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PMG Chapter 2311: Black Dragon

PMG Chapter 2311: Black Dragon

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Lin Feng was wearing a world robe, his hair was fluttering in the wind, and he sounded ice-cold. The crowd was startled; he was really strong and had easily defeated Huo Shang. Their battle had been even more impressive than Huo Shang and Aolie’s battle. Huo Shang couldn’t withstand a single attack from Lin Feng.

The most surprising thing was that Lin Feng told his opponent he failed to appreciate his kindness! Who was from a Shrine, Lin Feng or that Huo Shang?

Did the World Clan think they were strong enough to compete with a Shrine?

The real protagonists on that day were supposed to be Mo Zheng and his opponent, and surprisingly, there were so many battles! The Supreme Animal World’s strong cultivators, the World Clan… this time they were extremely strong and could oppress the Fire Shrine. Huo Shang was a very strong cultivator and he had been defeated handily.

“The Fire Shrine shouldn’t bully people,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Huo Shang and the other members of the Fire Shrine grimaced. The Fire Shrine bullied people? Who had bullied whom here?

The crowd was stunned. What a guy…

Lin Feng didn’t even turn around, he departed with the other cultivators of the World Clan. The strong cultivators who were from Lin Feng’s group and still on the battle stage also flashed away and followed Lin Feng. They looked majestic and imposing. The crowd wondered what all this was supposed to mean, what was the World Clan’s real purpose for showing up?

“They’ve been hiding for such a long time, now they’re back. They wanted to tell everyone in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds that they’re back, and they did it with force. Therefore, only their most outstanding geniuses must have shown up today, and the Fire Shrine was their stepping stone today.”

“Poor Fire Shrine. The World Clan came to cause trouble today.”

Everybody gossiped. They also looked at Qing Feng and Jing again. They had heard of the marriage alliance planned between the Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan. Huo Xing Zi’s teacher and Jing’s father were good friends. To Huo Xing Zi, Jing and Qing Feng were already members of the Fire Shrine since they were supposed to get married to some of them.

But the World Clan had humiliated them.

That Daimon is really strong. He defeated Huo Shang, thought Aolie, looking after Lin Feng. Aoxu was next to him and nodded agreement.

“I’ll go and see. You can go back, don’t wait for me,” said Aomo at that moment.

Both of them frowned. Aolie shouted, “Aomo, where are you going?” They didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! You can go back!” shouted Aomo.

Aolie frowned but then Aoxu said, “That little boy is terrifyingly strong. He’ll be fine.”

“But that Daimon is sinister and extremely strong. His group of people is also very strong,” murmured Aolie, gazing after him.

“Aomo isn’t stupid. Even though Daimon is extremely strong, I don’t think he wants the Dragon Clan as enemies,” said Aoxu. Aolie nodded. They didn’t chase after Aomo, and continued watching the battles.

Mo Zheng was standing in the sky, staring at Mo Fu. He said plainly, “It’s our turn, right?”

“Fight!” said Mo Fu in a demon voice. It reverberated all around them.

Mo Zheng’s robe fluttered in the wind. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. Their demon voices made the blood boil of everyone on the Mo Jia’s Battle Stage. Even Celestial Emperors were amazed at the power of their voices. Each time Mo Fu took a step, it seemed the world was about to collapse.

A powerful wave of energy crashed onto Mo Zheng. Mo Zheng looked unshaken. He had used the Deva-Mara Body Cleansing Technique in the demon pond in the Ancient Demon Clan. He was incredibly strong.

After practicing demon cultivation, Mo Zheng had started studying Death Dao. Back then, the Ancient Demon Clan had then taken him to the Ten Yama Courts and then he had been accepted into the Hell Shrine. He had an extraordinary life in Hell.

Mo Zheng took a step forwards, and demon strength rolled out. He looked like a peerless demon, his Death Dao rolled around him fearsomely.

“Demon, Demonic Punisher, his demon strength is incredible,” the crowd observed. He looked like an unparalleled demon king!

“Demon Dao, Demonic Punisher’s Dao, the path of aggressiveness.” Everybody was staring at Mo Zheng as he raised his fist and punched out.

“Floating Sword!” said Mo Fu coldly. His demon voice turned into a demon sword, which shot towards Mo Zheng. However, Mo Zheng waved his hand, and demons appeared all around and converged on the sword. Mo Zheng wasn’t weaker than Mo Fu.

“How strong. It’s a clash of demons!” mused the crowd. Mo Zheng waved his hands again, and death strength appeared and turned into a river of Death Dao.

“Dual Dao power!” The crowd was astonished. Mo Zheng understood dual Dao strength: one was Demon Dao, the other one was Death Dao. How impressive! He really looked like a demon god, and a god of death!

“The Hell Shrine’s cultivators are extremely strong. In the future, the competition will be even fiercer in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

Their battle was amazing. Mo Fu’s fighting abilities were already incredible for a Celestial Emperor, and he was amongst the strongest cultivators of his generation in the Demon Shrine. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have invited so many people to come and watch his battle against Mo Zheng after members of his Shrine, the Demon Shrine, had been killed. In contrast, Mo Zheng hadn’t displayed such strength when he had defeated those cultivators of the Demon Shrine.

Today, two Shrines had lost, the Fire Shrine and the Demon Shrine. One lost against the World Clan, and the other lost against a cultivator from Hell.


Lin Feng wasn’t interested in their battle. After leaving, Aomo caught up with him and Lin Feng heard a dragon chant. Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at Aomo coldly.

Aomo roared and turned into a black dragon. He looked ferocious. He threw himself at Lin Feng.

Instantly the men next to Lin Feng turned into beasts and moved to intercept him. Bestial Qi rolled out. They were vigilant and careful. Aomo was a real dragon from the Dragon Clan. Being a dragon was similar to having a king-type body!

“Come back!” ordered Lin Feng casually. The beasts looked to Lin Feng. He looked totally composed. They came back to him, but they were still staring at that demon dragon.

The huge dragon moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled, astonishing them. Was Lin Feng insane?

But then the dragon started rubbing his face against Lin Feng’s face. How cute!

What is going on…?

Lin Feng caressed the dragon gently. He smiled and said, “Little boy, you’re still young.”

The dragon rumbled, speaking draconic. Lin Feng jumped onto him and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

The dragon rose up in the air and they flew away. Everybody was stunned… Lin Feng had raised a dragon?

Lin Feng and the others went back to the Northwest Area. After a short time, the news that the World Clan had started rising again in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds quickly spread. The news that the World Clan had won against the Fire Shrine at the Mo Jia’s Battle Stage also spread. It was the second time that the Fire Shrine had been humiliated!

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