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PMG Chapter 2314: Paying a Visit to the Fire Shrine

PMG Chapter 2314: Paying a Visit to the Fire Shrine

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Qing Feng and Jing went back. They realized that many strong cultivators had gathered in a main hall, including important people from many clans.

That palace was the most imposing and magnificent, used for extraordinary ceremonies. There were phoenix statues and carvings everywhere. They looked almost alive as they kept moving.

It was the first time Qing Feng had been there, so Jing led the way. There was a huge crowd seated there, and a banquet table… but nobody helping themselves. They were just chatting.

When the crowd saw Qing Feng and Jing arrive, they all suddenly turned around, and stared at Qing Feng.

“Qing Feng, come here and have a seat,” said the organizer of the banquet, an old man. He smiled at Qing Feng gently. Qing Feng had never seen him before, but he smiled at her as if they were close to one another. He even looked very kind. But that precisely made Qing Feng grow cold.

It was difficult to explain how she felt with words. An old man who had an extraordinarily high position within the Void Phoenix Clan was being extremely kind to her, what was the reason? Qing Feng didn’t feel honored at all.

“Qing Feng, that’s the greatest elder of the Void Phoenix Clan, Saint Xiang. He’s an extraordinary living being. Next to him is the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan,” Jing told Qing Feng.

Qing Feng was astonished. She said indifferently, “I’ll just sit on the ground.”

Saint Xiang nodded and smiled, “If you prefer, no problem. Seats are a trivial matter.”

Qing Feng and Jing sat down on the ground and heard Saint Xiang say, “Qing Feng, this is Qiong Hai Ya.”

“Qiong!” Jing frowned, and her beautiful eyes glittered. Someone whose family name is Qiong is from the Fire Shrine!!!

Jing looked at Qing Feng. Qing Feng looked calm and serene. Hadn’t she heard? Or didn’t she know who the Qiong’s were in the Fire Shrine?

Qiong Hai Ya just glanced at Qing Feng, and smiled at her calmly. He raised his cup of tea and had a few sips. He continued watching Qing Feng after that.

She frowned. He wasn’t very polite, so she just grunted coldly.

The hearts of the members of the Void Phoenix Clan started pounding furiously when they heard Qing Feng. But Qiong Hai Ya smiled easily. “I like that kind of personality.”

He sounded quite composed. Saint Xiang smiled, “Hai Ya, if you like Qing Feng, that is great, especially since you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together.”

“Qing Feng is so lucky,” smiled a strong cultivator of the Void Phoenix Clan. It sounded like Qing Feng was goods to be sold.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” said Qing Feng, frowning icily.

“Qing Feng, Qiong Hai Ya is your future husband. Be good to him,” said Saint Xiang, smiling gently. Qing Feng was astonished when she realized what was going on. The Void Phoenix Clan wanted her to marry him. Actually, it wasn’t the idea of the Void Phoenix Clan, it was the idea of the Fire Shrine.

“No,” said Qing Feng, suddenly standing up. Her expression changed drastically, she was furious.

“Qing Feng,” said Jing. Her face stiffened. They weren’t in their own courtyard here, and her mother wasn’t there. The greatest cultivators of the clan were here. Qing Feng couldn’t be rude. The consequences would be disastrous.

As expected, Saint Xiang frowned. A terrifying strength surrounded Qing Feng. She could barely breathe.

“Take her down. She doesn’t understand anything. Hai Ya, I hope you don’t mind,” said Saint Xiang, waving his hands. Instantly, some people threw themselves at Qing Feng. Qing Feng wanted to say something, but some people grabbed her and took her away. Qiong Hai Ya remained composed, even expressionless.

“Hai Ya, we can discuss the wedding. Huo Xing Zi, Jing, you can prepare things together,” said Saint Xiang, smiling calmly. Initially, he didn’t intend to get involved in Jing’s wedding, but now he did.

“Alright. Good,” said Qiong Hai Ya, smiling and nodding. Jing’s expression turned deathly pale. When Qing Feng had been taken away, she hadn’t reacted because she knew it was useless. She couldn’t do anything.

Lin Feng waited for Qing Feng for a very long time. He used his godly awareness to contact her and she didn’t reply. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. The Void Phoenix Clan probably prevented her from doing anything. Otherwise, she would have replied instantly. Qing Feng might be imprisoned and oppressed. They could also prevent her from receiving messages using godly awareness. She was probably isolated from the outside world.

“Little boy, let’s go back,” said Lin Feng, petting the dragon’s head. They didn’t go to the Void Phoenix Clan. He could imagine what was happening.

The dragon rumbled and took Lin Feng away. As they flew above the clouds, the dragon rumbled more, telling Lin Feng something.

“You’re telling me we should go to the Supreme Animal World? They can help me?” Lin Feng understood what the dragon said. He was surprised, but demurred. “No need. I can solve the problem myself. But the problem is not the Void Phoenix Clan, it’s the Fire Shrine, they’re waiting for me.”

“Fire Shrine.” The dragon didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant. Lin Feng gazed into the distance.


At the same time, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine left the Void Phoenix Clan. Qiong Hai Ya gazed into the distance, in the direction of the World Clan. He smiled provokingly.

The Fire Shrine had been humiliated twice. Now, it was time to show everyone that nobody wanted to humiliate them.

Daimon and the World Clan had to learn that, too.

Qiong Hai Ya really wanted to see how strong Daimon was. Why is he so arrogant?


Lin Feng returned to the World Clan and went to a courtyard. There was an old man from the World Clan there. When he saw the demon dragon, he rose up into the air and greeted him. “Lin Feng, how come you have sought me out?”

“You probably understand how strong the army of the World Clan is, and you probably understand how strong my army is. In your opinion, are we strong enough to fight against the Void Phoenix Clan?” Lin Feng asked calmly.

The old man frowned and replied, “Resisting them isn’t a problem. But the Void Phoenix Clan is a Holy Sage Ruler Clan. They have existed for a very long time. Unless it’s necessary, we don’t need to be enemies with them,”  the old man answered. “Of course, it’s just a suggestion. If you think otherwise, I don’t mind.”

“I don’t think we need to fight against them either. I just asked randomly. Help me transmit a message. Say that Daimon wants to go to the Fire Shrine to apologize, and he wants to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine in the name of the World Clan,” said Lin Feng.

The old man frowned. How insane! This madman wants to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine?

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