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PMG Chapter 2307: Ancient World

PMG Chapter 2307: Ancient World

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Xue Baguio looked at Lin Feng, he looked familiar, but she didn’t recognize him. Ancestor Shi Tian was behind Lin Feng. He said to Lin Feng telepathically, “In order not to disturb her cultivation, I won’t make her remember the past. Her memory is getting worse and worse, she has no long-term memory anymore, and her short-term memory is also getting worse each day. But she seems to understand rules, and each time she senses she’s about to forget what she was just experiencing, she comes back here to practice cultivation.”

Lin Feng was astonished and replied, “Does she practice cultivation faster and faster, though?”

If her memory was worsening, it could mean that she was practicing faster and faster!

“Indeed, she’s becoming really strong. As she accumulates strength in her body with time, she becomes more and more terrifying, but each time, her cultivation resets. Anyway, I have to admit the Selfless Scriptures are truly fearsome,” said Ancestor Shi Tian. He was astonished. He had thought that Xue Baguio would remember everything after breaking through to the Di Qi layer, but she was already a Celestial Emperor, and her cultivation speed was unearthly!

“Some people in the outside world would be astonished by her cultivation speed,” said Ancestor Shi Tian telepathically. Lin Feng nodded. Chu Chun Qiu’s speed was incredible already, but no wonder Xue Baguio was a reincarnation. She had forgotten her previous lives. That was an advantage compared to ordinary people who remembered their previous lives. However, during the first twenty years of her life, she hadn’t progressed quickly at all.

“She will probably remember who she is when she breaks through to the Sheng Di Layer. She might even even remember her previous lives,” whispered Ancestor Shi Tian.

Xue Baguio looked at Lin Feng and said, “Who are you? Why do I have the impression that I know you?”

“I’m Lin Feng, we were good friends in the past,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Xue Baguio. As expected, she had forgotten about him again!

“Lin Feng,” repeated Xue Baguio. She whispered, “You look very familiar…”

Lin Feng smiled at Xue Baguio, “When you recover your memories, you will remember me.”

“Alright,” Xue Baguio nodded.

“Continue practicing cultivation so that you can recover your memories quickly,” said Lin Feng calmly, before he and Ancestor Shi Tian left.

Xue Baguio focused on cultivation. She remembered nothing. Since she had decided to study the Selfless Scriptures in her previous life, she had no choice now.

Lin Feng left the celestial mountain and went somewhere to meet Lang Ye.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Feng asked Lang Ye, who had just contacted him.

“An elder of the World Clan wants to see you,” Lang Ye said to Lin Feng.

“Where?” Lin Feng was extremely surprised. Why would an elder of the World Clan want to see him? The World Clan was an ancient Clan. In the past, they used to be like the Snow Clan, but then something had happened to them and they had to hide in Dark Clouds. They didn’t seem to care about the outside world.

“He’s in Champion University already, where Tiantai used to be,” said Lang Ye.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng agreed. What did that elder want from him?

When they arrived, Lin Feng saw the elder from the World Clan. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being, he had a very long beard, and a robe with the Eight Trigrams on it.

He glanced at Lin Feng, smiled, and nodded, “So young and you can already kill Saint Emperors, you’re extremely talented.”

“No need to be polite,” Lin Feng smiled back. “Have a seat.”

“Alright,” the elder nodded. He went on, “Lin Feng, we’ve heard about the things that happened to you in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Appearance of a Forbidden Body, the Shrines want to kill you, you’re the Shrines’ first target now.””

“So the World Clan isn’t completely isolated from the outside world,” Lin Feng noted, amused.

“The World Clan has been silent for a very, very long time, but we have always wanted to rise again. How could we isolate ourselves from the outside world completely? Nowadays, Lang Ye, who has a king-type body, is slowly rising. I hope he will become extremely strong, and he’ll help the World Clan come back to life,” said the elder.

Lin Feng inquired mildly, “So the World Clan is eager to come back to life, will you come out of the mountains?”

“Indeed!” said the elder, somewhat eagerly. “We want to march into the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“March into the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!?” Lin Feng was astonished. The World Clan had been hiding for such a long time, had they accumulated so much strength already?

“Do those things have anything to do with me?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. The World Clan had been hiding for a very long time, and now they wanted to rise again, so why were they looking for him? He had good relations with the World Clan, but he was not very important at the scale of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; his influence was limited there. On top of that, the Shrines wanted to kill him!

“The World Clan needs someone to support them. I would like to have you as an ally. If we go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds together, we’ll be able to gain a firm foothold and establish ourselves. Your disguise abilities are incredible, if you disguise yourself and go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds with us, you can pretend you’re from the World Clan. Wouldn’t it be perfect?” that person grinned knowingly.

Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. The World Clan wanted to help him. If he did that, he would be able to avoid some trouble there. As the World Clan had disappeared for such a long time, even if there was a very strong cultivator among them, nobody would find it strange…

“But that wouldn’t be useful for the World Clan at all?” Lin Feng didn’t understand why the World Clan wanted to do that.

“In the past your wife was extremely strong. Now you’re strong, we hope you can help us rise in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” the elder explained.

Lin Feng was surprised. The World Clan probably knew he was a Forbidden Person…

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Alright, since you are willing to do that, how could I refuse?””

“I can’t wait!” agreed the strong cultivator of the World Clan cheerfully.

Both of them smiled. They had an agreement. Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the World Clan was just yet…

He had already shown up in the Holy City. He couldn’t stay here for too long. Each time he met his friends, it was for a short, yet wonderful time.

Nobody in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds knew what Lin Feng had done in the Holy City, and even if some people learned about it, it would be too late already.


In the Northwest Area of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the marriage alliance between the Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan was still fermenting. Everybody in the Northwest Area knew what had happened between Lin Feng and the Shrines.

Because of Lin Feng, all the Shrines had joined hands, and worse, the Fire Shrine had lost a Saint.

Now something extremely strange had happened in the Northwest Area. Suddenly, a new group had emerged. They were extremely strong, with an army of heroes. They instantly started competing with people from the Northwest Area, stealing resources and territories without the slightest scruple. But because they hadn’t become as important as other Holy Sage Ruler Clans, people didn’t really pay attention to them.

Something else drew people’s attention; a terrifyingly strong Celestial Emperor from the Demon Shrine was killed. All the Shrines paid attention to that news item because that Celestial Emperor was a genius and had a great reputation in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, someone had killed him!

Some people were even amused because the family name of the killer was “Mo”, a traditional family name in the Demon Shrine, and he had killed people from the Demon Shrine…

After that, some people said that the one who had killed him wasn’t famous, he was around thirty years old, and when he was only twenty, he was already terrifyingly strong. He had started practicing cultivation as an infant. His Dao strength was incredible. In another world, Hell, he was famous. He was from the Hell Shrine and in Hell, it was said that such geniuses only appeared every million years.

Now he was in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and fighting against other strong cultivators.

His name was Mo Zheng, the Demonic Punisher!

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