin Feng was furious. But that was life, and life was cruel. Weaklings were humiliated often, and that was normal.

However, he didn’t despise Lin Feng anymore. He even thought highly of him now.

If Lin Feng had been weak, they wouldn’t even have spent a minute on him, but he had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he was talented, and he was a member of the Fortune Shrine. It proved he was extremely strong and talented.

Meng Qing and Zhe Tian were standing at the top of a snowy mountain. Behind them were many elders from the Snow Fox Clan.

“Zhe Tian, that’s your father,” said Meng Qing, beaming with joy.

Zhe Tian clenched his fists and nodded.

“Back then, the Saint of the Snow Clan nearly killed your father. He kidnapped me and forced me to come here. Now, your father has ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and he’s a member of a Shrine, he’s going to pick us up. Many elders attach importance to you in the Snow Clan, they’ve made great efforts to raise you. I respect your choices, you must be grateful.

However, I will remember Saint Jue’s callousness my entire life. He wanted to kill your father back then. I will never forgive him and Xue Ao” declared Meng Qing. She didn’t say anything bad about the Snow Fox Clan.

The elders sighed. Meng Qing had grown up outside, then she had been kidnapped and forced to return. She didn’t have any sense of belonging, it was to be expected. When he was a child, Zhe Tian didn’t spend much time with his mother. However, she remained his mother, they had the same blood, but he had the blood of the Snow Clan, too…

“Yes,” Zhe Tian nodded. He couldn’t be enemies with the Snow Clan, he had many friends here, he had lived there his whole life. They had raised him. Many people in the Snow Clan liked him. When he was a child, he understood a lot and he knew that people from the Snow Clan liked him, especially people from the Snow Fox Clan. He was their prized descendant!

Meng Qing didn’t say much, she just gazed into the distance. She didn’t require anything from Zhe Tian. She didn’t want him to disown his Clan.


The old woman was annoyed, if she had known that Lin Feng would succeed like that in life, she would have asked Xue Ao to go and pick them up, and she would have brought Lin Feng back to the Snow Clan, as well.

But now it was too late. Twenty years had passed and things were different. Nobody could have anticipated that in the past. She didn’t even know who Lin Feng was back then…

Saint Jue felt bad too. A genius from the Fortune Shrine… This was indeed troublesome for the Snow Clan. If Lin Feng died at some point, it’d be great, otherwise he might become important in the Shrine, and the Snow Clan would then have problems.

But the Snow Clan couldn’t kill Lin Feng. Everybody knew he was from the Fortune Shrine, nobody would dare kill him.

However, Saint Jue was a Saint, he had gone through a lot in life. He quickly thought of several solutions. Finally, he had an idea and said to Lin Feng, “Since you’re already so strong, no matter who wins or loses today, you can take Meng Qing away with you. Even though she is a queen in the Snow Clan, we agree to let her leave with you. Regarding Zhe Tian, you can perform your duties as a father. However, the Snow Clan needs him, he’ll have a high position in the Snow Clan in the future.

“Regarding you and the Snow Clan, you have nothing to do with the Snow Clan. You’re just related to Zhe Tian,” said Saint Jue.

Shi Jue Lao Xian looked at him strangely. He admired Saint Jue at that moment, he had thought of so many things in a few seconds, how quick-witted!

He would allow Lin Feng to take Meng Qing with him and perform his duties as a father, it was a compromise. He had recognized Lin Feng’s talent. He didn’t want to offend Lin Feng and the Fortune Shrine.

At the same time, he said Lin Feng had nothing to do with the Snow Clan to protect themselves, because they knew all the Shrines wanted to kill the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He wanted to draw a clear line between Lin Feng and the Snow Clan.

It was the best plan for the Snow Clan. If Lin Feng was talented, or died, it would have nothing to do with them. That way, they offended nobody. He had even accepted letting one of their members who had a king-type body leave the Snow Clan!

Lin Feng understood why Saint Jue proposed that, while on top of that, they wanted to keep Zhe Tian.

In the past, he had nearly killed Lin Feng, kidnapped his wife, and now, as if nothing had happened back then, he was nice and wanted to come to a compromise.

Therefore, Lin Feng smiled and said, “I can accept, but you have to accept my requirements too.”

“What requirements?”

“First, many people tried to kill me back then in Qi Tian Holy Town. I don’t know where the insignificant ones have disappeared to except for you and Xue Ao, so you must kill yourselves. Second, the order must have come from high up in the hierarchy, the one who gave that order must kneel down in front of me and apologize to me and my wife, and be jailed for twenty years. If you can do those things, I’ll accept your proposition.”

Everybody was astonished. How insane! He wanted a Saint and a genius who had a king-type body to kill themselves!?!

“You’re dreaming, I think,” said Saint Jue, staring at Lin Feng.

“Don’t you think you’re dreaming, too?” replied Lin Feng coldly. They had tried to kill him, they had kidnapped his wife, they had made him wait for twenty years, and now because he was a disciple of the Fortune Shrine, they wanted to be friends with him and act as if nothing had happened back in the days? That was just ridiculous!

Saint Jue looked at Lin Feng. After remaining silent for a few seconds, he said, “You’re young, why be so stubborn? Let’s be happy. And think before talking, what you do or say could have consequences.”

“Cough cough!” Shi Jue Lao Xian coughed his alcohol and rolled his eyes, “Old buddy, if your disciple who has a king-type body dies, you won’t be that happy.”

Saint Jue looked at Shi Jue Lao Xian coldly and said, “I am merciful. If we did as we agreed twenty years ago, he wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Don’t be merciful. Let’s do as we agreed,” said Lin Feng indifferently, glancing at Xue Ao, “By the way, if I inadvertently kill your disciple who has a king-type body, will you go against the agreement?”

Saint Jue looked at Lin Feng coldly, he saw Lin Feng smile thinly and said, “Empty words. If you died, would the Fortune Shrine let us off?”

“If I die against him, it means I deserved it. The Fortune Shrine will not do anything stupid for someone incompetent and weak,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Saint Jue understood.

“If I die, it’ll be my fault,” said Xue Ao coldly.

Saint Jue nodded, “If you kill Xue Ao, the Snow Clan will not get involved.”

“I can fight happily then,” Lin Feng said indifferently. He shot forwards, a terrifying wind started blowing around him.

The snow under Lin Feng’s feet exploded. A mighty strength surrounded him. His blood started boiling.

“Your Dao power is not bad,” said Lin Feng indifferently. That Dao power would have made an ordinary great emperor explode instantly.

It was as if the earth and sky were about to explode. Lin Feng was shaking as the snow exploded around him.

Xue Ao threw himself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surrounded by a layer of ice, and starting to freeze. Xue Ao wanted to immobilize him as he condensed his best attack. He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible!

“That little boy is going to die,” agreed the crowd from the Snow Clan. Xue Ao’s attack was overwhelming. Lin Feng had said that if he died, it’d mean that he was incompetent and that the Fortune Shrine wouldn’t get involved. He had asked for it!

“He’s using a Saint’s technique from the Ao Clan. That attack will make Lin Feng’s body explode!” said the knowledgeable among the crowd, staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed the destructive energies around him. This attack was dangerous. He condensed his god strength and attacked, too. At the same time, he also condensed terrifying energies into his hands.

Xue Ao frowned. With his attack, he could pose a threat to Saint Emperors, but he hadn’t managed to destroy Lin Feng. He shouted furiously, his voice making people’s eardrums tremble.

Lights flickered, Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared above Xue Ao. An ominous hand appeared, containing terrifying and destructive energies. The hand moved down towards Xue Ao!

“Die!” said Lin Feng emotionlessly. There was an explosion, and Xue Ao was smashed down and crashed into the ground.

“Ah!…” he screamed, and people’s hearts started pounding. Lin Feng descended from the sky and continued attacking, a gigantic hand crashed onto Xue Ao, blood splashed and stained the snow around him. The crowd was just stunned, astonished.

“Hehe, it’s not because a dog barks loudly that he’s dangerous,” said Lin Feng, landing on Xue Ao’s body. He was standing on Xue Ao proudly. everyone could understand what it felt to have someone standing on them like that…

When a dog barks? How humiliating!

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