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PMG Chapter 2290: Slaughter

PMG Chapter 2290: Slaughter

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A Saint wearing a golden robe was standing up in the air. His eyes were golden as he glanced around.

“I don’t think any clone escaped. Kill them all and then wait for further orders,” said the Saint coldly. The crowd nodded and then started scanning the area. Lin Feng’s clones didn’t have good fighting abilities, and couldn’t withstand a single attack. Very quickly, they all disappeared.

“I’ve heard that Lin Feng’s hiding abilities are astonishing. What do we do about the people on the ground?” someone asked the Saint. Only one Saint was left there so they listened to him.

The area had been sealed within a diameter of thousands of li. On the ground was a small city, completely sealed. Many people raised their heads, astonished to see a Saint.

“Kill them all!” said the strong cultivator. The people on the crowd were terrified, even those who were Saint Emperors. However, the outsiders were astonished; there were many people on the ground, killing them was against the most basic principles of war…

They had all gone through a lot in life, and killed millions of people. However, those people on the ground were innocent people. Killing them was cruel. It would tarnish their Shrine’s reputation.

The Saint in the sky was a strong cultivator from the Empty Space Shrine. As the Fortune Shrine had guessed, all the Shrines were getting involved. They had to kill that guy since there was a high probability that he was a Forbidden Person.

“Master, we should wait for some news, shouldn’t we?” said someone. The others were chasing the Saints of the Fortune Shrine, they would soon be able to assess the situation, and would know if Lin Feng’s real body had been found or not. If he wasn’t there, then he was probably in the crowd on the ground.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Saint remained silent for a few seconds but then he nodded, “Alright.”

The people beneath them were terrified. They could die at any time.

Lin Feng was really in there, actually. He had changed his face. He had hoped they’d all chase the Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators. However, the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator had sealed the whole area… Lin Feng didn’t even dare look at them up in the sky. He was afraid, and he didn’t want to look suspicious.

He was slowly walking in the city. He watched the other people, trying to look calm, like an ordinary person.

The Saint Emperors up above received some news. All the Lin Feng’s taken away by the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were fake, but they continued chasing them, wanting to put pressure on the Saints to make them hand Lin Feng over.

“Any news?” asked a strong cultivator, watching the strong cultivators of the Fire and the Ice and Snow Shrines.

“Yes, all were clones. We need to find his real body and kill him,” said someone.

Instantly, the Empty Space Shrine’s Saint’s eyes flashed, “Kill all those people. He will be in the crowd.”

Everybody nodded. The atmosphere became oppressive. Qi began to rise. It was terrifying.

At that moment, the crowd on the ground felt the pressure and raised their heads.

Lin Feng raised his head too. The Saint Emperors dispersed. Lin Feng started hearing some horrible screams, sad and plaintive cries.

Some people around him started burning. The atmosphere began to distort. Smoke filled the air. People burned alive and vanished.

The atmosphere became scorching hot. A Saint Emperor moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was speechless. Those people wanted to slaughter everyone…

He didn’t know what to do, he was furious, stunned, scared… Because of him, the Shrines’ strong cultivators didn’t care about anything anymore.

People burned alive one after the other. Then, he sensed Qi surround him. It was Fire Dao power. Lin Feng instantly started burning too.

“No…” Lin Feng released god strength inside of his body and destroyed the fire strength. He gazed into the distance, seeing a frozen area. Some people were being frozen to death.

Lin Feng also saw an old man, his grandchild in his arms, running desperately. But a fire sword pierced through his body. He stopped moving and started burning, dying instantly. Only some strong people could resist for a few seconds. People who weren’t Saint Emperors died instantly.

“Eh?” A strong cultivator from the Fire Shrine looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng didn’t react.

“Celestial Emperor!” said the Saint Emperor coldly. Dao power surrounded Lin Feng again, he had the impression he was going to burn to death. The Saint Emperor raised his hand and a fireball moved towards Lin Feng. At the same time, the outsider flashed towards another group of people. He slapped a wave of fire at them all, and they all started burning and died.

Very quickly, that strong cultivator turned around, and was surprised to see that Lin Feng wasn’t dead.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng started running away. That strong cultivator was startled, and he immediately started chasing Lin Feng again.

At the same time, in the air, the Empty Space Shrine’s Saint was watching, he could see everybody. Nothing could escape from his field of vision. People were getting slaughtered, but he look indifferent.

“Eh?” At that moment, he saw Lin Feng, Lin Feng was escaping really quickly. He was running towards the periphery of the sealed area. However, the Saint didn’t react too quickly. He was convinced that a Celestial Emperor couldn’t escape easily.

Lin Feng was extremely fast, he arrived at the periphery of the sealed area.

“Hmph!” The Saint grunted coldly. Did Lin Feng think he could escape from this empty space world?

However, at that moment, Lin Feng turned into two, and the second body was gigantic.

An incredible strength emerged from his body. He punched the sealed area, and space broke with a clear, sharp sound. The sealed area cracked, the empty space strong cultivator was astonished.

“A Saint!” He jumped towards Lin Feng. In one step, he could cross a distance of a hundred li.

The Saint Emperor who was chasing Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He was astonished and staring at the giant. What an incredible Qi, Saint’s Qi!

A cauldron appeared, that person’s soul started shaking. A terrifying strength oppressed his soul. He was stupefied.

Saint Emperors were like tiny little insects to Saints. Saints were peerless cultivators!

The cauldron oppressed everything. The Saint Emperor of the Fire Shrine suddenly felt powerless. He turned around and ran away. However, the ancient cauldron chased him. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator had the impression millions of mountains had fallen on his shoulders.

The Saint Emperor exploded loudly, and his soul dispersed.

At that moment, Qin Shan raised his head and looked at the Empty Space Shrine’s Saint. He jumped forwards and condensed strength. Oppressive Qi appeared. He was surrounded by nine cauldrons. Those nine cauldrons could oppress the skies, Heaven, and Earth. The Empty Space Shrine’s Saint was shocked, and stopped advancing.

Lin Feng continued running away. He didn’t watch the battle. All the Shrines wanted to kill him, and he couldn’t compete with them.

“Go and kill Lin Feng!” shouted the Empty Space Shrine’s Saint coldly. Everybody nodded and chased after Lin Feng.

Qin Shan shouted furiously, his voice making the earth and sky tremble. An endless number of mountains started falling from the sky towards a Saint Emperor. The Saint Emperor was crushed flat and exploded. He couldn’t withstand a single attack!

“Make a detour!” The Saint Emperors were astonished. They tried to make a detour. They couldn’t stay in the oppressive energies, Qin Shan’s oppressive energies could crush them flat! How terrifying!

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    What a bunch of Evil bastards. Can’t wait until they’re all crushed.

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    Wasn’t he in the Snow Clan? The people should have been Snow Clan’s people…

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