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PMG Chapter 2312: Daimon Draws Attention

PMG Chapter 2312: Daimon Draws Attention

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In the Northwest Area, there was a mountain range with a powerful Qi. From the top of the mountain, one could only see clouds and lofty buildings. It was the World Clan, a location great for Qi. In the past, powerful groups had fought over that region, but these days, the World Clan had it for themselves.

In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, every inch of land was expensive and important. If someone wanted to invade an area, they had to fight. Only strength mattered in that world. The strongest groups had the best territories.

The World Clan was strong now, so they had managed to take this place.

Of course, the World Clan was composed of several groups of influence: the army Lin Feng had obtained from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, the army of the World Clan themselves, and Lin Feng’s personal army. Everybody listened to Lin Feng, and the World Clan didn’t require anything from him. The only requirement they had was that when Lin Feng was in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had to say he was from the World Clan!

But it wasn’t really a requirement, because Lin Feng needed another identity anyway. He couldn’t compete with the Shrines, so he couldn’t stay in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds relying on his real identity.


There was a black dragon floating above Lin Feng. He had become tiny, only seven-some meters. If Aolie saw that, he would have been astonished. A demon dragon was ferocious and brutal, and surprisingly, it looked cute in front of Lin Feng. It was difficult to imagine.

However, to Aomo, Lin Feng was like a mother. Lin Feng had raised him!

“Little boy, let’s go,” said Lin Feng to Aomo. Aomo instantly rose up into the air and took Lin Feng away. He roared out, and everybody heard a dragon chant in the World Clan.

On a gigantic stone nearby was an old man, who looked at the sky and thought, “The Forbidden Person has a dragon? How brilliant! The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds won’t be calm,” murmured the old man, smiling thinly.


Aomo took Lin Feng to the entrance of the Void Phoenix Clan, and roared to proclaim their arrival. Many strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix Clan came out and asked Lin Feng, “Who are you, Your Excellency?”

“Daimon from the World Clan. I met two incredibly beautiful women from the Void Phoenix Clan last time, and I have a strong admiration for them. I want to see them. Please tell them,” said Lin Feng calmly.

The strong cultivator was startled. This guy was Daimon? The one who had easily defeated Huo Shang. Everybody knew it, he was extraordinary…

“Please wait,” replied the guards. They started talking using telepathy and quickly, everybody, including the high officials of the Void Phoenix Clan, knew that Daimon from the World Clan was there.

A middle-aged man in a distant courtyard looked amused when he learned that Daimon had come, “A few days ago, Huo Xing Zi introduced that little insane cultivator to Qing Feng. But Qing Feng likes Lin Feng, now Daimon seems interested in Qing Feng and came to see her. Things are getting interesting.”

The middle-aged man didn’t have any suspicions regarding Daimon ’s identity. After all, the World Clan had reappeared, and they were very strong. The fact that they wanted to rise again was normal, especially if they had really strong cultivators.

“The World Clan wants to make friends with some Holy Sage Ruler Clans to help them endure the pressure from the Shrines…” The middle-aged man smiled when thinking about it. It really seemed to be Daimon’s purpose.

However, Daimon was Lin Feng!

After a short time, some people appeared outside of the clan in front of Lin Feng. They were extremely strong, and were interested in Daimon and his World Robe.

“The World Clan was very famous back in the days. Unfortunately, when I was younger, the World Clan was already hiding. There are legends in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it is said that during the golden age of the World Clan, there was a peerless cultivator who could destroy entire worlds and was very arrogant. How did he die in the end? Daimon, you’re a genius in the World Clan, so you probably know the truth, will you tell us about him?” challenged an old man loudly at that moment. He sounded calm and serene.

“You can come and try to get pieces of information, if you wish,” replied Lin Feng, smiling thinly. The strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix Clan stared at him.

“I’ll try!” said a strong cultivator at that moment, flashing forwards. He was a Celestial Emperor. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “I really want to see how strong the cultivators of the World Clan are, what powers they have!”

He threw himself at Lin Feng and raised his hand. People around heard a sonic boom. It was like a shooting star was flying towards Lin Feng.

The atmosphere became illusionary and kept changing unpredictably. The man had the impression he had landed in another world.

“World strength corrodes cosmic energies!” said Lin Feng indifferently. His opponent realized that he couldn’t use his cosmic energies anymore. Lin Feng slowly walked towards him.

Lin Feng struck the man, smashing him away, to crash hard to the ground. He coughed up blood and his face paled. The world around him became normal again.

“What’s going on? My cosmic energies?” That strong cultivator pulled a long face; World strength had taken him elsewhere and corroded his cosmic energies?

The strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix glanced at one another in astonishment. What a strange attack! A moment before, when they realized that the two had disappeared, they had sensed a mysterious world strength and a second later, their man reappeared and was badly injured. His cosmic energies had been corroded, too?

“Extraordinary, as expected.” At that moment, nobody doubted that Lin Feng was from the World Clan at all. They had seen authentic world strength. How could they know that it was Lin Feng’s own world strength?

“What the hell is that thing?! My blood is stirring restlessly,” said the strong cultivator, staring at Lin Feng and Aomo. Aomo looked like an illusionary dragon at that moment because he was very small.

Aomo roared out angrily. A black dragon descended from the sky and landed in front of the man, sharp claws moving towards him. A terrifying oppressive strength surrounded him. The dragon was gigantic, a thousand meters long! The cultivator’s heart started pounding.

The ground cracked, the claws grabbed him. If the demon dragon pressed with more force, he could cut him apart.

“Be merciful!” shouted the other strong cultivators of the World Clan when they saw that. Everybody could hear a dragon chant. The demon dragon stopped moving, the strong cultivator covered with cold sweat.

The strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix Clan raised their heads and looked at the demon dragon. Lin Feng was standing on its head, standing there with his hands clasped behind his back, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked enigmatic and unfathomable.

“It’s a real dragon, he’s riding a real dragon!” The strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix Clan were astonished. It was a demon dragon, it was probably the demon dragon who had come to the Demon Shrine with Aolie the other time, a dragon from the Dragon Clan of the Supreme Animal World!

That gigantic dragon was real, which meant he was like human being who had a king-type body. They were proud and arrogant. That Daimon from the World Clan had made him submit, and was using him as a means of transportation; he was much stronger than they had thought! The World Clan had come back to life and had some incredible geniuses!

The crowd remained silent. In the distance, an old man arrived and said to Lin Feng, “I just sent some people to call Miss Qing Feng and Miss Jing. If they want to see you, they will come.”

“Since it’s that way, I’ll wait here,” Lin Feng smiled. Actually, he was already talking to Qing Feng, and nobody had informed her he was there.

Even though he had displayed his strength, the Void Phoenix Clan was still unwilling to let him see her. The Void Phoenix Clan wanted to give the Fire Shrine face because they had been humiliated twice. The Fire Shrine was really infuriated these days. If the Void Phoenix Clan allowed Qing Feng and Jing to go and see Daimon, it would be a third humiliation!


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