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PMG Chapter 2313: Phoenix Blood Talisman

PMG Chapter 2313: Phoenix Blood Talisman

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Lin Feng waited for an hour and the same person said to him, “Daimon, Your Excellency, you’ve been waiting for a while and they didn’t come, they probably don’t want to see you. You should leave.”

Lin Feng smiled at him and said, “Last time, Miss Jing, Miss Qing Feng, and I had a talk and they said they would be happy to see me if I came and paid them a visit.”

When he saw Lin Feng’s smile, the old man was surprised, but he smiled back and replied, “Maybe that they were happy at that moment, and they have changed their minds. She’s going to get married to someone from the Fire Shrine. Seeing you would be inappropriate.”

“I don’t believe you. I asked Miss Qing Feng about that, she said she didn’t want to get married to anyone from the Fire Shrine in front of them. You are a liar,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. The demon dragon roared angrily and rose up in the air.

Lin Feng looked at the Void Phoenix Clan’s territory and suddenly spoke out, “Miss Qing Feng, Miss Jing! It’s me, Daimon from the World Clan!”

Everybody in the Void Phoenix Clan heard him. His voice caused a soundwave all over the Void Phoenix Clan. Many people raised their heads and gazed into the distance. Daimon from the World Clan had defeated Huo Shang from the Fire Shrine, did he like Miss Jing and Miss Qing Feng? Those two women did stand out, they were extremely beautiful. Otherwise, the Fire Shrine wouldn’t have tried to propose a marriage alliance for them!

“Your Excellency, what is that supposed to mean?” said a few strong cultivators from the Void Phoenix Clan coldly, pulling long faces.

“It means I don’t believe you,” said Lin Feng, lowering his hand and looking at them on the ground.

After a few seconds, two silhouettes flickered as they arrived. They looked happy, relaxed and light-hearted: Qing Feng and Jing!

Jing was surprised, who was this guy? Why did Feng always want to see him? She had noticed that Qing Feng had feelings for Lin Feng. Was she trying to find another boyfriend, just to not get married to a member of the Fire Shrine?

Last time, he had defeated people from the Fire Shrine, fine, but now? She still wanted to see him!

“Miss Qing Feng, Miss Jing,” Lin Feng smiled. “The Void Phoenix Clan lied and said you didn’t want to see me. Luckily, I didn’t believe them, so I took the liberty to call you.”

“It doesn’t matter. I didn’t know you were here, what’s up?” asked Qing Feng patiently. She was pretending to look indifferent, of course.

“Nothing much. I was happy to meet you last time. Would you like to go for a walk?”

“Feng, forget it,” said Jing. She didn’t like this guy. He didn’t seem like a good person to her.

But Qing Feng nodded and said, “Alright.”

Jing was astonished, and could only smile wryly. What was Feng thinking?

“Great, come up,” Lin Feng smiled. Jing and Qing Feng jumped smoothly onto the demon dragon. Lin Feng glanced at the crowd from the Void Phoenix Clan and said coldly, “You’re all liars.”

Then, he turned around and the dragon rose up into the air again. But someone shouted, “Your Excellency, please wait.”

“What do you want now?” replied Lin Feng turning his head.

“Your Excellency, don’t you care about deteriorating the relations between your clan and the Void Phoenix Clan? You’ll cause trouble to both Clans this way,” said that person to Lin Feng smoothly. He had thought that Lin Feng was trying to establish connections between the World Clan and the Void Phoenix Clan.

It was understandable though. Lin Feng understood, he smiled and said, “You overestimate the position the Void Phoenix Clan has in my heart.”

Then, he smiled sinisterly, and the demon dragon continued rising up in the air. The strong cultivators of the Void Phoenix Clan were stunned. That guy looked so evil, but he was incredible too. He was arrogant, but his arrogance wasn’t baseless.

Nobody could prevent Jing and Qing Feng from leaving with him but the news that they had left with Daimon quickly spread through the Void Phoenix Clan, especially higher up in the hierarchy. That way, the news would also reach the Fire Shrine. Of course, many people were not happy about it at all.


In a fiery tower in the Fire Shrine, some people were gazing into the distance. Huo Xing Zi and Huo Shang were there, too.

“I’ve heard that Qing Feng left with that guy from the World Clan,” said a young man next to Huo Shang and Huo Xing Zi. Huo Xing Zi was stupefied. He couldn’t do much about it.

“Brother Huo Shang, is Daimon strong?” asked the young man, as he slowly turned around.

“Very strong. I can’t defeat him,” said Huo Shang calmly. Even though he had lost against Daimon and it was humiliating, he was brave enough to speak the truth.

“Alright,” the young man nodded. He asked, “The one you chose in the Fire Shrine was me?”

“We don’t know yet. Huo Xing Zi was a possibility, and on the other side, we can change that if you wish. You can be the one too.” replied Huo Shang. “The person has to be very important to the Fire Shrine, but changing the person isn’t a problem, anyway. They won’t say anything if we do. We just can’t disappoint anyone.”

“On their side, Qing Feng is a good choice. Let’s get ready and go to the Void Phoenix Clan,” said the young man calmly. Huo Shang smiled thinly. They needed someone important, indeed. They had to make those people understand that the Fire Shrine didn’t have an undeserved reputation.

“I’ll organize everything,” said Huo Shang, before leaving with Huo Xing Zi.

After they left, an ordinary looking middle-aged man appeared behind the young man. Actually, he had been standing there the whole time, but it was as if he didn’t exist. Even Huo Xing Zi and Huo Shang hadn’t paid attention to him.

The middle-aged said, “Huo Shang is using you!”

“I know,” said the young man. “At least, he’s using me to earn such a position in the Fire Shrine.”

“You look more and more like him,” said the middle-aged man, smiling and leaning against a wall.

The young man was startled, and seemed to care a lot as he asked, “In what way?”

“He’s always been like that, nobody can make him do anything. He only does what he wants.”

The young man shook his head, “Not really, but I am not that free.”

“You will be, sooner or later,” stated the middle-aged man firmly.

“Thank you for your support,” said the young man. He seemed pensive. By “him”, the middle-aged man meant that young man’s idol.

Geniuses all had idols. Huo Xing Zi and Huo Shang were core disciples in the Fire Shrine, and they had very important positions. They also represented the Fire Shrine outside. They were very talented, they progressed quickly on the path of cultivation, and they had incredible fighting abilities.

However, in the Shrine, there were even more talented geniuses, more important than them. For example, Huo Shang was considered as a core disciple of the Fire Shrine, but there were other people who were considered the soul of the Shrines, and they called the shots!


On that very day, the Void Phoenix Clan received the members of the Fire Shrine with the best ceremony possible. In his courtyard, when the middle-aged man heard that they were coming, he smiled and said, “Great. That mad one is really coming.”

At the same time, some Qi appeared in the sky. A beautiful woman appeared and said coldly, “Who are you going to force Qing Feng to get married to?”

The middle-aged man raised his head and remained silent. The woman said, “Tell me!”

The middle-aged man finally smiled and said, “Force? I never forced anyone. She agreed herself. And you know with whom.”

“So you agree to say you organized all this,” said the woman coldly.

“First impressions are strongest. Stick to them,” smiled the middle-aged man. “They should be here now. The clan told me you should go and welcome them since you’re Qing Feng’s mother.”

“Bastard. Qing Feng is not going to get married to him. You want her to end up in a pit of hell.”

“You think your daughter is not good enough for him?” the middle-aged man smiled. The woman was speechless. Finally, she turned around and left.


Qing Feng didn’t know what was going on there. She was with Lin Feng, and they were chatting in a restaurant. Lin Feng and Qing Feng looked very close already. Jing was speechless. She didn’t understand what was going on.

Jing’s facial expression suddenly changed, “Qing Feng, the Clan is calling us, we have to go back.”

“I won’t go,” replied Qing Feng indifferently.

“It’s the Phoenix Blood Talisman. It must be very important, we have to go back, or the consequences will be dramatic,” insisted Jing.

Qing Feng looked surprised and said to Jing, “The Phoenix Blood Talisman?”

“Indeed. The Void Phoenix Clan uses it for the most serious orders,” said Jing nodded. Qing Feng’s eyes glittered. She said to Lin Feng, “Wait for me here. I will come back afterwards.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. He didn’t know what was going on in the Void Phoenix Clan, but letting Qing Feng go back probably wasn’t an issue.

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