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PMG Chapter 2308: Mo Jia’s Battle Stage

PMG Chapter 2308: Mo Jia’s Battle Stage

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Some geniuses of the Demon Shrine were killed by the Demonic Punisher. Of course, they weren’t going to leave the matter at that. However, since Mo Zheng the Demonic Punisher always killed people of the same cultivation level, the Demon Shrine couldn’t send stronger cultivators to kill him; he was from the Hell Shrine, after all.

But the Demonic Punisher couldn’t just leave it be. A Celestial Emperor of the Demon Shrine invited many people. Of course, he also invited Mo Zheng. The crowd knew why. On that day, many people went to the meeting point, Ancient Demon City’s Mo Jia’s Battle Stage. According to legends, the founder of the Demon Shrine was a Demon God, and he had fought on that battle stage. He had killed many, many people. He had become a symbol for many demon cultivators.

The Mo Jia’s Battle Stage was surrounded by eight flags; on each flag, there was a demon shield and blood stains.

There were many strong cultivators around the battle stage, gongs clanged ceaselessly. It was quite lively. Many extremely strong cultivators were present.

“Xue Jing Xiao is with Di Chan now. He is a genius from the Snow Clan who is now a member of the Ice and Snow Shrine. Lin Feng went to the Snow Clan and defeated him. The First of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds doesn’t have an undeserved reputation.” Many people were looking at someone from the Snow Clan: Xue Jing Xiao. Next to him were Di Jiang and Di Chan, as well as some other strong cultivators of the Snow Clan.

“Brother Di Jiang, Brother Jing Xiao,” called out a few people at that moment. They were from the Fire Shrine: Huo Xing Zi and Huo Shang.

“Brother Huo Shang, are you not preparing Huo Xing Zi’s wedding? How come you have time to come here?” asked Di Jiang with a warm smile.

“We’re not in a rush. Mo Fu invited so many people, how could we miss the battles?” replied Huo Shang cheerfully. Mo Fu was the one who wanted to fight against Mo Zheng. The Demon Shrine couldn’t get involved directly, so people of the same generation had to solve the issue themselves. Those people were all famous and smart, they knew what to do. The Shrines wouldn’t get involved, unless Lin Feng showed up, or unless things derailed.

“He’s here,” said Di Jiang at that moment gazing into the distance. A few new people had arrived: some strong cultivators of the Demon Shrine, and Mo Fu was there too.

Everybody watched the strong cultivators of the Demon Shrine, as many people from different Shrines were there. Mo Zheng had drawn many people’s attention.

“How lively!” Someone else arrived, his silhouette flickering a few times. His eyes were golden.

“Empty Space Shrine strong cultivator!”

“Hahahaha…” Someone laughed loudly in the distance. People gazed into the distance and saw some dragon strength.

“Dragon chant?” The crowd saw a few people. Their Qi was wild and extraordinary. The eyes of the leader were filled with flames. The one next to him had red eyes, and the one behind looked calm and aloof. He was wearing black clothes. His Qi wasn’t explosive, but his pitch-black eyes looked scary.

“Aolie!” Huo Shang was astonished, staring at one of them who had fire red hair. He frowned and said coldly, “You came to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, to Ancient Demon City?”

“What’s wrong? Why wouldn’t I come, Little Boy?” Aolie asked Huo Shang in a brutal tone of voice. The crowd was stupefied, Aolie wasn’t ordinary. He dared call Huo Shang “Little Boy”? They were powerful cultivators from the Supreme Animal World!

“Supreme Animal World’s Dragon Clan!” The crowd was really astonished, those people were from the Dragon Clan of the Supreme Animal World. Those who could found clans in the Supreme Animal World were terrifyingly strong. The Supreme Animal World was the only group the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds feared, because they had some terrifying clans, like the Dragon Clan.

Human’s strength lay in their cultivation; animals were different, they had inherent abilities!

“Why did the Dragon Clan come to Ancient Demon City?” asked the strong cultivator with the golden eyes. He looked sharp and aggressive.

“We came to see if there was anyone strong here,” Aolie smiled. He was a fire dragon, and when he was very young, he had fought against some young people of the Shrines. The Shrines and the Supreme Animal World often had meetings and cultivation competitions, but nobody really knew the details. Of course, the purpose was always to check out how strong the enemy was.

Those people rarely showed up in the outside world, so people didn’t know much about them.

“It’s a blood dragon, and there’s a demon dragon, too,” said the strong cultivator with the golden eyes. He was staring at Aolie.

“Even though the Void Breaking Vision is powerful, you’re underestimating the members of the Dragon Clan. Be careful, I could eat you alive,” Aolie snorted coldly to the Empty Space cultivator.

“Hmph! Are you strong enough?” spat the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator. The crowd looked at Aolie and the two other people, the blood dragon and the demon dragon. They were all from prestigious dragon families.

“Let’s try and we’ll see,” replied Aolie coldly.

“If you want to try, then let’s try!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator. Two threads of strength rolled out and collided. People were speechless; Mo Zheng hadn’t even arrived, the Demon Shrine and Mo Zheng’s battle hadn’t even started, and now the Dragon Clan and the Empty Space Shrine were already starting to fight!

At that moment, another group of people arrived. Their leader was wearing a world robe, looking confident and at ease. At his sides were extraordinary looking cultivators. Some of them also emitted bestial Qi.

The leader of the group was Lin Feng. The landed on the ground and calmly glanced around. Lin Feng looked over at the three dragons.

“So many years have passed, that little boy has grown up,” Lin Feng smiled indifferently, but nobody noticed him.

In the distance, people raised their heads and heard a sonic boom as the person who made it arrived. When they saw him, people frowned; he looked like a demon, imposing and awe-inspiring. His eyes looked like two abyssal caves.

“Mo Zheng!” The strong cultivators of the Demon Shrine all watched him.

Mo Zheng landed on a flag, his hands clasped behind his back. He glanced at the members of the Demon Shrine and asked coldly, “Which member of the Demon Shrine wants to die today?”

When the crowd heard him, they frowned; how arrogant! The other times, they had just heard of him, but they hadn’t seen him. He put on an air of extreme arrogance. Everybody knew him in Hell, he was a core disciple of the Hell Shrine!

“But Mo Fu is also terrifyingly strong. I wonder who will be stronger!” thought the crowd. They were not disappointed. There were many geniuses!

“No rush. Many people want to fight today, so the battle between the Demon Shrine and the Hell Shrine can be at the end,” said Huo Shang cheerfully. He watched the strong cultivator from the Empty Space Shrine and Aolie going at it. He really wanted to know how strong Aolie was.

“Indeed, there are so many strong cultivators, let’s compare ourselves. We should all take advantage of Mo Jia’s Battle Stage,” someone else agreed at that moment. Dazzling golden lights appeared at the top of a flag; it was a strong cultivator from the Gold Shrine.

“If you want to exchange views on cultivation, then hurry up!” said Mo Zheng indifferently. He was standing on the top of the flagpole, his robe fluttering in the wind.

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