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PMG Chapter 2305: Pressure

PMG Chapter 2305: Pressure

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Calling someone the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was a bit funny actually. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was extremely vast, who could be considered its King?

And now that Champion University dared call Lin Feng the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it meant they considered everybody else beneath their notice!

Lin Feng was astonished too, he hadn’t thought they’d proclaim him as both Champion and King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! But since they did it, he just smiled indifferently. It was just a title on top of that, and Lin Feng didn’t really care about titles. Besides, Lin Feng was more ambitious than that; he didn’t care about being strong in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he wanted to be at the very top, he wanted to dominate the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

However, Lin Feng was surprised because Champion University had dared call him the Champion of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, didn’t they care about the other universities? The other universities were angry about it, but Lin Feng didn’t care about that. His state of mind had changed, they didn’t scare him anymore.

“Tiantai is nothing. They’re just a small group of disciples from Champion University. Tiantai is a tiny group in the Holy City. Champion University organizing such a ceremony is a bit over the top, aren’t you afraid of losing your credibility?” spat a strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University coldly. Celestial Godly University also had an incredible cultivator: Chu Chun Qiu, but they didn’t organize such an ceremony for him! Of course, if Chu Chun Qiu came back to Celestial Godly University, they would organize a great party, that was obvious.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” said Ancestor Shi Tian, turning to him. “Today, it’s Tiantai’s creation. Anyone can come to watch, nobody forced anyone to come. People who are here are here to congratulate them. If you don’t like what you see here, piss off!”

The strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University was astonished, and grimaced. Champion University and Celestial Godly University were both universities in the Holy City, and Champion University was talking to Celestial Godly University that way because of Tiantai, it was extremely humiliating!

“Good, Champion University, good! Of course, what you do has nothing to do with me. But I was just worried about you because everybody in the Holy City is going to make fun of you! Lin Feng is not even here, and not only are you offering cauldrons in his honor, but you’re also proclaiming him King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Don’t you feel ashamed? Your ancestors must be alive, have they ever been called King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” retorted the strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University coldly.

The members of Celestial Godly University were all staring at him. Ancestor Shi Tian said coldly, “Tiantai and Champion University are allies. If anyone dares insult and humiliate Tiantai again, Champion University will take it personally, and we’ll kill them.”

Energies started building up with whistles. Everyone was astonished. Champion University dared act that aggressively in front of Celestial Godly University!?

As expected, the strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University shut his mouth. He couldn’t fight against the eight ancestors of the Champion University.

Ancestor Shi Tian turned around and the ancestors landed on the ground. They appeared in front of Tiantai’s disciples in a line.

“Lin Feng, Champion University proclaims you a King today,” said Ancestor Shi Tian smiled.

Everybody was stupefied, was Lin Feng there?

Lin Feng?

Where was Lin Feng?

The crowd turned around and looked at the members of Tiantai. Was he in there?

Even the students of Champion University and many disciples from Tiantai looked for Lin Feng. Was he there?

“Lin Feng?” Some strong cultivators from various powerful groups shivered. If Lin Feng was there, it meant that he was there when the four Ancient Holy Clans had been destroyed! Back then, there were tensions between Lin Feng and them…

“Maybe the legends are true, that Champion University destroyed the four Ancient Holy Clans. They wanted to avenge Lin Feng because he’s now a disciple of the Fortune Shrine and he’s talented?” ventured some people.

Regarding the destruction of the four Ancient Holy Clans, those were details only known to insiders.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He couldn’t hide anymore, his face changed and he raised his head, taking off his robe.

“It’s Brother Lin Feng, indeed! He looks just like that statue!”

“Brother Lin Feng, he’s back in the Holy City, and we didn’t know it!”

“How handsome. Just like the statue. And he looks extraordinarily strong!” The students of Champion University were amazed. Lin Feng was a member of Champion University, just like them. He had achieved so much, he had amazed the whole city back in the days, and now Champion University called him the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“That wasn’t necessary, Ancestor,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head with a smile.

“You refused to become a Champion back in the days, now you’re a King. Isn’t it great?” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled. Lin Feng was touched and moved; the Ancestors were strong and with their support, Tiantai would face less trouble. Tiantai and Champion University could become terrifying groups in the Holy City together.

“Lin Feng.” shouted someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw Ancestor Zhu Tian. Ancestor Zhu Tian said, “Back then, my sense of judgement failed me, and I failed to see how strong and talented you were. I feel guilty and ashamed. If I offended you back in the days, I’m very sorry. I’m happy that you’ve become the King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds now.”

An Ancestor of Champion University was apologizing to Lin Feng publicly!

Champion University’s disciples were astonished. Was Lin Feng that strong, powerful, and influential already?

An Ancestor of Champion University was apologizing to Lin Feng publicly.

“Don’t mention it, those were insignificant things,” Lin Feng smiled. He really didn’t take them to heart, and he had gotten rid of Ji Chang a long time ago. Now the Ancestor had apologized in front of everybody, Lin Feng couldn’t blame him for anything.

Ancestor Zhu Tian smiled in relief and nodded approval. “Lin Feng, I hope you’ll become the real King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds soon.”

Lin Feng smiled, but said nothing. The ancestors already talked to Lin Feng like someone who had the same social status. Lin Feng had become that influential.

“Lin Feng is in the Holy City!” said someone at that moment. Many new people appeared. The Ancestors of Champion University were startled. Some of the most powerful cultivators of the other universities had arrived!

“It means that Champion University destroyed the four Ancient Holy Clans,” said a strong cultivator at that moment.

“Champion University went too far,” they said coldly. Lin Feng frowned.

“Tiantai is just a bunch of young people, and now Champion University is supporting them like this. But you’re only doing it because Lin Feng finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and is now a member of the Fortune Shrine. You’re using your students to get closer to the Shrines. How shameless.”

Those people sounded really angry, as if they were there to punish Champion University.

“Everybody, today is Tiantai’s inauguration day, can you talk about those things another time?” asked Mu Chen. The disciples of Tiantai all pulled long faces.

“Shut up! Who do you think you are to talk to me, you weakling!” said that person coldly. He released oppressive energies, which surrounded Mu Chen. Mu Chen took a few steps backwards.

“Hmph! You think that because Champion University helped you set up in the city center, you’re really strong? Don’t overestimate yourselves,” said someone else. These people had come with a goal, to confront Champion University. These last few years, because of Lin Feng’s reputation, many geniuses had decided to study at Champion University.

Now that Tiantai had been established in the Holy City, Lin Feng’s influence was expanding even more. With Champion University, they could become too influential. It would have bad consequences for the three other universities!

Therefore, they wanted to put pressure on them. Of course, they couldn’t attack Lin Feng directly, verbally or physically, because he was a disciple of the Fortune Shrine. Therefore, they didn’t talk to him.

However, they didn’t know that by insulting Mu Chen, they had already infuriated Lin Feng. He could be patient, he could ignore a lot of things, but he couldn’t tolerate other people insulting his fellow disciples, teachers, family members… And the gratitude he had for his two teachers couldn’t be described with words.

“The universities have access to more information than Ancient Holy Clans. Maybe they know things people don’t regarding the destruction of the Ancient Holy Clans,” arose the whispers, especially those from other Ancient Holy Clans. They were happy to see that the three other universities put some pressure on Champion University.

“You’re insolent!” said Hou Qing Lin and the other disciples of Tiantai. They were furious. The direct disciples of Tiantai were all like Lin Feng, they couldn’t let anyone insult their teachers. They cared about their teachers more than about themselves.

“What? Tiantai, a new and tiny little group wants to see how strong they are in comparison with us universities?” replied one of them coldly. “Tiantai? We can easily destroy it! ”

“Say that again,” said a voice coldly. The crowd turned around and saw Lin Feng slowly rise up into the air. Lin Feng, the one who had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, hadn’t shown up in the Holy City for a long time.

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