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PMG Chapter 2304: Nine Cauldrons For the Champion

PMG Chapter 2304: Nine Cauldrons For the Champion

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Tiantai was now a genuine sect in the city!

The news astonished everybody in the Holy City. Four incredible Ancient Holy Clans had been destroyed by a mysterious group, and now Tiantai was rising in the Holy City. Many people were wondering whether there was a connection between those two things.

Cultivators really had the power to make things change if they were strong enough. Even though it was easier for them to destroy than to create, this time, Tiantai and Champion University could do something great. Creating a sect in a short time was no problem at all. These days, Tiantai had thousands of disciples. There were also many young people with diverse backgrounds who wanted to join Tiantai.

In only seven days, incredible buildings stood lofty at the top of mountains. There was a gigantic waterfall, forests, grass. Of course, they needed more buildings, a sect was like a small country. In countries, there were many small worlds, and if Tiantai wanted, they could also create their own small worlds.

On that day, Tiantai really started rising. Many people came to congratulate them… and many other people also came to see if anything bad was going to happen or not. Tiantai, a small group which had started in Champion University, now drew everyone’s attention in the Holy City.


There was a celestial flight of stairs, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were standing there, their clothes fluttering in the wind. They both smiled.

Back in the day, they had created Tiantai in order to break free from the small world; they had done all they could, and had taken great risks. There were some disciples from Tiantai who they had never found again. They had the feeling life was just a dream. They had gone through so much.

They had never thought that someday, Tiantai would become a powerful group in the Holy City, a legendary place to people in the small world.

All their disciples were standing under them on the flight of stairs. They all looked extraordinary: brave, outstanding, and experienced, especially those standing just under them from the first batch, the direct disciples. Some people were already great emperors.

The air whistled as someone arrived.

It was a group of people carrying cauldrons. Eight people carried one cauldron, each cauldron seemed to weigh millions of jin.

“Those are strong cultivators from Champion University, great emperors!” Many people were astonished.

“Monarchic Battle Cauldrons.” A strong cultivator from Celestial Godly University frowned. His eyes glittered sharply.

“Indeed, Monarchic Battle Cauldrons,” The people from Ancient University were astonished too.

“Monarchic Battle Cauldrons are symbols of Champion University, eighty-one Monarchic Battle Cauldrons have been created. People who receive Monarchic Battle Cauldrons have much higher positions than people who have their statues in Champion University or Champions. It’s a supreme honor. Even the Ancestors of Champion University haven’t received Monarchic Battle Cauldrons,” murmured someone. Few people knew about the Monarchic Battle Cauldrons, so when they heard that, they all shivered.

The Monarchic Battle Cauldrons had an incredible meaning, so why had they taken them out today, the day of Tiantai’s inauguration into the Holy City?

There were nine Monarchic Battle Cauldrons, and great emperors were carrying them…

“Tiantai appeared in Champion University, but now they are not really part of the university anymore. They are a sect in the Holy City. However, there should be a link between them and Champion University. Champion University is giving them Monarchic Battle Cauldrons to tell everyone that Tiantai is important for Champion University, it’s almost a part of them,” was many people’s opinion. Since when was Tiantai so important to Champion University?

“Champion University congratulates Tiantai,” proclaimed a loud voice. Everybody in the Holy City heard the words.

Seventy-two great emperors were carrying Monarchic Battle Cauldrons, and they all congratulated Tiantai. However, they didn’t give the cauldrons as presents, they put them in nine different locations.

“Thank you very much, Champion University!” replied Mu Chen with a wide smile. He had never thought Champion University would be so kind to them. He was also astonished when he learned how important the cauldrons were.

“You’re too polite. We’re all here to congratulate you as expected,” said a loud voice from the horizon.

A group of strong cultivators arrived. They all looked enigmatic and unfathomable: the Ancestors of Champion University! When the crowd saw them, they shivered. It was rare to see such people, especially at the same time, and now they were all here. What was going on?

“You’re too kind, Ancestors!” said Mu Chen. He was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He hadn’t thought they’d come and congratulate Tiantai personally.

The other universities were stunned; why was Tiantai so important?

“No need to pay attention to us old people, you can continue,” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled as he moved aside. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu looked at the crowd, their disciples, and then gazed into the distance.

“From now on, Tiantai is a sect in the Holy City!” declared Mu Chen and Emperor Yu loudly. They weren’t as strong as their disciples, but they were the founders of the sect. Nobody dared say anything about that.

Lin Feng was among the other disciples, but he didn’t come out.

Even though a long time had passed, and even though the probability that the Shrines had people in the lower world was small, he couldn’t show himself. He couldn’t give the Shrines an opportunity to find him.

But now everything was perfect: the Ancient Holy Clans who threatened him had been destroyed, and Tiantai had been created in the Holy City. Lin Feng was really happy.

Lin Feng knew some terrifying cultivators now. The Shrines remained vigilant. Lin Feng was convinced that the Shrines didn’t want to lose their people’s lives for nothing.

The members of the Fire Shrine wanted to use Qing Feng to find him, because she had accepted getting married to one of their members to help Lin Feng. Nobody could refute her promise.


The eight Ancestors glanced at one another. Ancestor Shi Tian stepped forward and said, “Today, we didn’t come just to congratulate Tiantai. We also came for Champion University’s students, for the ceremony of the Great Champion.”

“Ceremony of the Great Champion?” The crowd was astonished. Back then, Lin Feng could have been a Champion, but he hadn’t, and now they wanted to declare him a Champion?

“Since Lin Feng was first and foremost one of Tiantai’s disciples, and he became a student of Champion University afterwards, now that Tiantai is here, we’ll organize the ceremony here. Apart from Lin Feng’s statue in Champion University, we’ll also have another one made of him for Tiantai. Is that alright?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked, smiling at Emperor Yu and Mu Chen.

“Of course it’s alright!” answered the two, shaking their heads and smiling. They were extremely happy. Champion University was organizing a Champion ceremony for Lin Feng!

“Good!” smiled Ancestor Shi Tian. In the distance, some people rose up in the air. A gigantic statue appeared. Many students from Champion University were behind it.

“Where should we put it?” asked Ancestor Shi Tian to Mu Chen.

“There, if possible,” said Mu Chen pointing at the center of the main public square. He was a hero to Tiantai, so that place was perfect.

“Good.” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled and waved his hand. Champion University’s students took the statue to the plaza center and slowly put it down. It was a hundred meters high.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought Champion University would do this…

“Today is the ceremony, there will be no Champion Crown, only Monarchic Battle Cauldrons. The nine Cauldrons are Lin Feng’s crowns!” said Ancestor Shi Tian. The seventy-two cultivators put the nine cauldrons in front of the statue. Lin Feng looked like a peerless and heroic warrior.

“Champion University officially announces that Lin Feng is the Champion, the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said Ancestor Shi Tian loudly. The crowd shivered. He had not said Champion University, he had said the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

The members of Celestial Godly University, Ancient University, and Four Seasons University all pulled a long face. Some smiled coldly on the inside. King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? How arrogant!

“How insolent!” spoke up someone instantly. How could Champion University decide who the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was?

Could Lin Feng be considered the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds just because he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

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