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PMG Chapter 2298: Gathering

PMG Chapter 2298: Gathering

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Time slipped away, flew, crawled, and zipped along…

In the Holy City of Dark Clouds, the Ancient Holy Clans continued growing stronger, they continued ruling over the main cities of the region. For Ancient Holy Clans to truly weaken or be destroyed, thousands and thousands of years were often necessary, unless they offended a terrifyingly strong cultivator!

However, the Ancient Holy Clans weren’t worried about such things, because there weren’t many people who were stronger than them, and they didn’t offend such people. Therefore, it was very difficult to destroy them.

In the Holy City, the four universities – Champion University, Celestial Godly University, Ancient University and Four Seasons University – were still powerful. The famous Ancient Holy Clans – the Ji Clan, the Pei Clan, the Ying Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, the Ying Clan, the Great Imperial Palace, the Canaan Buddhist Clan, the King of Hell Palace and so on – were also amongst the strongest groups as well.

Champion University and Celestial Godly University were particularly prestigious. Many geniuses wanted to study there. It was a flourishing era for them.

Outside of Champion University, two young people had appeared. One looked confident and at ease, elegant and handsome. He was wearing cyan clothes and looked a bit unruly. The other one looked completely different. His head reflected sunshine because he had no hair, as he was a Buddhist monk. However, he looked confident and at ease too.

There were many people outside of Champion University, but those two people drew people’s attention.

“How handsome. Who’s that? He’s too handsome. And his Qi is incredible. He must be a high-level emperor, no, even stronger,” thought a young woman, looking at the young man. She was astounded: Hou Qing Lin’s Qi looked incredible.

The two people were Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi!

“How come Ruo Xie hasn’t arrived yet?” asked Tian Chi. These days, they had received a message from Lin Feng. He wanted them to gather in Champion University. Hou Qing Lin had immediately agreed. They hadn’t seen each other for so many years, they had all spent time in the remotest corners of the world. They all stopped what they were doing and headed back to the Holy City.

“He’ll arrive soon. He bumped onto Jian Mang on the way, so they’re come back together,” said Hou Qing Lin softly, smiling indifferently. Women loved men like him.

Inside Champion University, some lights glittered. Many people came out and gathered together. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

“Those are Tiantai’s people, right? What are they doing?”

In Champion University, everybody knew about Tiantai. Tiantai was the strongest group of Champion University. Tiantai had many, many disciples. In the future, they’d become terrifyingly powerful!

Two groups of disciples came out. The woman leading them came out slowly, her hair pitch-black, fluttering in the wind. She was wearing a light golden robe, and looked as proud as a princess. She smiled happily when she saw those two people.

Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi smiled broadly. Yun Qing Yan looked great!

“Welcome back, second and third brothers.” she shouted. Instantly, many people looked at them. They were stunned: second and third brothers?

Tiantai only had two people who they called second and third brothers: Hou Qing Lin who carried out reincarnation sword attacks and Tian Chi the Buddhist monk.

“It’s them. They’re back!” the crowd gasped with amazement. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were Lin Feng’s fellow disciples! They were really strong, and now they were back?

Brother Hou Qing Lin, no wonder he looks incredible!, thought the girl in the crowd who had found Hou Qing Lin handsome.

“I came to greet you at the cost of a lot of effort,” Yun Qing Yan laughed. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were speechless. She was too funny!

“What about Lin Feng? He finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and now we don’t see him anymore,” Yun Qing Yan pouted. Where was he?

“Let’s go in to talk,” Hou Qing Lin smiled. He glanced at the members of Tiantai; so many years had passed and Tiantai had become powerful, they had anticipated this. Tiantai was rising, as expected!

“Alright.” Yun Qing Yan brought them inside. The crowd kept talking and gossiping. They followed the group of people from Tiantai, wanting to see the legendary cultivators of Tiantai. They had heard many legends about Tiantai; what had happened with the Ji Chang’s Club at the beginning, and that time when the Ji Chang’s Club had been destroyed, yet nobody knew if everything was true.


Six hours later, someone wearing black clothes with a sword on his back appeared outside of Champion University. Next to him was a blind man. They both looked dangerously strong.

“Who are they?” wondered the crowd.

“Tiantai, my fellow disciples, teacher, Ruo Xie is back!” said Ruo Xie, smiling widely before entering Champion University with Jian Mang.

“Ruo Xie, that’s Ruo Xie from Tiantai! He controls time strength, he’s an incredible fighter! And that blind guy must be Jian Mang, he’s a blind sword cultivator. He also controls light strength. They’re back too!”

“Tiantai’s core disciples are back. They were on the Celestial Champion Ranking List for a very long time and at some point, it wasn’t necessary to have them on the list anymore,” said someone. Even though their names had been removed from the list, nobody had forgotten about them. As long as Tiantai existed, people would talk about them.


One day later, someone else appeared. He was gigantic, and his teeth were sharp. He shouted, “Brothers and sisters, Tantai is back!!!”

He jumped into Champion University. He wanted everyone to see he was back!

On that same day, Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi also arrived at Champion University.

They all came back. The atmosphere grew quite lively in Champion University. Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi were famous in the entire city. One had an imperial immortal body, the other one had a World King Body. Now, they were back in the Holy City and they came to Champion University. Champion University had turned into a meeting spot for all those geniuses. It was as if something was about to happen…

Why had all these geniuses decided to come back at the same time?

All these people had different relationships, but one person connected them.

One person, a peerless genius of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

But he wasn’t there, he hadn’t come back. Where was Lin Feng?


A man and woman appeared outside of Champion University. They stayed outside for a long time and looked at the entrance, smiling. Behind them were some young people and a wooden silhouette.

“Xiao Yue, we’re here. This is Champion University!” murmured Mu Chen. Jing Xiao Yue and Mu Chen had been traveling all around the world for a long time, and now they were back. Mu Chen was going to see his disciples, his beloved students!

Mu Chen was proud of his disciples. Jing Xiao Yue was proud of his disciples too. Back then, they had risked their lives for him and shouted loudly, “Mu Chen is our teacher!”

Mu Chen and Xiao Yue entered Champion University. Some people welcomed them.

Champion University was lively. However, everybody had the sensation someone was missing.

Someone was missing and hadn’t arrived.

Was he going to come back?

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