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PMG Chapter 2291: Racing with a Death God

PMG Chapter 2291: Racing with a Death God

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Wings appeared on Lin Feng’s back. He condensed the strength of the ten thousand things of creation and flashed forwards; each time he moved, it was like he crossed a whole world. He was extremely fast!

The strong cultivators of the Snow Clan didn’t dare chase him. However, the members of the Shrines would seize any opportunity to kill him!

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t stop at all. He used deployment spells each time he took a step, and at the same time he kept using talismans one after another. He moved like a rocket!

But those who were chasing him were extremely fast, too. Strong cultivators from the Empty Space Shrine also controlled empty space energy, and each time they moved, they could cross space and time as well. At the same time, they used their godly awareness to track Lin Feng so that they would not lose him again. If Lin Feng wanted to use clones again, it wouldn’t work. Even those whom Qin Shan had stopped continued following Lin Feng with their godly awareness. They knew that Lin Feng’s disguise skills were astonishing, they couldn’t give him any opportunity to evade them. Each time he appeared in the middle of a crowd, it was like he disappeared.

Lin Feng felt great pressure. It was a matter of time, of who would be faster: The Fortune Shrine or the other Shrines? However, Lin Feng was really scared this time because a moment before, Saints had been chasing the Fortune Shrine’s Saints. Now he was moving in that direction, and if the Saints who had chased the Fortune Shrine’s Saints turned around, he’d bump into them!

“Turn around!” Suddenly, Lin Feng decided to turn around and not go after the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine. He couldn’t take the risk of bumping into the Saints of the other Shrines, especially now that Qin Shan wasn’t with him to protect him right now. If he bumped into the Saints of the other Shrines, he’d die instantly. He was talented, but he was still far from being able to compete with Saints. Even Saints like Qin Shan who had almost died in the past and come back to life could still crush Saint Emperors instantly, like he had done just a moment before. Saints could destroy him instantly, so if he continued moving in the direction of the Fortune Shrine’s Saints, but bumped into the Saints of the other Shrines, he’d die instantly and the Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators would arrive a minute too late.


Of course, when Lin Feng decided to move in another direction, he informed the Diviner.

As Lin Feng had expected, each Shrine was trying to move faster than the others. The Diviner had made many Saints follow Lin Feng to the Snow Clan this time because he feared such a thing would happen, but he hadn’t really thought it would. It was really bad luck this time, because the Snow Clan had immediately contacted the Fire and the Ice and Frost Shrines.

The Diviner was in the sky and he flying in Lin Feng’s direction. Many people raised their heads on the ground and saw a white light streaking across the sky. They couldn’t see it clearly though, it was moving too fast..

“He’s going in the direction of Life City!” The Diviner was startled, he immediately took out a jade talisman.

“Bing Yan, help me save someone. He’s going towards your position. I’ll share his location with you,” said the Diviner, “Some strong cultivators from other Shrines are chasing him. You must hurry up.”


Many strong cultivators were chasing Lin Feng.

They were some distance from Lin Feng, some people spreading out in all directions to surround the area so that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to change course. No matter who arrived first, Lin Feng was doomed. They’d all arrive before the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine possibly could.

It was a race against time. Lin Feng was very fast, but because he had hesitated regarding his trajectory, his enemies had managed to catch up a little. They couldn’t really see Lin Feng, he was very, very distant, but they could track him thanks to their godly awareness.

“A Celestial Emperor is surprisingly so fast! He’s even more dangerous than Chu Chun Qiu! We must kill him!” said a Saint Emperor coldly. They had to kill Lin Feng. Now, they were almost convinced that Lin Feng had a Forbidden Body. He had just become their ultimate target!

A strong wind started blowing, and thunder rolled out. They were stunned, turning around to see a gigantic fireball. They all looked extremely happy, a Saint of the Fire Shrine had finally caught up!

“He’s there, in the distance,” said a Saint Emperor. They had been chasing Lin Feng for such a long time, they were tired and nervous. Now that a Saint of the Fire Shrine had arrived, Lin Feng was definitely doomed!

The fireball streaked across the sky at top speed. A beautiful and magnificent fire trail appeared behind it.

“No…” Lin Feng accelerated. He sensed that the Saint of the Fire Shrine was catching up with him, and felt even more under pressure.


Lin Feng looked furious. His eyes were filled with death strength. He had gone through so many hardships in life, was he going to die? He had nearly died so many times. He had dreamt for so many years, now he was sure he had a Forbidden Body, he had developed his own god level, he was destined to become a ruler in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds sooner or later… how could he die now?

If he died, what would happen to his small world, his family members, his friends, Meng Qing, Zhe Tian? Everybody would be so sad…

But the Qi behind him was getting closer and closer. He had the impression death was catching up with him, and the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine hadn’t arrived yet.

“Lin Feng, you have nowhere to escape!” said a voice behind him. Lin Feng started feeling extremely hot, as if he were about to burn alive. He was getting more and more desperate, was he going to die?

The Saint of the Fire Shrine was there.

“Lin Feng, you have to hold on at all costs!” shouted a voice. Lin Feng frowned. Finally, he had hope again. The Diviner was almost there. He had to hold on a little bit longer…

Lin Feng accelerated, he didn’t know he was capable of moving that fast. However, it was a Saint following him. Even if he accelerated, the Saint continued catching up slowly with him.

“Get ready to die!” said the Saint. The voice sounded like the devil’s voice in his head, he wanted to make Lin Feng feel desperate and stop running. But Lin Feng was determined, he couldn’t die, not now…

Such cultivators were still extremely fast though.

Three seconds and I’ll destroy him!, thought the Fire Shrine’s Saint. Three seconds would be enough, the Diviner wouldn’t arrive within three seconds.

Lin Feng had the impression the god of death was about to catch him.

One second passed, the distance between them decreased again. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, he saw dazzling lights intertwining. The lights seemed alive…

Two seconds passed, the Fire Shrine’s Saint already considered Lin Feng dead. He started smiling coldly as he condensed fire in his hands again.

Three seconds finally passed, the Fire Shrine’s Saint said, “Destroy!”

Lin Feng sensed a terrifying fireball shooting towards him!

At that precise moment, Lin Feng summoned the Fortune City illusion to block the attack.

“Break!” shouted the Fire Shrine’s cultivator. The Fortune City’s illusion exploded, the fireball continued moving towards Lin Feng.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng, taking out the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron. Deployment lights flashed. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron looked like a supreme precious cauldron, protecting Lin Feng from death.

The flames tried to pierce through the cauldron. The Fire Shrine’s Saint was getting closer. He stretched out his hands, trying to capture Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength surrounding. However, at that moment, it broke apart.

“It’s over!” said the Fire Shrine’s cultivator, another fireball emerging from his finger and shooting towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng started burning again.

“No!…” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The fire was corroding his life. He released as much life strength as he could.

At that moment, dazzling green lights surrounded him. The Fire Shrine’s Saint moved closer, about to catch Lin Feng, but he saw the dimly discernible green lights and Lin Feng disappeared.

At the same time, the Diviner arrived and looked at Lin Feng, whose face was deathly pale. He glared at the Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator, his eyes filled with murder.

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