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PMG Chapter 2292: All the Shrines

PMG Chapter 2292: All the Shrines

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“His life is in peril,” said a voice.

The Diviner looked furious. “Bing Yan, take him away. Save him, thanks for your help.”

“Alright.” The dazzling green lights disappeared across the sky. Lin Feng had already lost consciousness.

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator groaned coldly. Lin Feng thought he could still survive? That attack was enough, Lin Feng was about to die!

“Great Life Destruction!” said the Diviner coldly.

The Fire Shrine’s Saint was stupefied and shouted furiously, “Mara-Deva, you want to kill me?!”

A terrifying life corroding strength emerged and surrounded his body. His life was being drained out. The Diviner overbearing Qi was surging. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator could sense that the Diviner wanted to kill him!

“We’ve all been at peace for so many years, it seems like you’ve all forgotten where my name comes from! But you remembered my name; at least, you’ll die knowing who killed you!” sighed the Diviner.

Lights emerged from his eyes and blotted out the sky. The whole territory became his. The sky went dark. Even the Saint Emperors in the distance were shaking.

A Saint from the Empty Space Shrine arrived and gazed into the distance. However, when he saw the Diviner and the Fire Shrine’s Saint fighting, he was astonished… and he remembered the Diviner’s name!

He didn’t know what to do anymore: help the Fire Shrine’s Saint, or not?

If he dies, the Fire Shrine will go crazy, thought the Empty Space Shrine’s Saint. He turned around and left as if events had nothing to do with him anymore.

The Diviner and the Fire Shrine’s Saint were fighting, their energies already blotted out the sky and covered the earth. The atmosphere was sealed over a distance of thousands of li. The Diviner’s strength was incredible, no matter what, he wanted to kill his enemy, he didn’t care about the consequences anymore.

All of this would have terrifying consequences in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. At least five Shrines had gotten involved. Such a terrifying thing hadn’t happened in such a long time. Now, Lin Feng had served as the match for the fire!

Lin Feng had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had become famous in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back when he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds hadn’t paid attention to him because there were too many geniuses in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

But now, things were different!

This day, a Saint of the Fire Shrine fell! It had been a very, very long time since a Saint from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had died. But because of Lin Feng, the Fire Shrine’s Saint had died. The Diviner, whose real name was Mara-Deva, had killed him. People had forgotten that name with time. The Diviner of the Fortune Shrine had killed a Saint of the Fire Shrine!


A Saint had died, a terrible thing for the Fire Shrine. Apart from losing an important asset, they had also lost face. Everybody thought that the Fire Shrine would be furious, but actually they calmed down, and didn’t continue fighting against the Fortune Shrine. People in the outside world didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes, though. But they could imagine that the Fire Shrine was actually furious. Maybe they were scared, too…

For the Fire Shrine, chasing Lin Feng was just something they had agreed to do because all the Shrines had joined hands. The Fortune Shrine didn’t dare attack all the Shrines, but the Diviner, Mara-Deva, had dared kill one of their Saints. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivators weren’t stupid, they knew that if their Saint had died, it was because the Saints from the other Shrines had probably abandoned him during the battle.

The Fire Shrine’s members had already heard many people tell their versions of what had happened on that day. They could imagine what had happened in the end: that Saint had died because the other Shrines, with whom they had formed an alliance, had abandoned him and left. The other Shrines hoped that the Fire Shrine would start a war against the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine was convinced that if they started a war against the Fortune Shrine, nobody would help them, and on the contrary, they would watch and then, when the two Shrines were weak enough, they would finish them both off!

They hadn’t forgotten the War of the Shrines in the old days, it was why the Shrines didn’t dare fight anymore. The consequences in the ancient days had been too tragic.

However, everybody thought that the Diviner was cruel. He had dared kill a Saint!

But now, the problem was… was Lin Feng dead?

Everybody had heard that the Fire Shrine’s Saint had attacked Lin Feng and that a strong cultivator of the Life Shrine had taken him away. Therefore, nobody knew if he was dead or not…


Green lights flashed deep within the Life Shrine. Beautiful emerald green grass fields and trees. There was a beautiful lake there containing an incredible amount of life strength. Lin Feng was lying in the water of the life lake, floating at the surface. Life strength kept flowing into his body.

Life strength also kept emerging from the grass and trees and entering his body. His life essence was getting thicker and thicker.

There was someone at the lakeside staring at Lin Feng, frowning. It was the Diviner.

The Diviner raised his head and looked at an ancient tree, asking, “Bing Yan, how is he doing?”

“His own life strength is very powerful, so he can absorb life strength even better than most people. It’s like he is in a state of suspended animation. He should have woken up, but I don’t know why he hasn’t,” said the ancient tree, “I’ll call Xi Xi, she’ll come and check.”

“Thank you, Bing Yan,” said the Diviner, nodding at the ancient tree.

Bing Yan looked at the Diviner and said, “You attach much importance to him, you even killed a Saint because of him; does he really have a Forbidden Body?”

“It’s not important. He’s a disciple of the Fortune Shrine, how could I let anyone oppress them like that?” replied the Diviner calmly.

A beautiful woman appeared, landing on the lakeside. She had an extraordinary Qi, and looked like a Life Goddess.

She flashed out above the lake, she crouched and looked at Lin Feng.

“Death and life type.”

She was surprised. She looked at the Diviner and asked, “He understands life and death Dao?”

“I think so,” said the Diviner.

“Life and death are not very compatible. His life and death strengths are competing. He’s in a special state. I don’t know why he can’t wake up, though,” said Mu Rong Xi Xi.

The Diviner frowned. The Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivators had incredible powers, but they didn’t understand life strength that well compared to the strong cultivators of the Life Shrine.

“What should we do?” asked the Diviner.

“I will continue healing him. I think he’s the only one who knows when he will wake up, though,” said Mu Rong Xi Xi, shaking her head.

(Translator’s note: Mu Rong or Murong is a rare family name in China, the story behind it is interesting, “Although rare, Mu Rong is still one of the more popular compound last names in China. They are the descendents of the youngest son of Di Ku (2,435 2,365 B.C.), who resided in the northeast. Later on, they moved to the west and were known as the Xian Bei tribe. These people admired (the Chinese word for admire is Mu) the heaven and the earth, and they believed they resembled the appearance (Chinese word for appearance is Rong) of the sun, moon, and stars. Therefore they assumed the last name Mu Rong.    Hometown: Northwest of Xi Dai in Shanxi Province.”


“What if he doesn’t wake up?” asked the Diviner, frowning.

“We’ll need to expel his death strength from his body then, no other choice.” replied Mu Rong Xi Xi. Lin Feng’s condition was strange, even to them

The Diviner was speechless as he stared at Lin Feng. What was wrong with this little boy?


In the Fortune Shrine, Meng Qing and Zhe Tian were extremely nervous. They didn’t know how Lin Feng was doing. The Diviner told them they had to be patient. How could they be patient, though? Now the relations between the Shrines were not good. The Diviner didn’t want them to leave the Fortune Shrine for the time being. Otherwise, the Fire Shrine might seek revenge and kill them!


Apart from Meng Qing and Zhe Tian, in the Void Phoenix Clan, some people were also extremely worried too. Qing Feng was staring at Saint Shi Jue Lao Xian and asked, “Teacher, how is Lin Feng doing?”

“I’m not sure,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, shaking his head, “I’ve heard that he was in the Life Shrine.”

“Life Shrine.” Qing Feng was surprised. She said, “I want to go to the Life Shrine!”

“To do what?” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, “Lin Feng will be fine, there are strong cultivators in both Shrines. If they can’t do much, you won’t be able to do much, either. Be patient.”

Qing Feng was surprised, and said, “I’ll go and see Sister Jing!”

She left quickly.

All the Shrines were watching the Life Shrine these days. They needed to know whether Lin Feng was dead or not. The Fire Shrine had lost a Saint, after all, and lost face. They hadn’t even managed to kill a Celestial Emperor!

People from the Snow Clan were also watching the Life Shrine. They were convinced that if Lin Feng died, everybody would quickly know it.

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