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PMG Chapter 2299: Drunk and Sobering Up

PMG Chapter 2299: Drunk and Sobering Up

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Was Lin Feng going to come back?

Lin Feng was obviously going to come back. He had contacted all his friends, how could he not come back? Of course, only someone Lin Feng could make all those people return.

They had been separated for such a long time, gathering again was a good thing. In the future, he was going to go through many hardships, more hardships. He needed to become much stronger to put pressure on all the Shrines. It was going to be dangerous. If the Life Shrine hadn’t helped him, he would have died already.

As everybody was wondering when Lin Feng would come back, a young man arrived at Champion University. He looked ordinary, his Qi was ordinary. He didn’t draw anyone’s attention. Even those who were waiting for him didn’t know he had arrived at Champion University. He even passed next to people would have recognized him.

People didn’t expect Lin Feng’s comeback to be like that, he didn’t draw anyone’s attention.


The celestial Qi was still incredible at Champion University. Tiantai’s headquarters were now in a park. There was a waterfall made of Qi. It was isolated from the outside world. People who were practicing cultivation weren’t disturbed by anything there.

There were many people in the park right now.

Lin Feng open the secret door to the park and entered. In the park, many people were walking, many others were seated cross-legged practicing cultivation. Many people looked at Lin Feng. He was in his real form again, smiling widely.

Behind him was a beautiful woman, Tang You You.

“You’re back!” shouted someone, breaking the calm. Lin Feng turned around and saw two people in a pavilion, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu!

“Teachers, I’m back,” said Lin Feng, grinning happily.

“It’s good that you came back! It’s good!” said Emperor Yu, nodding continuously. Lin Feng realized that even though he had become stronger, Emperor Yu didn’t look so young anymore. He had many wrinkles. Lin Feng glanced at the crowd, remembering what everybody had gone through because of him in Ba Huang Province. He also remembered the old man from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, who had made Emperor Yu kneel down. When he thought about that, he was suddenly furious again. Nobody could understand what it felt like.

He looked like a child when he thought about that. He remembered the good old days when his two teachers taught them cultivation. He thought of the catastrophes in Ba Huang.

Emperor Yu saw that their disciples had grown up. They were all very strong. He was very happy now, happy to see all his disciples. He wanted to shout: THEY ARE MY BELOVED DISCIPLES!

Mu Chen was extremely happy too. Emperor Yu and Mu Chen kept beaming, as if their faces might split.

Lin Feng looked over at Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Jiang Mang, Tantai, Huang Fu Long, and he said, “You You, do you have alcohol?”

“It’s ready for you!” said Tang You You, laughing. She took out bottles one after another.

Lin Feng took them and announced to everybody, “Today, we’re going to drink!”

“Let’s drink!” agreed Jun Mo Xi, walking forwards. He glanced at Lin Feng, Tang You You, and Huang Fu Long, “Unfortunately, we never found Fei Yang.”

“He must be fine,” Lin Feng smiled. He threw bottles of alcohol at everybody. Everybody caught at least one.

The bottles all broke open. Huang Fu Long downed his alcohol, his cheeks turned red and he said, “Time flies, so many years have passed. Let’s drink!”

All those years had passed in the twinkling of an eye. He remembered, back in the days when he hoped he’d get married to Tian Chi Xue. Now, he felt old. Time was cruel and spared nobody.

“Let’s drink!” echoed Jun Mo Xi, raising his bottle and downing his alcohol. His cheeks felt numb. “How awesome,” said Jun Mo Xi. So much time had passed, he hadn’t allowed himself to rest for a very long time. He had focused on becoming stronger.

Lang Ye looked at all his friends and smiled. He downed his alcohol without saying anything.

Very quickly, everybody was drunk and it smelled like booze everywhere. Bottles popped one after another. Tang You You kept throwing bottles at people.

Time passed. People didn’t talk so much, simple glances were enough. Empty bottles covered the ground. Huang Fu Long raised his head and laughed frantically, “We finished all the alcohol!”

“There’s always alcohol left!” said Jun Mo Xi laughing loudly, “To Tiantai!”

“Haha, Jun Mo Xi, you and Lang Ye should join Tiantai! To Tiantai!” said everybody, raising more bottles and downing them, then throwing the bottles on the ground.

Lin Feng looked at everybody, he was seated on the ground. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were seated on the ground, too. Lin Feng smiled and said owlishly, “Teacher, that alcohol is strong, isn’t it?”

“It’s quite strong, indeed,” said Mu Chen nodding and smiling. He was drunk already.

“Have a good rest, don’t worry about anything,” said Lin Feng smiled, before laying down on the grass and looking up at the sky. There were white clouds, the waterfall was filled with celestial Qi. Everything was perfect. He was smiling happily. Today was carefree, they just got drunk and forgot their worries.

“Sleep!” everybody finally laid down. Everything was spinning, everybody closed their eyes and started sleeping.

They could hear the sound of the waterfall. It became cooler outside and calm. Jing Xiao Yue was lying in Mu Chen’s arms, Tang You You walked over to Lin Feng and smiled. She glanced at Yun Qing Yan, who had tried to get Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie drunk, but now she was drunk, too.

They had a perfect day. All these people were the pride of Champion University. If anyone had seen all them all lying around drunk, they would have been flabbergasted.


The next day, early in the morning, it was quite chilly. Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced around. Most people were still sleeping. Jun Mo Xi was seated on a stone chair.

“Mo Xi, why didn’t you bring Xiao Die?” Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi.

Jun Mo Xi smiled wryly and said, “Lin Feng, how long will we need to live to reach the very top of cultivation?”

Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “Did anything happen?”

“Xiao Die and I have been in love for a long time. But because of cultivation, I don’t keep her with me, we only meet once in a while. Ass I become stronger, the distance between her and me gets more and more important. Even though she loves me, a certain distance is created,” murmured Jun Mo Xi sighing.

Lin Feng was impressed and said, “Xiao Die is a good girl.”

“Yes. And she doesn’t want to make me feel tired. She’s sad. I wish she were strong, she’d be able to travel with me that way,” said Jun Mo Xi slowly, “I’ve thought of giving up cultivation for her, and living an ordinary life with her in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But I can’t. My dream is to become a strong cultivator. If I bumped into someone strong and I couldn’t protect my close ones? How can you live if you’re weak anyway?”

“Do your best to give up everything and quickly reach the top, and then you can meet her again. Then, you’ll be free and unfettered,” said Mu Chen, standing up slowly, “It’s your best choice, you can’t do like me and give up cultivation.”

“Maybe,” said Jun Mo Xi with a smile. Lin Feng said nothing. Everybody had different purposes in life. Jun Mo Xi had to make his own decisions.

People gradually woke up. They had sobered up a little.

“Teacher, I want to create a sect in the Holy City and call it Tiantai,” Lin Feng said to Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

“Now?” Emperor Yu was stupefied, “Is it the right time?”

“Yes. Tiantai is strong already. We have many great emperors. We can’t expand without doing so. Besides, I will get rid of some obstacles, and Champion University will support us,” Lin Feng smiled.

Emperor Yu and everybody else were astonished. How scary and wild an idea!

“I’m going to see the Ancestors of Champion University to tell them about this. The Holy City will become our headquarters,” Lin Feng grinned. He had always wanted Tiantai to reign over the world!

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