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PMG Chapter 2286: Saints Can Also Be Like That

PMG Chapter 2286: Saints Can Also Be Like That

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Huo Shang was staring at Lin Feng. Like Huo Xing Zi, he had flames in his eyes.

Ten years before, on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng had fought against Huo Xing Zi. Back then, Lin Feng had also fought against Gu Xuan Feng from the Demon Shrine. Back then, Huo Xing Zi and Gu Xuan Feng’s strength was about the same. Ten years later, Lin Feng could easily defeat Huo Xing Zi in one punch. It meant that Lin Feng, Champion of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, was stronger than the geniuses the Fire Shrine and the Demon Shrine had raised!

He wasn’t the only one in that case then… Chu Chun Qiu was also extremely strong, much stronger than Huo Xing Zi. The second and fourth cultivators, Kong Ming and Zhou Rong Man, were also much stronger. They had disappeared for so many years, but if they came back, they would probably be much stronger than the Shrine’s people…

Huo Shang took a step forwards; he was also a genius from the Fire Shrine, and he had been a member of the Fire Shrine longer than Huo Xing Zi. He was of the same generation as Xue Jing Xiao. He was also a Saint Emperor, and his fighting abilities were astonishing.

“Brother Huo Shang,” said Xue Jing Xiao calmly. “This battle is between me and him.”

Huo Shang was surprised, but he smiled at Xue Jing Xiao. “Since it’s that way, please, Brother Jing Xiao.”

“Jing Xiao, no rush. If Huo Xing Zi wants to try and fight against someone who has defeated Huo Xing Zi, why not let him try first? He probably won’t be able to try after your battle, because Lin Feng will be dead already,” said Saint Jue indifferently. He had faith in Xue Jing Xiao, much more than in Xue Ao. Xue Jing Xiao had broken through to the Tian Di layer before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so his cultivation was very stable at the time of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now he was a Saint Emperor.

Xue Jing Xiao’s fighting abilities were much better than Xue Ao’s. Xue Ao was a good-for-nothing in front of Xue Jing Xiao.

When Lin Feng heard Saint Jue, he glanced at him coldly. He understood Saint Jue was evil. He had probably asked the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine to kill him, and now he was wasting time to talk to them telepathically. Lin Feng could guess what they were saying even if he couldn’t hear them.

“No need to make things complicated,” said Lin Feng, staring at Saint Jue, “Why fight in turns? You’re too kind. I can fight against your disciple and a fighter of the Fire Shrine at the same time, no problem.”

Lin Feng was pointing at Xue Jing Xiao and Huo Shang. Everybody was astonished.

Lin Feng was crazy!

Xue Jing Xiao and Huo Shang were extremely strong, and he dared challenge them in a two-on-one battle!

Shi Jue Lao Xian was sitting there, he looked indifferent and continued drinking. He smiled drunkenly and said, “I agree, let’s not waste time, let’s finish this quickly. I have other things to do.”

Xue Jing Xiao shot forwards. Joining hands with someone? Ridiculous!

He was a king of the Snow Clan, he had a king-type body! He would become an important pillar of the Snow Clan in the future! Joining hands with another cultivator to fight against someone whose cultivation level was lower than his? Biggest joke in the world!

Huo Shang didn’t agree either. Even if the Fire Shrine wanted to kill Lin Feng, he couldn’t join hands with someone to fight against him. He was a terrifying genius of the Fire Shrine, and proud, too. He had never joined hands with anyone to fight against someone else; on the contrary, his entire life, people had joined hands to fight against him!

Xue Jing Xiao jumped forwards, snowflakes appearing around Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt cold enough for his soul to freeze.

Lin Feng shivered.

How cold. That’s a true Ice Dao, thought Lin Feng. He released god strength and Dao power. Xue Jing Xiao looked totally composed. Lin Feng felt a tinge of danger. Xue Jing Xiao was a Saint Emperor. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the lower world, he would be considered a god.

“Snow and Frost Powder!” said Xue Jing Xiao lazily. The atmosphere around him suddenly started freezing.

Lin Feng’s inner and outer body started freezing. His soul also started freezing. Even his cosmic energies started turning into ice.

“How strong,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, after another swig. His eyes were twinkling. Xue Jing Xiao was really strong. He could freeze the cosmic energies of the earth and sky, and turn them into ice strength which he could use for himself. If his opponents controlled any other kind of cosmic energy, then they became unable to fight because he turned their cosmic energies into ice cosmic energies which he used for himself. It was a frightening power.

Xue Jing Xiao shot forwards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood there calmly. A layer of ice had appeared around his body.

Xue Jing Xiao turned into a beam of light, condensing an incredible amount of ice cosmic energies in his hand and raising it. He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one blow.

Lin Feng suddenly moved. He suddenly released god strength.

He raised his hand, and the air around them exploded. Xue Jing Xiao’s hand turned into an ice and frost dragon which moved to take on Lin Feng’s attack. The attack was explosive and his energies blotted out the sky.

The destructive ice Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng flashed away, the ice strength turned into a gigantic axe containing Weapon intent.

The ice energies kept exploding around him. The gigantic axe sliced through the air and the gigantic ice dragon. The crowd was astonished… Lin Feng controlled ice cosmic energy?!

“Die!” said Lin Feng, staring at Xue Jing Xiao in a cold and detached way. Death strength penetrated into Xue Jing Xiao’s body, millions of death stamps pounded on him, Xue Jing Xiao felt pressured.

“How could ice cosmic energy stop me?” remarked Lin Feng apathetically. He flashed forwards, the ice cosmic strength turned into death strength and descended from the sky. A black vortex appeared, smelling like death. A strong hurricane made of death strength appeared around Lin Feng. He looked like a death god…

Lin Feng disappeared, and darkness appeared in front of Xue Jing Xiao. He saw a death cauldron in front of him.

“Snow of Grievance!” sighed Xue Jing Xiao. The snowy landscape around them filled with grief. Lin Feng suddenly felt sad, and his soul started freezing again.

“Death Oppression!”

The death cauldron oppressed Xue Jing Xiao, death strength penetrated into his body. More death cauldrons appeared and plunged into him. Xue Jing Xiao’s face turned grey, his life was being corroded. He wanted to escape, he suddenly felt powerless.

Xue Jing Xiao roused himself with a roar. Snow energies kept attacking Lin Feng’s cauldrons and Lin Feng himself.

Lin Feng just grunted coldly. His death cauldrons turned into smaller cauldrons, but they were extremely oppressive. At the same time, Xue Jing Xiao’s head was trembling as if he had had a stroke.

Lin Feng was staring at him like a death god.

“That’s enough!” shouted Saint Jue furiously. His voice made Lin Feng tremble. Lin Feng was suddenly forced away violently. He crashed onto the ground farther away and continued sliding backwards.

He raised his head and looked at Saint Jue. He smiled and said, “Even Saints talk shit, I see.”

Saint Jue looked at him coolly. Lin Feng was so strong, and his Death Dao was incredible, especially his Death Oppression attack.

“The battles we agreed on twenty years ago are over. Snow Clan, give me my wife and son back,” said Lin Feng calmly. Saint Jue was just staring at Lin Feng. He remained silent. Lin Feng frowned and said coldly, “Or do you intend to break the agreement?”

“What kind of strength did you use a moment ago?” said Saint Jue.

Lin Feng frowned even more and said, “Release my wife and son!”

“No rush. You’re so talented. I think you should spend a few days in the Snow Clan, what do you think, Lin Feng?” said Saint Jue with a smile. Lin Feng looked more and more furious.

That guy was a Saint and he was shameless!

“You have the time needed to burn a joss stick. If you don’t release my wife and son, I can guarantee that I will finish the two battles completely. I was merciful enough,” said Lin Feng coldly, releasing Death intent. Saint Jue was stupefied, Lin Feng was threatening him!

Everybody was astonished. The atmosphere became really tense. Lin Feng was threatening a Saint, he was threatening the Snow Clan!

Snowflakes continued falling from the sky, the temperature kept falling. Everybody was staring at him. He had just defeated the first king of the Snow Clan, Xue Jing Xiao!

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