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PMG Chapter 230: The Resplendence of the Cross

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At the foot of the Golden Zi Mountain, a group of armored-horses were galloping at full speed.

The group was composed of about thirty people. The majority of them was wearing bronze masks which covered their faces entirely; but once in a while, it was possible to notice they all had tense expressions. They were releasing strong Qi as they rode.

These horses were surprisingly, all Chi Xie armored-horses. They were people from the Xue Yue Country.

The person leading the group wasn’t like all the others. Surprisingly, it was a girl, she looked delicate and was wearing white clothes. Even though a fine veil was covering her face, she looked holy and pure.

The way she moved her body gave the impression that she was floating through the air like a celestial spirit. It gave the impression that she was not of this world.

That woman at the front of the group, was Meng Qing. Her clothes were white like snow and she was floating in the air like a celestial being.

The group of Chi Xie cavalry was following Meng Qing. They were the Celestial Sword Chi Xie Unit.

Over the past days, after Lin Feng had travelled into the Mo Yue country, he had heard no news about the battle. After the battle, a group of Chi Xie cavalry followed Meng Qing and went looking for Lin Feng. They had been tracking him for days. By coincidence, they had learnt from the Zi Wei Mountain Village, that Lin Feng was at the Zi Government.

Besides, Meng Qing and the others had been galloping at full speed over that huge distance without rest.


At the same time, outside of the Zi Government, Lin Feng was standing in front of the entrance to the forbidden area. He had just made the old man retreat in the blink of an eye, but he didn’t stop there. He had grabbed Duan Xin Ye’s hand and had jumped towards Zi Ying carrying the princess at his side.


Zi Ying shouted extremely loudly. Zi Ying was the patriarch of the Zi Government Sect and he seemed to be pitifully weak when compared with Lin Feng. Lin Feng made him look like a weak cultivator who couldn’t withstand a single attack. Besides, there had been less than a second between the moment when Lin Feng stopped fighting against the old man and the moment when he had appeared right in front of Zi Ying. It seemed like he could kill Zi Ying at any moment. Zi Ying’s heart was filled with endless resentment.

He was the Patriarch of the Zi Government, he had reached the peak of the ninth Ling Qi layer and was respected in the entire region, there was nobody who wasn’t reverent and respectful to him.

But at that moment, Lin Feng, a teenager who had come alone; had killed the members of the Zi Government and was treating him, Zi Ying, like he was nothing. He was moving to kill him while still fighting with the senior cultivator of the Zi Government.

A terrifying purple illusion emerged, Zi Ying’s entire body was covered by the purple Qi of that illusion. He violently raised his fist with all the energy he had remaining.

“Sword of the Setting Sun!” He was holding his sword in the air and sliced through the atmosphere towards the ground. His sword was not dazzling, though, it gave the impression of desolation and loneliness.

That hot-blooded genius, that majestically strong cultivator, also had moments of loneliness and desolation, moments similar to a setting sun.

Sword of the Setting Sun was filled with a deadly and lonely Qi.

Lin Feng’s Sword of the Rising Sun was swift and violent. His Scorching Sword could illuminate everything, but it also destroyed everything it illuminated.

Lin Feng’s Sword of the Setting Sun seemed like it refused to be flashy, there was nothing beautiful about it, no matter how dazzling the sword used to be, it all faded into darkness.

Zi Ling could feel the power of the sword. He used to enjoy a great reputation throughout the whole region and at that moment, he was being humiliated by Lin Feng. It was the opposite of what he was used to.

Zi Ying’s heart was pounding. The brilliance of his attack was fading. It seemed like under Lin Feng’s sword, anything that gave out a bright and flashy light was being suppressed.

When Lin Feng’s Sword of the Setting Sun reached the ground, Zi Ying slowly collapsed. The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding.

The Patriarch of the Zi Government had been killed by a single sword strike.

“How strong…” People in the crowd felt that they were paralyzed. Zi Ying had also been killed by Lin Feng. What a powerful young man.


An incredible purple light emerged around the old man’s body and filled the air.

Lin Feng had made him retreat and in that moment, he killed Zi Ying. In front of the old man’s eyes, Lin Feng had killed the Patriarch of the Zi Government, Zi Ying.

It wasn’t only about Lin Feng having killed his offspring, it was also a shocking humiliation, Lin Feng made the old man seem completely useless.

“I will dismember you into a thousand pieces.” The old man’s face looked hideous and piercingly cold. He then jumped back into the corridor. The entire corridor was shaking as if it was going to collapse from the pressure he emitted.

“Dismember me into a thousand pieces?” Lin Feng’s facial expression was cold. He then continued: “When you came, you said I would never have my turn, I could not kill him because I was dead already.”

“You will be buried here with him.” said the old man while taking another step. The ground shook making Lin Feng’s heart shake as well. The old man was furious, the old man of the Xuan Qi layer was enraged.

“Well, once again, we will have to see what the final result will be.”

Lin Feng put Duan Xin Ye behind him and moved forwards releasing his battle energy.

Everybody who was present could clearly and distinctly sense Lin Feng’s battle energy. Even though he was facing a strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, he was not backing down. He was truly fearless. There was only battle energy burning around him and his heart was filled with ardour.

This was a true cultivator. He was extremely determined. How could he not be strong when he had such determination? Lin Feng hadn’t become that strong only because he had high natural talent, it was also thanks to his willpower and determination.

“Alright.” shouted the old man when he sensed Lin Feng’s battle energy. He then started running and an incredible energy emerged from his fist. Purple pure Qi rushed insanely through the air straight towards Lin Feng.

“Deadly Sword.”

Lin Feng was using his deadly sword while in fusion with the earth, it was thus infinitely stronger than before. That sword was releasing deadly Qi when in perfect fusion with the energy of the earth.


The purple pure Qi and Lin Feng’s sword collided. An incredible force oppressed Lin Feng’s sword. The pressure from his sword felt like he was colliding with a mountain. It was extremely heavy.

Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer used genuine pure Qi, which was condensed and used directly in their attacks, this was infinitely more powerful than the pure Qi used by the lower layers of cultivation.

The old man shouted furiously, he had also used as much of his pure Qi as possible in his attack. Even though it was only one attack, Lin Feng hadn’t been able to resist. His forearm was severely injured under the pressure and his body had been blown backwards.

“You overestimate your own abilities.” said the old man coldly. Immediately after, he started running and the ground trembled under his feet.

The purple pure Qi around the old man’s body transformed into a spiral shape and shot from the old man’s fist. He launched another insanely powerful fist attack straight towards Lin Feng.


Another explosive collision. Lin Feng groaned in pain. He grabbed Duan Xin Ye’s hand and moved backwards. The old man looked like a terrifying purple demon.

“This is the difference between the Xuan Qi layer and the Ling Qi layer. They cannot fight each other. Between the Ling Qi layer and the Xuan Qi layer, there are too many changes within the body.” thought Lin Feng. Battles were important to gain experience, battling against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was also a way to challenge himself and gain experience.

He would sooner or later try and break through to the Xuan Qi layer. The experience of how a Xuan Qi layer opponent fights would be useful after breaking through.

“Whatever, it would be bad if we let it just end with only this.”

A tremendous amount of battle energy started burning around Lin Feng’s body. He was fixedly staring at the old man.

“No need to look at me that way. I am at the Xuan Qi layer, you have no chance. You will not even be able to touch me, you can only wait to die.”

The old man’s voice was cold and indifferent. The purple pure Qi surrounding his body was getting denser and denser.

“Oh, is that so?” replied Lin Feng in a low voice and then suddenly disappeared. Dark Shadow… he transformed into a shadow.

“Do you think that will help you?” said the old man while smiling coldly. The senses of a cultivator at the Xuan Qi layer were extremely developed. Even though Lin Feng’s skill was extremely powerful, after all, it was only powered by the strength of the Ling Qi layer. It had not reached its maximum potential.

A rumbling noise spread through the atmosphere, which was illuminated by purple Qi. However, at that moment, a sword immediately pierced into that purple Qi. A dark shadow was holding that sword.

“Give me your sword.”

The old man was smiling coldly. He then shook his hand and in a flash, the purple Qi wrapped around Lin Feng’s sword and pressed it against Lin Feng’s throat. There was nowhere left for him to go.

However, Lin Feng suddenly appeared in front of the old man, he then said in a cold tone: “Who said that a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer couldn’t hurt a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer?”

“Deadly Cross Shadow.”

When Lin Feng used this skill, he transformed his body into a sword which could pierce heaven and earth.

He raised both of his hands into the air and an incredibly bright cross appeared. It was terrifyingly quick, so quick it was impossible to believe. A cross was moving through the air above the crowd, it seemed like it was something ancient, but the cross had only just appeared.

When Lin Feng finished, the old man understood that the situation had become extremely dangerous. In a flash, he released his purple pure Qi and started to move backwards but it was too late. The purple pure Qi in front of him was extinguished under Lin Feng’s Deadly Cross Shadow. The cross collided with the old man and his clothes tore apart, his flesh was torn and there was a huge cross-shaped mark across his torso. It had the same brilliance as the cross that rushed through the air. However, the sight was horrible, his flesh and bones were visible, the wound was terrifying.

If he had been even a little bit weaker or reacted slightly late, the old man would have died. That Cross Shadow almost pierced through his chest and killed him.

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