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PMG Chapter 2303: Opening a Sect

PMG Chapter 2303: Opening a Sect

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“Today, I’m here to destroy the Ji Clan,” said Lin Feng coldly. Ji Dang Tian was trembling. Things had happened so fast. Lin Feng’s allies all showed their real faces. Ji Dang Tian was astonished and said, “As expected, people from Champion University. Ancestor Shi Tian!”

“Back then, you encircled Champion University, you wanted to kill our disciple. Ji Dang Tian, do you remember that?” said Ancestor Shi Tian coldly. Ji Dang Tian was astonished. Champion University had come back to get their revenge, and helped Lin Feng settle accounts with them. Champion University hadn’t forgotten how humiliating that was.

“So the Ji Clan was the first one,” said Ji Dang Tian. He said, “You sealed the whole territory because you didn’t want the three other Ancient Holy Clans to join hands to fight against you. If some Saint Emperors show up though, Champion University is going to be in trouble.”

Ji Dang Tian shouted furiously, “Go and kill!”

He suddenly rose up in the air, but at that moment, the puppet reappeared and punched him. The earth and the sky trembled. Ancestor Shi Tian grunted coldly. He rose up into the air as well. Lin Feng released death stamps in an endless tide. His Death Dao also filled the air. Everything became black as death around them.

The wind howled furiously around Lin Feng. The Ji Clan’s Ancestor’s soul condensed into a silhouette again and headed towards Lin Feng. He was struggling not to die.

“You’re already about to die, why are you still here?” said Lin Feng coldly. A terrifying absorbing strength appeared, a dragon started chanting. The absorbing strength filled the air, the soul strength turned into a beam of light and penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng coughed up some blood, but remained calm. He absorbed the old man’s soul thoroughly.

The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan looked desperate.

Lin Feng’s Death Dao reached across the sky. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan looked devastated, collapsing one after another. Back then, they had sent some great emperors to kill Lin Feng, and now he was killing them all. Nobody had thought such a thing would happen back then!


The Ji Clan was wiped off the map of the Holy City by a mysterious group of strong cultivators, in less than one day!

Ashes from bodies and burning buildings flew in the wind above the Holy City. Many people were standing on the former territory of the Ji Clan, but there was nothing left; no more lofty buildings, no more magnificent palaces, no more life. An Ancient Holy Clan had been destroyed between one day and the next.

“I can’t believe it’s true,” said someone standing above the ruins. He downed a bottle of alcohol and burped. “Who could have destroyed an Ancient Holy Clan?”

Many people were shaking. In only one day, the Ji Clan had been destroyed. Everybody already knew about it in the Holy City. Many people couldn’t believe it their eyes, though. Many people who lived far away even learned about that and came to check. Something incredible had happened in the Holy City!

Many people from all sorts of Ancient Holy Clans came to see the ruins. How scary… Many wondered aloud, “What could we do if that mysterious group of people attacked us? Would we end up like the Ji Clan?”

Many people felt a unseen pressure now.


A few ancestors gathered together in the celestial mountains. Six people were playing chess.

“The Ji Clan has been destroyed,” said an Ancestor, putting down his piece. He sounded calm, but his voice also trembled a little.

“Shi Tian and Xuan Tian helped. I’ve heard that Lin Feng killed an Ancestor of the Ji Clan,” said another Ancestor. He was still shocked.

“First at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and in less than twenty years, he can kill Saint Emperors. Had any of you ever thought such a terrifying cultivator would study at Champion University someday?”

“Shi Tian said they will probably attack the three other Ancient Holy Clans. I think they want to do it faster this time, so they will just destroy all the obstacles,” said another Ancestor. Everybody was dumbstruck.

At that moment, someone threw a piece away, stood up, turned around, and stated, “I’m going to see Shi Tian.”

The others were startled. One of them stood up and said, “They must need people, Champion University can do things big this time.”

He also left.

Very quickly, only two Ancestors were left, Ancestor Zhu Tian and Ancestor Dong Tian. They were good friends.

“Zhu Tian, back in the day, you supported Ji Chang and you didn’t like Lin Feng that much,” said Ancestor Dong Tian. Ancestor Zhu Tian’s face stiffened. It was true. He just remained silent, though.

“Yesterday, I learned from Xuan Tian, after persisting, that they intend to do something for Lin Feng after the whole situation calms down,” said Ancestor Dong Tian. “Therefore, old buddy, think carefully. You missed an opportunity because you lack a sense of judgement. Now it’s an opportunity for Xuan Tian, and his friend, Lin Feng, is an opportunity.”

Ancestor Dong Tian sighed and stood up. He gazed into the distance and said, “Admitting we were wrong is nothing shameless.”

After that, he disappeared and left Ancestor Zhu Tian alone to just blankly look at the chessboard.


The Ji Clan had been destroyed for a few days already. Many Ancient Holy Clans were getting ready to be attacked. They also dispatched people to investigate that group of terrifying cultivators. However, that terrifying group was dangerous and cruel, each time they noticed someone was investigating them, they killed them mercilessly. The Ancient Holy Clans couldn’t even avenge those they lost…


It was night, and many strong cultivators from Champion University entered the Yu Wen Clan, including some Ancestors. The Yu Wen Clan had already prepared.

They wiped out everything on their way. Very quickly, the Yu Wen Clan, who had joined hands with the Ji Clan in the past, was almost completely destroyed.

Yu Wen Tai Shan roared furiously and glanced around at the strong cultivators who were encircling him.

“Why? Who are you?” asked Yu Wen Tai Shan, all covered with blood. He kept shaking and shouting. The people in front of him looked mysterious, their faces were covered. When he saw some people behind them, he suddenly laughed frantically. “Oh my, that’s the will of Heaven then! I never thought such a thing would happen! It’s the will of Heaven! Come!”

A mighty Qi swept out and overwhelmed him. Very quickly, Yu Wen Tai Shan’s body disappeared. After destroying the Yu Wen Clan, some people cleaned up the mess and the others went straight to the Ying Clan. Like the wind sweeps away leaves on the ground, those cultivators swept away the Ancient Holy Clan’s members.


Three days later, some news spread in the Holy City about the Ancient Holy Clans. The Ancient Holy Clans were still worried.

The Ji Clan had been destroyed, then some other Ancient Holy Clans had followed them. Such a thing had never happened in the Holy City!

Many people were starting to think that those mysterious people were backed up by Champion University, because the Ancient Clans which had been destroyed were the Ji Clan, the Pei Clan, the Ying Clan and the Yu Wen Clan. Those four Ancient Clans, many years before, had sent some Saint Emperors and had them encircle Champion University. Such a thing had been humiliating for Champion University!

However, a spectacular palace had appeared in the Holy City, and many people gasped with amazement when they saw it.

Four Ancient Holy Clans had been destroyed and now, suddenly, a new group had appeared out of nowhere. People were astonished. After a few days, the news that it was Tiantai’s new headquarters spread through the city.

Tiantai had established itself in the Holy City! They used to be a small group in Champion University, and now they were a real sect!

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