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PMG Chapter 2287: Killing the King-type Body

PMG Chapter 2287: Killing the King-type Body

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Lin Feng knew why Saint Jue was wasting time. He didn’t intend to release his wife and son, and now he was inviting him to spend some days with them? That was just a fool’s play.

“Lin Feng, Ling Long is from the Snow Clan. The blood of the Snow Clan is flowing in Zhe Tian’s veins. You should be friends with the Snow Clan, why are you so aggressive?” said Saint Jue. He was getting nervous, but he forced himself to keep calm. He ignored the fact that Lin Feng was threatening him and the Snow Clan.

“Twenty years ago, you didn’t think that way,” said Lin Feng. When he saw that Saint Jue tried to look calm and aloof, he was even more furious. If this guy hadn’t been a Saint, Lin Feng wouldn’t have wasted time with him.

At that moment, Huo Xing Zi and the other members of the Fire Shrine had probably contacted the Fire Shrine and informed them that they had found Lin Feng in the Snow Clan!

“The Snow Clan is really disappointing,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian with a sigh. “Twenty years ago, you considered everybody and everything beneath your notice, you were mindlessly aggressive. You wanted to slaughter him in Qi Tian Holy Town. Then, we agreed on something. Now, you have lost both battles and you’re breaking the rules of the agreement. I will inform everyone that the Snow Clan is shameless, everywhere I go.” Shi Jue Lao Xian shook his head and sighed.

Saint Jue’s face didn’t change. He was furious on the inside, though. He really wanted to kill both Lin Feng and Shi Jue Lao Xian!

Actually, Lin Feng was really talented. If they had known that twenty years before, they would have never offended him. At most, they would have drawn a clear line between them, especially now, since the Shrines were looking for Lin Feng to kill him. But now regretting what they had done in the past was useless. They had to solve the situation. Lin Feng’s existence was dangerous for the Snow Clan, especially since he was becoming stronger so damn quickly…

Twenty years ago, he was an insignificant emperor, and Xue Jing Xiao was at the top of the Di Qi layer. Twenty years later, Lin Feng defeated Xue Jing Xiao!

Lin Feng closed his eyes, snowflakes fell onto his body. He tried to calm down. Time passed, each second seeming endless.

It was the Snow Clan; they could kill him easily, but they didn’t because Lin Feng was a member of the Fortune Shrine. However, if Lin Feng didn’t leave, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine would kill him and the Snow Clan wouldn’t have to bear the responsibility for that.

The time needed for a joss stick to burn was short, but at that moment, time passed so slowly.


In the distance, some people arrived. Someone said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, the members of the Fire Shrine are here.”

Lin Feng snapped opened his eyes; they were filled with death strength, Death intent floated around his body. He said coldly, “Since the Snow Clan decided to break the agreement, the battles are not over.”

White lights flickered, the crowd was astonished. The strong cultivators of the Snow Clan were astonished and all grimaced. Lin Feng had come with some strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine? They had been there for a while already…

“Everybody, the Snow Clan has never offended the Fortune Shrine,” said Saint Jue. His face stiffened. He hoped the Fire Shrine would move fast, but Lin Feng had brought so many strong cultivators from the Fortune Shrine. They attached great importance to him! The Snow Clan had never thought that in only twenty years, a Shrine would attach so much importance to him…

“The Snow Clan shouldn’t get involved. He’s our disciple. And we don’t like it when people bully our disciples. If anyone dares attack him, apart from those two people, other people will die.”

“If anyone dares attack him, they’ll die!” said the strong cultivators coldly.

The members of the Snow Clan felt cold themselves. They had not thought the Fortune Shrine would do so much for Lin Feng…

Qi began to whistle. Saint Jue’s face finally changed. He had not thought the Fortune Shrine would do so much for Lin Feng.

“Wait, we’ll release his son and wife,” said Saint Jue. “Lin Feng, I’ll release Ling Long and Zhe Tian.”

Lin Feng glanced at Saint Jue coldly. He had wasted enough time, now so he agreed. Some strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were probably there already.

“It’s too late. If you release them, it’s good, if you don’t it’s the same,” said Lin Feng, jumping forwards. He looked at the cultivators of the Ao Clan standing front of Xue Ao.

He had been merciful; he hadn’t killed Xue Ao and he hadn’t even really thought of killing Xue Jing Xiao. The Snow Clan had gone too far. He truly hated them!

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” asked the old woman hastily. She released a terrifying and oppressive strength. It was saint’s energy; that woman seemed to be in charge of many things in the Snow Clan, and she was probably a Saint, too.

“You want to destroy the Snow Clan?” hissed the old woman coldly.

The ice around her exploded and vanished. She turned around and looked at an ancient Saint floating there.

The Fortune Shrine had sent two Saints! With Shi Jue Lao Xian, they were three on Lin Feng’s side!

Three Saints could compete with the Snow Clan, but would the Snow Clan dare fight against them?

The Snow Clan wasn’t a Shrine; if a Shrine destroyed them, it would be too tragic!

They couldn’t play with Shrines!


The Snow Clan hadn’t thought that the Fortune Shrine would send two Saints for Lin Feng, and they had also sent many Saint Emperors, it was too domineering. Those people could easily destroy a Holy Sage Ruler Clan!

The Snow Clan had severely underestimated Lin Feng’s position within the Fortune Shrine. Lin Feng had informed the Fortune Shrine that he had to go to the Snow Clan, and the Fortune Shrine knew that it might draw the other Shrines’ attention, so they had watched the Snow Clan carefully. Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person, he couldn’t die. The others could die, they didn’t care as much.

The Diviner had been cautious. Apart from the two saints in the Snow Clan, just outside of the Snow Clan were more people from the Fortune Shrine, and preventing another group of people from entering. Those people were from the Fire Shrine, and they were extremely strong. Luckily, the Fortune Shrine had intercepted them!

A Saint, three Saint Emperors, many Celestial Emperors; they knew that Lin Feng was there, so they had sent many strong cultivators. But when they noticed the cultivators of the Fortune Shrine, they understood that their group wasn’t enough.

All the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were targets. The Shrines wanted to kill all of them because they all posed a threat to them. The Shrines also thought that the top five cultivators were even more dangerous, and the top three were even more dangerous. Lin Feng was one of their most important targets.

They had dispatched people to the lower world to find Lin Feng, and they had sent many strong people to the Snow Clan today.

“We’re going to the Snow Clan. What is this supposed to mean, Fortune Shrine?” demanded a Saint of the Fire Shrine calmly.

“The Fortune Shrine is sorting out some issues in the Snow Clan right now. When we’re done, you can go in,” replied a Saint of the Fortune Shrine indifferently.

“Ridiculous! We have to wait because the Fortune Shrine is sorting out some issues in the Snow Clan?” said the other one, smiling coldly.

“If you don’t want to wait, you can leave and come back some other time,” answered the Saint of the Fortune Shrine indifferently. Both of them knew what they were doing. The members of the Fire Shrine were surprised that the Fortune Shrine was really making great efforts to protect the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had also received a message from Huo Shang, informing them that two Saints from the Fortune Shrine were inside!

Lin Feng is even more dangerous than the others it seems, thought that Saint. Of course, he couldn’t be sure, the Fortune Shrine had covered things up back then. They had sent Chu Chun Qiu to Ganges Time in the Supreme Animal World, so everybody thought that Chu Chun Qiu was most likely the Forbidden Person.

But well after that, the sky had broken in Purple Clouds and forbidden strength had appeared there, so the probability that Chu Chun Qiu was the Forbidden Person had decreased. Now, maybe they were pretending again…

The members of the Fire Shrine said nothing. They could only wait.


In the Snow Clan, Lin Feng slowly walked towards Xue Ao. Xue Ao grimaced. Saint Jue looked at him coldly.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Saint Jue.

However, as he shouted, Lin Feng raised his hand and punched out in Xue Ao’s direction explosively. Xue Ao screamed. He was now terrified of Lin Feng’s death strength!

Lin Feng wanted to kill him, he had a king-type body! Lin Feng was going to kill him in front of everybody else, he had never thought such a thing would be possible!

“You can only blame yourself,” Lin Feng told Saint Jue. He released death Qi which drove into Xue Ao’s body. Millions of death stamps and Death Dao assaulted him.

“Ah…” Xue Ao howled furiously.

“Try and dare!” shouted Saint Jue explosively.

“You’re waiting for people from the Fire Shrine to kill me, and you think I won’t dare?” More death strength surrounded Xue Ao. He could only scream pitifully. Slowly, his voice became weaker and weaker, and then he disappeared.

Only death strength remained where he was standing seconds before!

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  1. Cory Hawks November 11, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    OK are there all of a sudden a lot of Saints? Or is supposed to be a lot of Saint-Emperors?

    • totomavde August 12, 2020 at 7:48 am - Reply

      Fortune Shrine sent 2 Saints, Saints from Snow Clan that appeared are around 2 too and Fire Shrine sent 1 Saint.

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    Those Shrine’s are so dumb it’s unreal. They want to kill these guys ‘just in case’ something bad ‘might’ happen to them in the future, in turn making the ten guys hate them for real and grow faster in order to retaliate. Basically turning a stupid possible outcome into a definite one. Self fulfilling prophecy morons. Idiots. Why would LF destroy the Shrines? He has no enmity with them, in fact he’s linked to both the Demon one and the Ice one as well as the Destiny Shrine. But now after years of persecution, targeting his family and friends he’ll not rest until he’s gotten his revenge. Ridiculous. Brought it all upon yourselves…

  3. Vincent Lee February 20, 2019 at 9:21 am - Reply

    2200+ Chapters of, “Try and Dare!!!” and “Why wouldn’t I dare?” Do I Dare? Do I Dare? How dare you???? Can’t wait to be over this one. Its like, After reading so many chapters, it would be a shame not to finish the story.

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