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PMG Chapter 2301: Who Wants to Destroy the Ji Clan

PMG Chapter 2301: Who Wants to Destroy the Ji Clan

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By the time everybody realized what was going on, the beasts in dark clothes had already disappeared.

That place was the territory of the Ji Clan. In every restaurant in their territory, there were traces of the dark fighters. In several places, people were being or had been slaughtered. Quickly, everybody knew about it.

Many people in charge of managing the clan reported it to those higher up in the hierarchy. Groups of people kept coming into the main hall of the Ji Clan.

Someone rushed in, looking alarmed and bowed hurriedly.

“Speak,” said Ji Yuan coldly.

That person raised their head and said to Ji Yuan, “Ji Feng Shi’s group has been killed, none remain.”

Ji Yuan looked glum. Their people were getting slaughtered all around their territory. Some Celestial Emperors had even been killed! Ji Yuan was extremely worried.

“Has anyone assessed the situation?” asked Ji Yuan coldly.

The one who had just arrived pulled a long face.

“Speak!” said the leader of the Ji Clan.

“It’s a group of cruel murderers. They came here to kill our people. They are terrifyingly strong, but we don’t know who they are. They are brutal and violent. They’re already everywhere in the Ji Clan’s territory,” he answered, lowering his head. Ji Yuan was furious, his Qi emerged from his body.

“You’re saying that a very strong group wants a war against the Ji Clan?” said Ji Clan. He didn’t even dare think about that. The Ji Clan had existed in the Holy City for such a long time. Someone wanted to start a war against them?

Nobody dared imagine the consequences.

That person lowered his head, he didn’t dare speak. But from what he had witnessed, that was the case. It was impossible to know who those people were, and they hadn’t left. Worse, there were more and more of them in the Ji Clan’s territory. They were everywhere, slaughtering people from the Ji Clan.

A strong wind started blowing. A silhouette flickered and appeared in the main hall. Ji Yun Cong looked at Ji Yuan, “I’ve heard something terrible was happening?”

“Uncle.” Ji Yuan’s looked at him, his mouth wide open. He was nervous and finally said, “Some mysterious group has encircled our clan. Many people have died already.”

“What did you say?” Ji Yun Cong was astonished. Some people had encircled their clan?

“A few Celestial Emperors have died, too,” continued Ji Yuan, lowering his head.

Explosive Qi emerged from Ji Yun Cong’s body. “Inform Ancestor Dang Tian, make the gong clang. Call everyone who’s outside back. Activate the great deployment spell!”

Ji Yuan’s face stiffened, he said, “Uncle, is it that bad?”

The gong could be heard in all the small worlds of the Ji Clan. It could also wake everybody up, even those who were practicing in isolation. The great deployment spell could defend against invaders.

“Ji Yuan, those people have encircled the Ji Clan, an Ancient Holy Clan, do you think they’re here to play games?” said Ji Yun Cong. It was an unparalleled catastrophe!

Ji Yuan’s mouth twitched. Ji Yun Cong’s way of dealing with the situation was natural. But how many people dared think that they were really in danger? They were an Ancient Holy Clan, and had been in the Holy City for such a long time, who would dare think they could destroy them?

“Go now!” said Ji Yun Cong. Ji Yuan nodded and left. After a short time, the gong clanged, and everybody heard it in the Ji Clan. All the small worlds of the Ji Clan trembled.

A very old senior official of the Ji Clan was in his own small world, practicing cultivation. At that moment, the gong made all the small worlds tremble. He suddenly opened his eyes and golden empty space energies flashed. He suddenly looked stupefied. *The alarm gong just clanged? It hasn’t clanged for so many years…”

At the same time, in another small world, an old man with white hair sleeping in the grass suddenly opened his eyes. He had many wrinkles, he was very old, but his Qi was terrifying. His eyes looked as sharp as swords. He had lived for a long time, and he hadn’t managed to become a Saint. Now someone was attacking his clan…

Everybody in the Ji Clan was panicking.

At that moment, the other clans of the Holy City didn’t know anything, because everything had happened so suddenly. Powerful clans were confident and less vigilant. For example, did the Shrines need to think about what would happen in case of sudden attack?

No. Therefore, when someone else attacked suddenly and by surprise, it was difficult to react quickly.

A few hours later, many people were panicking because there were corpses everywhere, and nobody was picking them up. After people were killed, nobody came to avenge them. It was something unimaginable.

The Ji Dang Tian’s Ancestor, Ji Dang Tian, looked glum. A short time before, a Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan had gone on a trip and had been killed. He had sensed bestial Qi. Now everybody sensed bestial Qi within the Ji Clan. The one who had killed the Saint Emperor and those who were slaughtering their people on their territory were probably from the same group.

But the Ji Clan didn’t understand who their enemies were, was under great pressure.

Finally, Qi enveloped the whole clan. Everybody sensed a terrifying bestial Qi and death strength. They had the impression they were all going to die…

“Who dares offend the Ji Clan?” shouted Ji Dang Tian, extremely loudly. Everybody heard him within the territory of the Ji Clan. They didn’t even know who their enemy was.

A silhouette rose up in the air after a short time, accompanied by faint rumbles of thunder. That person’s face was pitch-black. He looked expressionless while slaughtering people from the Ji Clan with explosive bursts of power.

It was an incredible thing to see, the buildings of the Ji Clan were turning to ashes one after another. Someone was trying to wipe the Ji Clan off the map of the Holy City.

At the same time, strong cultivators had sealed the whole territory. Nobody could enter or leave.

The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan saw that, of course, and their hearts were pounding. How terrifying! Something horrible was happening in the Ji Clan! The enemies wanted to destroy them!

“Oh my! What is going on?,” murmured a Celestial Emperor. He released his godly awareness and inspected the region. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

All the members of the Ji Clan were trembling. Had the Ji Clan offended some terrifying cultivators? Why did these people want to destroy them?

Ji Dang Tian ordered some strong cultivators to protect the inner palaces. He glanced around and looked at the faces of the members of the Ji Clan, feeling extremely sad. His poor kin… they might be destroyed for real…

Their enemies were extremely fast. They had already destroyed everything across huge distances. Now they were moving towards the depths of the clan.

Finally, Ji Dang Tian saw them. He rose up into the air and asked, “Who wants to destroy our clan? Can we at least know that before fighting?”

“Continue killing them,” ordered another voice coldly. Their enemies started entering the castles. Ji Dang Tian gazed into the distance and saw someone in black clothes, he couldn’t see his face.

“Activate the great deployment spell!” said Ji Dang Tian coldly. Dazzling lights filled the air. The inner city of the Ji Clan was shining brightly. Destructive strength rolled forth.

Ji Dang Tian shouted, “Let’s kill them!”

The battle suddenly became explosive. It was a great war. As it started, the other clans of the Holy City finally started hearing about it. A mysterious group had started a war against the Ji Clan, they wanted to destroy the Ji Clan!

Many people from different Ancient Holy Clans gathered together. Among them, some people who had tried to kill Lin Feng back in the days were present: Yu Wen Tai Shan, Ying Zi Chu, and Pei Chong Yang.

“Do you know who the intruders are?” asked Ying Zi Chu.

“We don’t, the territory has been sealed. A great battle is taking place in the inner part of the Ji Clan. The atmosphere is sealed so we can’t hear anything, but a terrifying group wants to destroy the Ji Clan,” reported Pei Chong Yang, looking grave and stern. If the invaders could pose a threat to the Ji Clan, they could pose a threat to their Ancient Holy Clans, as well!

Who wanted to destroy the Ji Clan?

And did they intend to destroy the Ji Clan only? Or were other people in danger?

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