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PMG Chapter 2293: Lin Feng’s Condition

PMG Chapter 2293: Lin Feng’s Condition

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Lin Feng was calmly lying above the life lake of the Fortune Shrine. Life strength kept flowing into his body.

Mu Rong Xi Xi was in front of Lin Feng. She stretched her hand and put it on Lin Feng’s body. She released even more life Qi, which flew throughout Lin Feng’s body. However, she could sense that there was a life and death vortex in Lin Feng’s body. His death strength didn’t disperse. She felt powerless.

“Why would you do that?” whispered Mu Rong Xi Xi. Some green leaves passed next to her and brushed her.

“He’s in a state of suspended animation, why doesn’t the death energy disperse?” asked Bing Yan.

Mu Rong Xi Xi shook her head, “I’m not sure. I can’t see what’s happening inside his head, or I’d solve the situation.”

“What you mean is that he’s doing that on purpose?” asked Bing Yan.

“Yes,” said Mu Rong Xi Xi nodded. It was possible.

Bing Yan didn’t understand. Was Lin Feng staying asleep on purpose?


Lin Feng was in a state of suspended animation. When the Fire Shrine’s Saint had attacked him, he had thought he was dying, and actually had almost died. However, because he controlled life and death Dao, he had released life stamps into his body and had used all of his life strength. He hadn’t died, and at that moment, Bing Yan had released life strength into him and prevented him from dying.

However, Lin Feng had never been that close to dying before, he really had almost died. Then, life strength had saved him, and he had fallen into a state of suspended animation. Initially, he didn’t want that, but he also knew that going through such a thing was a rare opportunity. He had the opportunity to study life and death in real conditions, and he couldn’t miss it. If he missed it, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to cause such a situation again. Cause such a situation to happen just to study it?

Therefore, he had decided not to wake up to study each part of his body and how they reacted when facing death. It would also be a great opportunity to reach perfection on the Path of Life and Death.

Lin Feng had already heard that his Life and Death Dao was a dual Dao. It was a difficult path. Finally, he had the opportunity to study death in a real-life situation. Therefore, he didn’t want to wake up!


There was a giant at the lakeside, his Qi was ancient. He looked like a god. Qin Shan had found the way here himself. He had already studied the Rebirth Scriptures, and even though he couldn’t become as strong as he used to be in his previous life, he was already vastly stronger than when he was only a small thread of consciousness.

A blue-green bird whistled and called out, “Two women from the Void Phoenix Clan from the Northwest Area are here and want to see Lin Feng!”

Bing Yan raised his head and said, “Let them come.”

The grass undulated in the wind, and after a short time, two beautiful women arrived: Jing and Qing Feng!

“Lin Feng!” shouted Qing Feng when she saw Lin Feng. She landed in front of him and looked at him lying on the surface of the water, it made her feel extremely sad.

“What’s wrong with him?” Qing Feng asked Mu Rong Xi Xi.

Mu Rong Xi Xi shook her head, “He’s in a state of suspended animation. He’s half dead, half alive. I don’t know any more.”

“Half dead, half alive.” Qing Feng was stunned. “What you mean is that he can die anytime?”

“Yes,” Mu Rong Xi Xi nodded. Qing Feng’s face stiffened. She didn’t know what to say. She just stared at Lin Feng.

“How could it be…,” said Qing Feng, almost crying. She looked devastated. She crouched down and put her hands on Lin Feng’s face. A few days before, he was with her, he had told her he wanted to take care of her. He was smiling so broadly. He had even told her mother that. However, only a short time had passed, and he was almost dead…

“Qing Feng…” said Jing. Poor Qing Feng… she was devastated, she had fallen in love with Lin Feng and now…!

Qing Feng didn’t say anything. She just stayed there, kneeling next to Lin Feng. She looked at Mu Rong Xi Xi and asked, “Master, if I die and turn into Dao and I enter into his body, will he come back to life?”

“Die and turn into Dao?” Mu Rong Xi Xi was astonished. The Void Phoenix Clan really had such an ability, but only strong cultivators could use it. It was an ancient phoenix sacrificial technique!

“Maybe,” replied Mu Rong Xi Xi. “At least, his chances of waking up would be higher, I guess.”

“Alright,” Qing Feng nodded.

Jing was astonished, “Qing Feng, you can’t turn into Dao now.” Qing Feng couldn’t sacrifice herself yet!

“I’ll accept what the clan asked of me. I’ll have my phoenix blood cleansed again, and I’ll be able to turn into Dao. I’m going back,” said Qing Feng. She smiled at Jing and turned around.

Jing’s mouth twitched, “I don’t accept this!”

“Let’s go, sister,” Qing Feng said. Her silhouette flickered as she left.

Mu Rong Xi Xi and Bing Yan were astonished. Mu Rong Xi Xi smiled wryly and shook her head. She smiled at Bing Yan and said, “Sister Bing Yan, you probably understand.”

Bing Yan smiled wryly, “You’re making fun of me.”

“I’m not, back in the days, back in the days, you and Mara-Deva were so passionate,” replied Mu Rong Xi Xi, giggling.

It was difficult to imagine two Saints giggling like that. At that moment, they looked like little girls.


Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on outside at that moment. His soul and consciousness were almost dead. His life and death Dao was about to reach perfection.

When a cultivator’s Dao reached the maximum level, perfection, it meant that they met one of the requirements to become a Saint. Every Saint had gone through this. Lin Feng’s journey was even more difficult. He had almost died!

His god strength fused together with his life and death strength…

People in the outside world were still watching the Life Shrine. They were waiting for news, was Lin Feng dead yet?

Qing Feng accepted getting married to a member of the Fire Shrine in order to have her phoenix blood cleansed. It was a great opportunity for the Void Phoenix Clan. But it didn’t draw too many people’s attention. The Fire Shrine didn’t even care about it. All they cared about was Lin Feng’s death!!


Time passed slowly. The suspended animation started dispersed slowly in Lin Feng’s body. His life and death strength started connecting again.

“What’s wrong?” Bing Yan looked startled at that moment, and looked at Lin Feng strangely. She immediately released life strength, which flowed throughout his body.

“How could it be? My life strength is dividing inside of his body, it’s dividing into life and death strength! And the division is perfectly equal!” Mu Rong Xi Xi didn’t understand, she didn’t know what it looked like when a cultivator’s life and death Dao was reaching perfection, so she didn’t understand. She thought the death strength in Lin Feng’s body had appeared because of the Fire Shrine’s Saint’s attack; in other words, that it was the injury itself. It was partly true, and by a lucky coincidence, Lin Feng had been given the opportunity to improve.

“Let’s watch,” said Mu Bing Yan. Lin Feng absorbed more and more life strength. It was as if the life Qi of the lake wasn’t enough for him. The two women were stunned.


Qing Feng and Jing came back to the Life Shrine. Jing didn’t want to Qing Feng to come back, but Qing Feng was stubborn. Jing could only hope that Lin Feng would wake up before Qing Feng did anything stupid!

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