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PMG Chapter 2295: Going Back to Purple Clouds

PMG Chapter 2295: Going Back to Purple Clouds

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There were two golden lights in the sky of the Life Shrine, a pair of eyes which could see everything.

Those two dazzling eyes could see everything that was happening in the Life Shrine. When Lin Feng stood up, that pair of eyes slowly disappeared.

Very quickly, the Shrines all learned that Lin Feng wasn’t dead, and that he had woken up.

The Shrines were all furious, especially the Fire Shrine. A few Saints had joined hands and failed to kill Lin Feng. They had even lost one. How ridiculous! Was it some kind of a joke?

And the worst thing was that the Shrines had also killed many, many innocents, and in the end, they hadn’t even managed to kill Lin Feng. The Shrines didn’t care about anyone’s life because they were extremely powerful, but their reputation would be tarnished.

The Shrines didn’t like losing face. They had failed to kill Lin Feng, who probably had a Forbidden Body. They had missed an opportunity, and opportunities were rare. At that moment, many people from different Shrines went and encircled the Life Shrine.

The Fortune Shrine knew it, and the Diviner informed Mu Bing Yan.


Life Qi kept surrounding Lin Feng and penetrating into his body. Lin Feng absorbed it greedily. Mu Bing Yan didn’t mind, the others were just chatting while Lin Feng did that.

Lin Feng was very grateful. He kept thanking Mu Rong Xi Xi and Mu Bing Yan. They had healed him the whole time he was practicing cultivation.

“Lin Feng, all the Shrines want to kill you. When you were practicing cultivation and looked dead, many eyes were in the sky of the Life Shrine watching you, they didn’t hide at all. They all saw that you woke up. They have probably encircled the Life Shrine. You’ll have to go to the lower world, I think,” Mu Rong Xi Xi told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was startled. Indeed, he would have to leave and go to the lower world. He couldn’t stay in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“I should go back and see how strong the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts is,” murmured Lin Feng. He knew the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ cultivation level, he knew how strong he could be, and now, he needed to collaborate with him!

“Sis Xi Xi, thank you for having saved my life, I will never forget it,” Lin Feng said to Mu Rong Xi Xi.

She smiled and said, “Hahaha, you just called me “sis”? You know how old I am? I am much, much older than you.”

“We’re cultivators, age doesn’t matter. Besides, when a cultivator reaches a certain level, it is almost impossible to tell how old they are. And Sister Xi Xi, you look like a very young woman,” said Lin Feng with a smile.

Mu Rong Xi Xi’s eyes twinkled, she smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Mara-Deva’s disciples know how to talk to women, I see.”

“Alright, stop joking now. If Lin Feng goes to the lower world, the Shrines will chase him to kill him. Lin Feng, will you be alright?” asked Mu Bing Yan.

Lin Feng smiled, “Don’t worry. I have some incredible hiding and disguising abilities. Nobody can recognize me when I use them. To kill me, they’d have to destroy the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Alright, good. But Qing Feng and Jing won’t be able to follow you that way, otherwise, they will immediately recognize you,” said Mu Bing Yan.

Lin Feng nodded. He smiled at Qing Feng and said, “You go back to the Void Phoenix Clan, wait for me there. When I come back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I will come to you.”

Qing Feng was stunned, her heart twitched. She tried to hide her emotions with a smile and nodded, “Alright, don’t worry.”

Jing’s eyes glittered. She wasn’t happy. Qing Feng had almost committed suicide to save Lin Feng, and she had promised her clan something. She wasn’t dead, so of course, Jing was happy about that, but now, what could Qing Feng do about her promise? She couldn’t take back her word…

She had agreed only because of Lin Feng!

“Xi Xi, bring Lin Feng to the lower world’s passage,” Mu Bing Yan told Mu Rong Xi Xi. Mu Rong Xi Xi nodded and took Lin Feng to the passage in the depths of the Life Shrine.

“Sister Xi Xi, how come there are so few people in the Life Shrine?” asked Lin Feng. He was surprised.

“You just haven’t seen them,” smiled Mu Rong Xi Xi. “Grass is alive. Everything in the Life Shrine is life.”

Lin Feng was surprised and smiled. He didn’t say much more. After some time, they arrived at the passage. Mu Rong Xi Xi asked Lin Feng, “Which continent do you want to go to?”

“Purple Clouds!” said Lin Feng smiled. He turned around and caressed Qing Feng’s cheeks, smiled and said, “Wait for me!”

“Alright!” Qing Feng agreed.

Lin Feng said to Jing, “Jing, take care of Qing Feng!”

Jing rolled her eyes and looked at him angrily. Lin Feng turned around and jumped into the teleportation portal which led to Purple Clouds. He quickly disappeared from their field of vision.


Lin Feng suddenly appeared in Purple Clouds. He glanced at the sky… it was difficult to imagine that it was another world which had been created by people…

Lin Feng changed his face and body. He was back in Purple Clouds, and had one target destination in mind: King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory!

With his current strength, he could travel anywhere in Purple Clouds without any problem. He easily found a map of the continent and quickly made his way to Long Night City.

Back then, Lin Feng had gone to Long Night City with a terrifying group of beasts and had killed many people. The inhabitants of Long Night City now understood that the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts existed, they just didn’t have the opportunity to see him. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory was truly a forbidden territory!

There were legends about Lin Feng in Long Night City, too. Some people said he was a descendant of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. Otherwise, how could he have had such a terrifying army of beasts with him?

But Lin Feng didn’t know about those things. He had gone back to Long Night City, and was calmly walking around. He continued on in the direction of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory.

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory was still lively. Many beasts had gathered there living in peace with one another. They continued competing in the Bestial Memorial Pagoda, improving their fighting abilities. Nobody could really die inside, so the beasts were happy. Lin Feng admired the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts for that. He had created a great society!

Lin Feng had arrived at the entrance of Minister Roc’s territory. There were many beasts around him, shouting out, “The Fighting Phantom is back!”

“Indeed, it’s the Fighting Phantom! We can’t even see how strong he is anymore! How terrifying! He was only at the top of the Huang Qi layer when he became a Fighting Phantom. A field littered with corpses appeared around him. He amazed everybody! Now, he’s a Fighting Phantom, and he’s terrifyingly strong. He seems to be like a Celestial Imperial Beast now!” said one beast. What an incredible cultivation speed!

“We should go and see how strong he is,” declared another beast bravely.

“He’s a Fighting Phantom, we can’t do that. The Ministers won’t be happy,” said another beast indifferently. He was half rhinoceros, half ox.

“Why not? We can check his strength, there’s nothing disrespectful about that. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts likes it when people compare themselves and try to become stronger,” said the other beast courageously.

“Alright,” nodded the other beast. Thunder began to sound as he ran towards Lin Feng. The beasts around roared enthusiastically.

“Fighting Phantom, be careful!” shouted the ox. He raised his fists, lightning appeared around him.

Lin Feng punched out in his direction. There was a boom, and the beast was slammed away and crashed into the ground violently. He stood up again, he looking enthusiastic. How strong!

How strong! How powerful! The Fighting Phantom is progressing so damn fast!, thought the beasts around, astonished.

“Bunch of stupid beasts, piss off now! You dare try to see how strong the Fighting Phantom is, even though someone like me can’t even see how strong he is!” swore Minister Roc after coming out. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “You’re incredible! I’m very surprised!”

“Minister Roc,” greeted Lin Feng. “I want to go and see the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.”

Minister Roc was surprised, but said to Lin Feng, “Alright, I’ll take you to the leader.”

He opened his massive wings as he turned into a great roc. “Come on!”

Lin Feng jumped onto his back and they started flying away faster than most of the beasts could follow. Everybody was astonished. The Fighting Phantom really had an extraordinary position within the hierarchy, he could even ride the great roc who was a Minister!

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