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PMG Chapter 2289: Terrifying High Speed Pursuit!!!

PMG Chapter 2289: Terrifying High Speed Pursuit!!!

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The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were staring at their enemies. They had to remain vigilant.

Lin Feng and the others had come to the Snow Clan voluntarily, and now they were facing him. This was a very rare opportunity, especially since he was probably the one who had a Forbidden Body. In terms of percentages, they considered the probability that Lin Feng was the Forbidden Person at thirty percent.

Lin Feng, thirty percent; Kong Ming, thirty percent; Zhou Rong Man, ten percent; Chu Chun Qiu, ten percent, the fifth and sixth, five percent each; the last four cultivators, ten percent total. So according to those people, Lin Feng or Kong Ming had greatest chance to be the Forbidden Person.

They didn’t dare completely omit Chu Chun Qiu, so they considered the probability ten percent because on the day when the sky in Purple Clouds broke apart, the Shrines couldn’t see Chu Chun Qiu. He might have used the tunnel of the Supreme Animal World to go there. But soon after that, when the Shrine’s members arrived in Purple Clouds, they discovered that Chu Chun Qiu had been seen in the Supreme Animal World again. They had concluded that the probability of him being the Forbidden Person was ten percent, even though he was initially considered the biggest threat for the Shrines.

However, the probability that Lin Feng was the Forbidden Person was now thirty percent, how could they let him off?

“Master, bring my wife and kid back to the Fortune Shrine,” Lin Feng said to the Saint of the Fortune Shrine. He was surprised, but the other Saint nodded. They got ready to leave.

“Lin Feng.” Meng Qing looked perplexed.

“Father,” said Zhe Tian, pulling a long face. He didn’t like the Shrines.

He had heard about the legends regarding the Forbidden Person, he had also heard all the Shrines were looking for Lin Feng because they wanted to kill him. He didn’t like the Shrines. Even if Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person, he had never done anything bad to the Shrines, they just wanted to prevent him from rising.

He glanced at all the members of the Shrines and remembered their faces carefully.

“Alright, go. I will be distracted if you stay here. I’ll be fine,” Lin Feng smiled. “I’m not easy to kill.”

Meng Qing nodded. She knew that she couldn’t distract Lin Feng. They had just reunited, and now Lin Feng was in danger again. She was very sad. If she hadn’t existed, Lin Feng wouldn’t have come to the Snow Clan, and the Shrines wouldn’t have found him. She felt guilty.

Zhe Tian and Meng Qing left with the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine wanted Lin Feng, they weren’t interested in Meng Qing and his son at all.

“Zhe Tian, have you seen that? Only strength is important. You need to become strong quickly,” said Meng Qing to Zhe Tian as they left. Zhe Tian nodded. He could sense that his father was strong and was now supported by some people, but he could imagine the pressure he had borne for twenty years. To become strong, he had overcome all obstacles. Now, he had taken risks to save his wife and child. Now, he was facing the dangerous Shrines!


Both sides were staring at each other. A strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine said, “What do you want to do?”

“You know perfectly well. Hand Lin Feng over,” demanded a Saint of the Fire Shrine coldly.

“Lin Feng, don’t run away randomly. There are many strong cultivators, you could die anytime!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s mind. The Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine had set up an inescapable net in the area to kill him.

“I understand!” replied Lin Feng. He was furious; the Shrines wanted to kill him more than anything, but he had never thought of destroying the world or causing chaos, even if he was a Forbidden Person. He just wanted to have a happy life. He wanted to be with his parents, friends, and wives and protect them.

But the Shrines were worried that a Forbidden Person would be too strong and destroy the world, they wanted to destroy Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng had only one thought… Since it’s that way, if someday I become a peerless Forbidden Person, I’ll destroy the Shrines!

“He’s a core disciple in the Fortune Shrine, you can’t kill our core disciples. If you do, what do you think will happen?” said a strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine, taking a step forwards. They were oppressing Huo Shang and the others. Strong cultivators from Shrines weren’t supposed to attack younger disciples. However, the two Shrines had joined hands to kill Lin Feng, it wasn’t normal at all.

“Even if you capture our disciples, Lin Feng will die anyway. If you kill our disciples, we’ll kill your disciples too,” said a strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine coldly. But they hadn’t capture disciples from the Fortune Shrine, so he didn’t know what else to say.

“Release them!” said a strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine, flashing forwards. The atmosphere started freezing around him.

The Saints of the Fortune Shrine surrounded Lin Feng. Even though he was very strong and talented, he was a nobody in the Saints’ eyes. They could easily kill him. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine really wanted to kill him.

The atmosphere was explosive. Energies kept colliding. A Milky Way appeared, even the Saints of the Fortune Shrine began to grimace.

“The periphery has been sealed, there are cultivators of the other Shrines as well, not only the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine.” The Saints of the Fortune Shrine were furious. The situation was getting dangerous for them now.

When Lin Feng heard that, his face stiffened. He hadn’t thought such a thing would happen after his trip to the Fortune Shrine. These people really wanted to kill him…

“Back to the Snow Clan, go!” Lin Feng didn’t even have time to react, he sensed a terrifying strength surround him and take him back into the Snow Clan. Only the Saints took Lin Feng back in, the other cultivators didn’t follow. Apart from Saints, nobody else could get involved in that battle.

“Chase him!” said the other Saints.

The group of people moved. They crossed a thousand li in the blink of an eye. Thirty thousand li wasn’t much for them. The members of the Snow Clan sensed their terrifying energies and frowned. The old woman rose up in the air shouted furiously, “What does the Fortune Shrine want from the Snow Clan now?”

“Lend us some space!” said a Saint pitilessly. The old woman saw gigantic hands rise up and stamp the sky.

The whole Snow Clan was trembling. People all raised their heads in fright.

The earth and sky were trembling. Ancient imprints filled the air, crackling sounds spread in the air.

“The Fortune Shrine has gone too far!” shouted the old woman of the Snow Clan furiously. Saint Jue released Qi in a surge. He was furious. He wanted to crush the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine!

A clear and melodious sound spread out, lights flashed. It was like the earth and sky were about to collapse. A few people turned into beam of lights and moved.

“Lin Feng!” Saint Jue’s Qi shot up into the sky. The Snow Clan had lost a cultivator who had a king-type body, and Lin Feng had taken away two of their strong cultivators as well. It was a tragedy for them. Even back in the days when the Snow Clan had started collapsing, they hadn’t been humiliated like this!

However, even when the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine disappeared, the strong cultivators of the other Shrines arrived and also rose up into the air.

They looked furious. The Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators had decided to escape through the Snow Clan. They had broken the world of the Snow Clan to escape. But getting rid of them wouldn’t be easy either!

“What’s going on? Suddenly, they saw many of Lin Feng’s clones everywhere in the air and they moved in all directions. The Saints of the Fortune Shrine also took different clones in different directions. The crowd was astonished.

“All the clones seem real, but they all seem fake at the same time!,” swore a Saint.

“How to chase them?”

“Follow all of them, follow the Saints. Kill the clones. Don’t let anyone off,” said a Saint. They moved extremely fast, they all of them turning into beam of lights.

Many strong cultivators arrived and started attacking all the clones.

“Seal the atmosphere!” said a strong cultivator. Instantly, a strong cultivator rose up into the air and made some hand seals. Dazzling lights appeared all around and the atmosphere was suddenly sealed by golden lights. Even an ant couldn’t escape.

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