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PMG Chapter 2294: Waking Up

PMG Chapter 2294: Waking Up

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The Life Shrine was boundless. From the sky, it didn’t look like a city, it looked like a gigantic tree. There were millions of leaves everywhere, and they all contained an endless amount of ancient life Qi. Each branch of the tree looked like an ancient tree in itself.

Lin Feng was somewhere in there, lying calmly at the top of the lake. He continued absorbing the strength of the lake.

Qing Feng and Jing finally arrived, when Jing saw that Lin Feng hadn’t woken up, she was nervous. Her heart was pounding.

“Master, when will he wake up?” Jing looked at Mu Rong Xi Xi and asked telepathically, “Master, tell my sister that Lin Feng will wake up, otherwise, she will do something stupid.”

Mu Rong Xi Xi was surprised, she glanced at Qing Feng, but tried to look normal. She said calmly, “He’s absorbing life strength now. He will probably wake up soon.”

Mu Rong Xi Xi didn’t know when Lin Feng would stand up, but she knew that Jing was extremely worried. She had to cheer Qing Feng up. Mu Bing Yan knew why Xi Xi said that. She also hoped that Lin Feng would wake up at some point, so Qing Feng wouldn’t sacrifice herself!

Qing Feng glanced at Mu Rong Xi Xi and whispered, “Really?”

“Of course, I’m a Saint, I wouldn’t lie to you,” said Mu Rong Xi Xi, smiling.

Qing Feng trusted her instantly because she looked so kind. She nodded, “I’ll wait for seven days, if he doesn’t wake up during these seven days, I’ll turn into Dao.”

“Eh…” Mu Rong Xi Xi was surprised and said, “Give him time.”

“No, if he’s already absorbing life strength, he should wake up quickly, if he doesn’t wake up within seven days, then it means that it’s not working,” said Qing Feng, smiling at Mu Rong Xi Xi. She was staring at Lin Feng. Now, she hoped that Lin Feng would wake up quickly.

But Lin Feng didn’t know about that. If he knew, he would have woken up!


During those seven days, he continued absorbing life strength. After seven days, Qing Feng smiled from where she was seated next to Lin Feng. She looked calm, she just smiled in a silly way.

“It seems like I’ll become a part of your body now,” Qing Feng smiled.

“Feng!” Qing Feng’s Qi started burning, a phoenix called out sadly. An ancient phoenix shadow appeared around her body, dazzling to see.

“No, Qing Feng! Don’t do it!” said Jing. Her face turned deathly pale. She was shouting desperately.

“Sister.” Qing Feng smiled at Jing, her smile was resplendent, “Sister, thank you for being good to me. I owe you.”

“Qing Feng, don’t!” said Jing, shaking her head urgently. However, a strong wind started blowing. Death strength emerged from Qing Feng’s body. She was dying, and her energy was going into Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng sensed something, his god strength allowed him to control things. Actually, he also viewed his god strength as control strength. At that moment, a strange death strength filled with emotions was merging into his body. Lin Feng sensed his death strength was improving!

Qing Feng’s ability was incredible, her life turned into death strength and then into life strength in the other person’s body. It was a kind of rebirth!

That death strength turned into life strength in his body.

Eh? That death strength filled with emotions is turning into life strength?, thought Lin Feng. It was a completely different strength from his life and death strength. His life and death strength were completely distinct in his body.

Jing started crying above the lake. Qing Feng’s body was burning away!

But Qing Feng wasn’t sad, she was happy, she looked confident and at ease. Her silhouette gradually became illusionary.

Mu Bing Yan looked at Qing Feng and closed her eyes. She was too sad, she didn’t dare look.

Mu Rong Xi Xi felt very sad, too, but she suddenly released an incredible amount of life strength, surrounding the lake. She looked at Lin Feng, he was still absorbing life strength! She shouted, “Stop! Don’t turn into Dao!”

Jing was surprised and looked at Lin Feng. She shouted, “Feng, stop! Lin Feng is going to wake up!”

“Stop! Cancel!” Life strength surrounded Qing Feng’s body. Mu Rong Xi Xi flashed over next to her. Instantly, Qing Feng’s strength went back into her body, and she recalled her fire.

How dangerous!, thought Mu Rong Xi Xi. Qing Feng’s soul was badly injured even though she had started her Dao transformation technique only a few seconds before.

Qing Feng was astonished too, but she calmed down quickly and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still absorbing life strength.

“What’s going on?” asked Qing Feng. She was surprised.

His life and death strength are changing. They coexist peacefully!, thought Mu Rong Xi Xi. She was astonished. She whispered, “He’s going to wake up! He’s practicing cultivation, he’s not pretending to be dead!”

“Practicing cultivation?!” Qing Feng was astonished.

Jing took a deep breath and said to Qing Feng, “You almost died!”

Qing Feng’s eyes twinkled. She smiled at Jing and then continued looking at Lin Feng.

“Let’s move back,” Mu Rong Xi Xi said to the two younger women. Lin Feng was still absorbing life strength. A strong wind made of life and death strength started blowing around him. They quickly enveloped the whole lake. The trees around the lake started turning pitch-black.

Mu Rong Xi Xi and Mu Bing Yan looked at the changes in the atmosphere and shivered. This guy’s Dao had reached perfection, his comprehension abilities were incredible! He had almost died and had seized that opportunity to study death strength, what a genius… No wonder all the Shrines made such great efforts to kill him. A Saint had even been killed because of him!

The Fire Shrine was probably furious. They had lost a Saint, and they still hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng!


Life and death lights dashed to the skies. Suddenly, Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked around, seeing everything was emerald green around him. It felt good to be there…

He smiled, life and death Dao was difficult, but finally, he had really reached the peak of perfection. He felt great.

But when he opened his eyes, he felt some cold eyes on him. He slowly rose up into the air and exclaimed, “Jing?”

Jing was staring at him coldly. She looked furious!

“You bastard, you weren’t not dead! You were practicing cultivation!” said Jing coldly. “Feng almost killed herself because of you!”

“What do you mean?” said Lin Feng, stunned.

Jing spat, “When she saw that you didn’t wake up, she wanted to turn into Dao to save your life!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he shivered. No wonder he had sensed a strange death strength, it was Qing Feng’s…!

His silhouette flickered and he landed next to Qing Feng. She was beaming at him. He caressed her cheeks and said, “Silly girl!”

“I’m alright now,” said Qing Feng, smiling back at him.

“You’re fine, but if the Saint hadn’t prevented you from turning into Dao, you’d be dead now!” said Jing, she was furious.

Lin Feng looked at Mu Rong Xi Xi and Mu Bing Yan. He said, “You’re the ones who saved me, I guess? I feel very touched and grateful.”

He bowed before the two women.

“It was a slight effort. However, take good care of that girl,” said Mu Bing Yan, glancing at Qing Feng. She sighed and said, “It’s rare to have someone who would be willing to sacrifice themselves for you. Cherish her and protect her!”

“I understand, Master!” Lin Feng nodded. He grabbed Qing Feng’s warm hand, she felt warm. He glanced at the green trees and asked, “Where are we?”

“The Life Shrine. Master Mu Bing Yan and the Diviner have known each other for a very long time,” said Jing. Lin Feng understood, the Diviner had asked Mu Bing Yan to save him!

“Fire Shrine, Ice and Snow Shrine, Empty Space Shrine!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. They had almost killed him, but he was too weak to compete with the Shrines for now…

The Shrines were terrifying entities. At that moment, he wished he could be like the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, he wished he stood at the top, he wished he could crush the Shrines!

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