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PMG Chapter 2302: The Ji Clan’s Destruction

PMG Chapter 2302: The Ji Clan’s Destruction

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The battle in the Ji Clan was explosive. The weakest people on the battlefield were high-level emperors, the Ji Clan had sent any people weaker than that to the small worlds. They would have died instantly otherwise.

Their mysterious enemies were divided into two groups. One of the armies looked like a group of gods from Hell, their death strength was incredible, their death cosmic energies killed many people instantly. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan didn’t even have time to fight against them, because each time they got close, the death strength killed them instantly. Lin Feng knew what it felt like to face such an army because he had experienced it in the Celestial Country on the battlefield.

The other army was an army of beasts. Bestial Qi dashed to the skies around them. They didn’t use spells or techniques, they just crushed their enemies with pure strength. Both armies were complementary.

The Ji Clan had existed for a very long time, and was strong, that went without saying. Their great deployment spell was destructive, and they also controlled Destructive Dao. Within the great deployment spell, their strength was intensified. But even with the help of the deployment spell, at the same cultivation level, the members of the Ji Clan realized that their efforts were still in vain. The great deployment spell didn’t gain them the advantage. It made them realize that even Ancient Holy Clans were not invincible!

Everybody in the Holy City considered the Ji Clan extremely strong, but when facing such an army, they felt extremely weak!

The army of gods of hell was composed of geniuses Lin Feng had captured in the Celestial Country, then turned into Demon Puppets. They were the most talented geniuses of the Celestial Country. After capturing them, Lin Feng had made them study all sorts of Ancient scriptures, including the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Lin Feng hadn’t spared any efforts; since great emperors couldn’t go to the Celestial Country anymore, Lin Feng had made his Demon Puppets practice in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Regarding the bestial army, it was composed of heroic beasts of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world. They were terrifyingly strong. Of course, Lin Feng hadn’t brought the best of the best, such as Saint Emperors, he made them go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds because his clone had already heard that the Fire Shrine wanted Qing Feng to get married to one of their members. He had also informed the Fortune Shrine that those people were coming, and that they had to get prepared. The people he had taken to the Holy City were enough to do what he wanted there.

Great emperors kept dying, even some great emperors in Lin Feng’s army. However, he looked unmoved. He wanted the strongest heroes, and those who survived were the strongest ones. He needed to have heroes on his side so that he’d be able to deal with the Shrines someday.

Someone prevented Ji Dang Tian from attacking Lin Feng. The strong cultivators on Ji Dang Tian’s side were also under control. However, Ji Dang Tian was staring at Lin Feng, who he believed was the leader of the invading troops.

At that moment, Lin Feng finally moved, he turned into a beam of light and Death intent filled the air around him.

People exploded one after another. Great Emperors, Celestial Emperors, all were surrounded by death strength, and then they turned into corpses and fell from the sky. As they fell, other intruders crushed their bodies to mush.

“That’s perfect Dao strength?” Ji Dang Tian’s face turned deathly pale. The mysterious cultivator in black clothes had finally attacked, and killed so many people at once!

“Ancestor, kill him!” shouted Ji Dang Tian furiously. In the distance, an old man with white hair and many wrinkles came out of a castle. When he looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders.

“Perfect Destructive Dao!” Lin Feng frowned. That person’s Dao had reached the maximum level!

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with Death intent, he stared at the old man. Death intent started corroding the old man’s life instantly; he was very old, already at the end of his life, death had already started corroding his body.

“Those who kill the members of the Ji Clan should die!” said the old man. After that, explosion sounds spread in the air. Beasts exploded one after another. His attack was terrifying.

That’s the trump card of the Ji Clan? An old man who’s about to die?, thought Lin Feng with a frown. He and a puppet threw themselves at the old man.

“Piss off!” shouted the white-haired old man. He punched out in the puppet’s direction. There was an explosion, and the puppet was smashed away. However, it didn’t explode, and it wasn’t injured, either.

“That’s…” the old man was astonished. But at that moment, Lin Feng landed in front of him and a perfect death Dao shot towards him, while a sword also appeared in front of him. The old man was startled; even though he was terrifyingly strong and controlled Dao at the highest level, he had failed to become a Saint, he was too old. He couldn’t endure much strength anymore. When he saw Lin Feng’s Death Dao and deadly sword, he felt desperate, and couldn’t dodge.

The old man shouted out and moved. However, Lin Feng’s Ruler’s Sword crashed onto his body and destroyed it thoroughly. However, his soul abandoned his body, and he escaped.

“I don’t know how the Ji Clan offended such a strong cultivator as you, but I, Ji Yao Shan, will not let you destroy the Ji Clan that easily! Even if you’re talented, today, you’ll have to die!” said the blurry soul. Dao power filled the air. It was aimed at anyone who wasn’t a member of the Ji Clan. It was an incredible thing to see.

“Ancestor!” Ji Dang Tian looked at the old man and shuddered with fear and despair. Who was this enemy? The old man had decided to sacrifice himself to kill their enemies.

The soul darted towards Lin Feng. The earth and the sky were trembling as Lin Feng sensed a terrifying soul strength surround him. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a gigantic and terrifying silhouette. The old man wanted to use his most powerful attack against him. It felt like the earth and the sky were attacking him.

“Die!” shouted the silhouette furiously. Lin Feng sensed his soul tremble; he hadn’t underestimated the trump card of the Ji Clan!

Lin Feng flashed forwards, his Qi boiling. He released millions of death stamps. His enemy’s soul had fused together with the earth and the sky, but Lin Feng could still attack him. The old man was taking a huge risk to try to kill Lin Feng!

Nine Words appeared around Lin Feng, and he turned into a demon. He stood his ground steadfastly, doing all he could to resist that terrifying destructive strength.

Boom boom boom!

Lin Feng coughed up blood, but continued attacking. He kept releasing death stamps. The atmosphere around him distorted, and everything around him smelled like death. His enemy was weak; he was too old, and was already approaching death before this battle.

Terrifying explosions echoed nonstop. Lin Feng sensed a destructive punch move towards him. He shouted furiously and rose up into the air again. He called out with a sigh, “Rest in peace.”

The old man heard Lin Feng sigh. That sigh was the result of someone who had lived for a very, very long time, someone who had experienced all the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives and his own, and the countless ones he had dreamt of. Lin Feng condensed more strength, he used an attack he had created himself after reading the scriptures in the Fortune Shrine. He could see his enemy’s consciousness and soul. He wanted to destroy them thoroughly.

His enemy’s soul became much weaker. Millions of death stamps continued assaulting him. His destructive strength kept weakening. Finally, he sighed and asked, “Tell me who you are. Why do you want to destroy the Ji Clan?”

He knew that it was too late, that the Ji Clan was going to be destroyed no matter what. He also thought of his life, and when he was young. If he hadn’t been so old, he would have killed Lin Feng, but now it was too late. He couldn’t stop Lin Feng!

The Ji Clan was doomed!

“Who are you?” said Ji Dang Tian. He was injured too, and staring at Lin Feng. He looked furious and shouted, “Why do I have the feeling you’re from Champion University?”

“I told you, someday, if I became strong, I’d destroy the Ji Clan. Now, I came back for that reason,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were staring at him, the man in black clothes.

Lin Feng raised his head and took off his costume. He threw it away and showed his real face.

“How is this possible?” Ji Dang Tian didn’t believe his eyes. He feared that Lin Feng would become strong in the future, but he hadn’t thought it would be in such a short time! How was this possible?

“Lin Feng!” The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were all astonished and staring at him. Lin Feng, a moment before, had fought against the Ancestor of their clan!

“It’s me, Lin Feng. Back then, the Ji Clan harassed me and tried to kill me. Today, I’m here to destroy the Ji Clan,” stated Lin Feng pitilessly.

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