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PMG Chapter 2300: Hunting!

PMG Chapter 2300: Hunting!

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In the Holy City, the Ji Clan, the Ying Clan and the other Ancient Holy Clans had suffered losses back in the days when Lin Feng had killed some of their people, but they were still among the strongest groups of the city.

However, behind the scenes, they felt under pressure. For example, the Ying Clan was going through difficult times because of Xiao Wu Tian, who kept oppressing them and chasing Ying Cheng.

Ying Cheng had already become a Celestial Emperor. He was strong, but Xiao Wu Tian had become a Saint Emperor. He could easily oppress Ying Cheng.

Of course, the Ying Clan had chased Xiao Wu Tian many times, but a Saint Emperor wasn’t easy to kill. Therefore, Xiao Wu Tian wasn’t dead, and he continued hunting Ying Cheng. He had nearly killed him a few times, too. Luckily, the Ying Clan had granted Ying Cheng some life-saving items.

The Ji Clan was also going through difficult times. They remembered Lin Feng hated them. It had started with Ji Wuyou, and then had continued getting more and more intense. They had even sent some strong cultivators to kill Lin Feng back then.

Nowadays, the Ji Clan didn’t really care about Lin Feng. They still had some people who paid attention to him, and kept track of his whereabouts regularly. They were scared of him now. They knew that he had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They also knew that he had become a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine, which terrified them.

After that, they had lost track of him. He had disappeared. They could only hope that he had died abroad. Lin Feng’s statue in Champion University only reminded them that Lin Feng could come back someday.

Many people appeared in their territory. They weren’t from the Holy City. They had appeared there during the night. But because they dared mix with the crowd, they drew people’s attention. They were everywhere in the territory of the Ji Clan.

A few people were chatting in a restaurant.

“The Ji Clan is like that too. They’re an Ancient Holy Clan, but are they among the strongest groups?” asked someone. There were some young people from the Ji Clan there drinking. The young man was making fun of them.

The members of the Ji Clan looked at him coldly and swore, “Who are you, Your Excellency? How dare you humiliate the Ji Clan?”

The young man who spoke was wearing black clothes, he said indifferently, “I humiliate the Ji Clan, so what?”

The restaurant became eerily silent. Someone dared humiliate the Ji Clan there. Why provoke them?

The members of the Ji Clan stood up and slowly walked towards him, releasing an ice-cold Qi.

“Kneel down and apologize!” demanded one of them coldly.

“You want me to kneel down?” the young man frowned. Demon lights glittered in his eyes. His Qi was terrifying. The young people of the Ji Clan suddenly felt cold and scared. The people next to that young man in black clothes didn’t even raise their heads.

“If you don’t kneel down, we’ll kill you!” vowed the member of the Ji Clan. He released oppressive Qi. At the same time, the young people at the table raised their heads, their eyes filled with murder. The members of the Ji Clan were suddenly terrified.

“Die!” said all the people at the same time. They released Death intent together. The faces of the young people of the Ji Clan turned grey. They all released as much Qi as they could.

A strong wind started blowing. The young man in black clothes moved swiftly. At the same time, the other people released death cosmic energies. Energies began to conflict loudly. The skull of a young man of the Ji Clan exploded, he died instantly. The young man in black clothes looked as if nothing had happened. He sat down again.

At that moment, the atmosphere became as cold as death.

In the blink of an eye, a young man of the Ji Clan had been killed.

The other young people of the Ji Clan were astonished. They wanted to kill these people. They all jumped forwards to attack.

“Die!” said a voice coldly. Very quickly, many corpses appeared in the restaurant. They were from the Ji Clan. There were a lot of them, but they were now softly lying on the ground, dead. Only one of them hadn’t fought, he was trembling in fear.

They were all dead. None of them were left.

He looked at the young man in black clothes before turning around and running away. He was thinking he had to run away quickly, otherwise, these people would kill him to prevent him from talking. But he overestimated himself.

“Those people are audacious!” The crowd was astonished and shaken. Who were these people in black clothes? They were very strong, they could easily kill people of the Ji Clan who had the same cultivation level, and they weren’t scared of the Ji Clan and the consequences.

“If they don’t run away quickly, some strong cultivators from the Ji Clan will come and avenge those young people,” said someone in the restaurant. But the people in black didn’t seem to feel unsafe. They were still sitting there, motionless.

As the crowd had expected, some great emperors from the Ji Clan arrived quickly and destroyed the restaurant from the top down. Destructive Dao invaded the atmosphere.

“Who are you? Talk!” demanded a great emperor of the Ji Clan of those emperors in black clothes. Those people just raised their heads and looked at them, remaining silent.

“You want to die!” shouted the great emperor furiously. He descended from the sky.

A silhouette rose up instantly to counter, his fist raised.

“Great Punch of Destruction!” shouted the strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. However, a pitch-black demon Dao fist destroyed his Destructive Dao, and continued moving towards him. He shouted desperately as the fist crashed onto his body and blew him apart. He died instantly.

Everybody was astonished. The one who had just killed the great emperor went back to his seat. He looked undisturbed, as if nothing had happened.

“We’re in the territory of the Ji Clan here,” thought the crowd. They were speechless. How arrogant! They understood that this wasn’t over. The Ji Clan just hadn’t thought that a great emperor would die so quickly against these people. Their foes weren’t weak this time!

As they thought that, in the distance, more Qi was coming in waves. A group of strong cultivators appeared, their Qi rising to the skies.

The group of people in the restaurant rose up into the air and released bestial Qi. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan stopped instantly. They shouted, “Who are you?”

Clouds surged up, and white wings appeared. The crowd couldn’t see the strong cultivators of the Ji Clan anymore. Those wings covered the sky. People’s hearts started pounding.

“Ah!…” someone screamed. Blood splashed. The beasts moved in all directions and all the strong cultivators of the Ji Clan disappeared.

The crowd was astonished and shaking. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan didn’t even have time to react. They finally realized that those people hadn’t killed some of their people randomly, it was a plan! They had come to slaughter people from the Ji Clan!!!

People’s hearts pounded violently when they realized that these people had come to hunt people from the Ji Clan, an Ancient Holy Clan!

They were terrifyingly strong. Who were they? What was really happening?

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