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PMG Chapter 2306: Astonishing Battle

PMG Chapter 2306: Astonishing Battle

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According to legends, back in the days, Lin Feng had fought alone against eight geniuses, and had crushed them. Back then, Lin Feng had killed Ji Chang. Back then, Lin Feng finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and amazed the whole continent. Those were only some of Lin Feng’s achievements. People in the Holy City were still astonished by his deeds.

Now, Lin Feng was a disciple of the Fortune Shrine, and terrifyingly talented. His position had changed. No wonder Champion University attached so much importance to him and called him a King. However, from what the crowd could see, even though Lin Feng was extremely talented, twenty years had passed since he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he had only become a Celestial Emperor. How could he fight against Saint Emperors? The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine weren’t going to come and help him!

But at that moment, Lin Feng rose up into the air and threatened some Saint Emperors.

The universities of the Holy City were much stronger than the Ancient Holy Clans. However, Lin Feng didn’t mind. He looked at that Saint Emperor icily, his eyes filled with murder.

The Saint Emperor frowned. Did Lin Feng want to die?

“Hmph!” that person grunted coldly, staring at Lin Feng, and said, “Why would I repeat myself? I don’t think Tiantai wants to see who’s stronger between them and us, anyway. Even though you’re talented, you’ll still need another thirty years at least before being qualified to stand in front of me!”

“Thirty years?” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled coldly. The eight Ancestors stepped forwards and released a terrifying Qi.

The strong cultivators who had just arrived were stupefied, staring at the Ancestors of Champion University. Would they dare fight against the three other universities?

However, the eight Ancestors of Champion University surrounded the one who had just insulted Mu Chen and looked at him coldly. The only person facing him directly was Lin Feng. Lin Feng released cold energies, and death strength surrounded him. Everything became grey around him.

“What’s going on?” The Saint Emperors of the other universities were astonished. It was so cold, their souls were shaking. The Death intent was penetrating into their bodies!

Lin Feng’s Death Dao filled the air. Black lights twinkled everywhere. The Saint Emperor’s face turned deathly pale and grey.

“Maximum level Dao, that’s…” his heart was pounding. How could Lin Feng’s Dao be at the maximum level? It meant that he met one of the requirements to become a Saint already!

Maximum level Dao! With the power of his mind, he could destroy whole cities in the blink of an eye!

Lin Feng took a step forwards, and two, and three. Each time he took a step forwards, the Saint Emperor heard a Funeral Bell clang in his head. However, he was a Saint Emperor, his vitality and intent were incredible and explosive, He started expelling the death strength from his body.

Suddenly, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared and collided with the death strength. People on the ground were astonished.

“That’s Brother Lin Feng, he’s so strong. In such a short time, he’s able to fight against Saint Emperors!” The students of Champion University were astonished and amazed. No wonder he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! He was terrifyingly strong and talented. Would he really need thirty more years to compete with the Saint Emperor?

It wasn’t over. A peerless king weapon strength emerged from Lin Feng’s body and condensed into a sword in the sky, and he infused godly strength into it. That sword vibrated and fused together with death strength. Lin Feng’s Qi surged, he used his full strength to condense that sword. Nobody knew how powerful that sword attack was…

Path of a Cultivation God, forbidden strength, unmatched sword. It felt like the whole world was about to turn into a sword!

The Saint Emperor kept releasing Qi, but he was oppressed, and his Qi was weakening. The Ancestors of Champion University who encircled him were completely astonished. Was that Lin Feng’s own strength? He was already so strong?

Lin Feng’s robe was fluttering in the wind. People around didn’t look at him as a student of Champion University or a disciple of Tiantai anymore. With his strength, he could be the patriarch of a sect, or a great scholar respected for learning and integrity. His sword looked like the sword of a god!

“Thirty years, you really think too highly of yourself,” Lin Feng said calmly. He looked like a god; the strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University couldn’t believe it his eyes.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He condensed the strength of the ten thousand things of creation in his god sword which streaked across the sky towards the strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University. The strong cultivator of Celestial Godly University shouted defiantly even as he sensed some cursing strength surround him. He couldn’t see clearly anymore, he didn’t know which side the sword was attacking from anymore.

Sword lights glittered in front of him; this was one of Lin Feng’s most powerful attacks. It contained all sorts of strength and had no weakness. It even diffused cursing and soundwave strength. When the Saint Emperor released an attack to protect himself, it was already too late. The crowd saw dazzling lights absorb the Saint Emperor and crush him, before he turned to smoke and dispersed.

Lin Feng was standing in the sky, looking like a god.

“Thirty years to compete with him?” repeated the crowd. How ridiculous! One sword attack and he had been defeated!

“From now on, one more sentence will be added to my university’s ranking list: Champion University offered nine cauldrons to Lin Feng, and he killed a Saint Emperor in one sword attack!” exclaimed some students of Champion University. They were very excited. This guy was their fellow disciple, and a peerless genius.

“Wait, wait, so the four Ancient Holy Clans…” the crowd realized suddenly. Lin Feng had come back to destroy his old enemies?

It was as if everything became clear all of a sudden. Brother Lin Feng had done that. Who was the mysterious army, though?

At that moment, the strong cultivators of the other three universities were trembling.

Lin Feng looked at them and said coldly, “Get down.”

The strong cultivators of the three universities grimaced. How insolent…

However, they realized that Lin Feng had probably destroyed the Four Ancient Holy Clans, so they didn’t dare act recklessly.

“The universities have existed for a long time. Some of them are like some Ancient Holy Clans, they like to act arrogantly in front of other people,” said Lin Feng evenly. A cold wind brushed against those people. What did Lin Feng mean?

“Get down.” People from Four Seasons University descended from the sky, which made the crowd frown. Four Seasons University acknowledged Lin Feng?

After that, Ancient University also descended from the sky.

Lin Feng looked at the members of Celestial Godly University and finally, they descended from the sky. The crowd looked at Lin Feng and shivered. Lin Feng had become so influential that he could put pressure on three universities! He looked like a conquering hero!

“Everybody, in the future, you better assess your own strength properly before saying anything you could regret. Even if a group has existed in the Holy City for thousands of years, they can be destroyed from one day to the next,” Lin Feng went on patiently.

The universities and Ancient Holy Clans were all astonished, had Lin Feng truly destroyed the four Ancient Holy Clans?

“Tiantai is here now. Everybody else can leave,” said Lin Feng indifferently. It was enough for the day. Lin Feng had also destroyed the four Ancient Holy Clans for Tiantai to rise in peace. Now, they would be unstoppable!

Some people left dispirited, some people left amazed. Some people stayed because they wanted to become members of Tiantai.

Lin Feng left. He had shown how strong he was already, that was enough. He had to be careful because the Shrines were looking for him.

Lin Feng went back to Champion University. In the celestial mountains, there was a woman, she looked aloof from worldly strife like a celestial being, she looked happy, relaxed, and light-hearted and yet slightly cold. She was practicing cultivation.

At that moment, she slowly opened her eyes and saw someone in the distance.

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